Dwacuwas Awien Encouwntah (Pastry_Knight)

Kinda fucked up the text, did it in pencil as I couldn’t find my liner, and then it didn’t want to rub out and got picked up more than I would like for readability so will do transcription, as I don’t want to have to clean up all the text in paint.

First Panel, “Nuuuuu!”

Second Panel “Nuuu! Nuu Mowe Pwobe! Wan Gu Homsies”
“Poopie pwace am fo’ poopies! Nu am fo’ stwange awien espewiments!”
“How am dis eben hewpfuw? Yu mastew intewstewwar twavew but nee wearn 'bout poopie pwaces?”
“Y it awways Dwacuwa!”

Then there is something in the futurama alien script.

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I feel a lot of these entries will be similar.


Decodes “Drink more Nestle quick!” Huh?


Hmm, not what I attempted to write Futurama Alien Alphabet


Oh lol, I know deciphered it. I just didn’t want to spoil it for others


Spoiler of alien dialogue:


This is for shitting on our tractor beam!!!


Man dracula really just keeps takeing L’s huh?

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lol ya got me

Fluffy anal probing

It seems so obvious and yet I don’t think I’ve seen this before.

Keeping to the classics in more than one way!

What language is that?