"Entitled" or Happens More Often Than You Realize (Artist: OtherCoraline)

I’d enjoy beating that child much more than beating a fluffy, to be honest. Spoiled little shit.

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Dead ass pet store employees are meant to keep a close eye and see illnesses or harm on pets, so either fluffy mart is shit, or this dude KNEW what happened and let it.

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I worked in one a long time ago and we had a variety of kids come through who should not have been unsupervised but their parents thought otherwise. It’s very hard to keep up with everything you’re supposed to as an employee when you have a large floor with open-top cages and customers free to enter.

The worst single incident was a kid who dropped a guinea pig he was squeezing because it went “SCREEEEEE” and blasted a jet of piss in his face. Poor little pig was in shock mode and played dead (later went on to be fine as far as we could tell) and the kid screamed like someone was tearing his fingers off.

Thankfully no little psychos came in just to break a little animal’s leg. Although you have to think in this case that in many people’s brains, FluffMart is a toy shop full of crying, shitting, talking toys and crying, shitting, talking toy accessories. Perhaps less of a “my child is Charles Manson” and more “Fuck, Junior, stop breaking things!”



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Poor piggie! D:

Definitely the number one mishandled animal of all the stock we had. Especially for kids because they assume that guineas being so relatively big to them means they must be robust like a stuffed animal or a dog when they are more on the fragility level of a bird. We did get some who arrived dead due to their little baby bodies being broken in transit or mishandled on the way.

Thankfully none were permanently truly harmed by customers, but cute animals or animal-adjacent things seems to attract children and parents who are done watching them for ten minutes.

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Geez, I’m glad my parents taught me to be gentle with animals pretty much from birth. Poor critters.

Just enjoying my headcanon of the redheaded lady from Marble’s Journey who’s “not a meanie… to fluffies” being a hugbox vigilante and teaching this kid that hands are privileges.

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