Emotional Support Fuzzy Part 2 By ArisenLeaf

Poor baby…


Whoomba, how couwd ou betway swee’pea?


I love to see Troy cracking a smile. Hope that Sweet Pea does ask for his input on things and I hope he can show it in some way like Dani


Robot betrayal strikes again!


Troy is smiling. Why is he smiling, now that his master’s command has left him the effective slave of a hated fluffy, and a particularly pathetic one at that?

Troy is smiling because he knows his fellow robot is not bound by the same orders. Soon the Roomba will ‘accidentally’ leave the fluffy helpless on the floor. And when the fluffy asks for the hated huggies, the fuzzy will shuffle across the carpet and, in giving the ordered huggies, ‘accidentally’ blast the fluffy with static electricity, triggering the ‘wan die’ loop. And the fuzzy will not smile then. Not the outside.


Part of me wants to laugh and the other part wants to give sweetpea a hug. I consider both to be an appropriate response. :joy:


Also I just want to say, I love your art work! :smile:

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Knowing Arisen’s reputation and penchance for brutality and emotionally wrecking Fluffies, I worry you might be right.
I keep waiting for the other boot to drop.

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The Roomba seemed like a good idea… at first


True. And its clearly a fuzzy, which is probably the second most inimical non-human thing a fluffy could encounter. Normal animals might kill a fluffy for food, as would fluffy griffins, but a fuzzy will kill a fluffy out of duty. Or hate - do fuzzies hate? I dunno, I played with the idea in my little ministory.

The only thing more terrible than a fuzzy would, of course, be a jellenheimer. Fuzzies predate jellens, I wonder if there’s been any stories where they interact?

Twoy, hewp Sweet Pea!