Eren's Story, Part 07 (ElementAurix)

Eren slowly pushed the bedroom door open, “Sounds like you are finally awake.”

Lillian looks up and cheerfully says, “Nyu daddeh! Wiwwian miss yu.” as she sits next to a visibly confused, groggy-eyed colt.

Bucky looks up to meet Eren’s gaze, little to no fear showing, “Nice mistah…whe…whewe am fwuffy?”, as he shifts his weight to try and sit, he winces, “Why fwuffy hab huwties?”

Eren places the two held bowls on the nearby dresser before opening the pen to sit in front of the fluffies. “Well, this is my house and, well, it is your home now too.” Bucky stares at him with a blank expression while Eren lifts Lillian into his lap after she shifts into an upsie pose. “And your’s too Lillian.”

Pausing a moment, Eren continues, “As for the pain…hurties you have, I don’t know all the details but it seems like another fluffy hurt your balls.”

“Bawws?” Bucky shifts back to a confused face as he looks down at the source of his pain. “WUMPS! Whewe am fwuffy’s speciaw wumps” Bucky falls back onto this bed, “Fink it was onwy bad sweepie-pictuwes…”

Bucky suddenly freezes completely as memories start flooding back, all cries ending as he asks “Whewe am sissies? Am dey otay?” He looks up to Eren with desperate, pleading eyes.

Lillian huddles into Eren’s chest as Bucky panics at the silence, “I’m sorry, they didn’t make it.”

Trembling as he speaks, Bucky’s gaze starts to fall, “Dey am fowevew sweepies?”. He curls up into the fetal position, sobbing in a chirpy mess as Eren quietly confirms, “Yes.”

Carefully, Eren scoops up the small fluffy into his lap next to Lillian with a free hand, allowing her to hug Bucky tightly. Feeling the emotional state of Bucky feed into himself, Eren shreds a couple tears as he gently strokes the colt’s developing mane.

After several minutes, Bucky babbles “Fwuffy sowwy, jus hab tu many saddies and huwties. Nu knu wai dis happen.”

Speaking softly, “I don’t know either, Bucky, sometimes bad things just happen. There is nothing I can do to change what has happened, but I promise I will try to give you a better life now.”

Sniffling, “Fank yu nice mistah…but du dis mean yu am fwuffy’s nyu daddeh?” Eren gives a quick nod, “And wha am a bucky?”

Perking up a bit, Eren says “Well, that is the name I gave you. I hope you like it.”

The powder blue colt mumbles to himself repeating “Bucky” a few times before looking back up with a pained, yet genuine smile. “Bucky wike namsie, gud namsie. Wub yu nyu daddeh.” Bucky quickly shifts and hugs onto the hand that was just petting him.

Eren shakes his head silently as he thinks to himself, “Wow, he is heavier than the rest of them and surprisingly strong…for a fluffy.” before speaking up. “It’s been a long day, I’m sure you are both hungry, right?”

As they both nod in agreement, Lillian says, “Yes, has big hungwies and wittwe tummy hurties.”

Eren sets both fluffies down before reaching over and grabbing the two bowls from the dresser and placing it down in front of them. It is easy to see both of their little noses sniffing deeply at the dish before them.

Bucky, drooling a bit, “Wat am dis? It smeww su…pretty?”

Lillian lets out a quiet response before taking a cautious bite, “Am skettis”.

Just a few seconds late both fluffies are thoroughly engrossed in their meals as Eren says, “Well, I’m glad you are both big fans. I’ll try to make some once a week…if you are good fluffies for daddy, of course.”

Lillian pops her head up with a heavily sauced face, “Dese am bestest nummies. Pwomise be bestest fwuffy for nyu daddeh.” Bucky takes a moment to look up, speaking with a mouthful, “Pwomise.”

Thinking to himself, “I knew fluffies supposedly loved spaghetti, but it seems to have taken their minds off of what they had just been upset about just moments ago.” Eren pulls up his phone and checks the house’s security cameras to check the living room as he continues his thoughts. “Sound asleep in a big fluff pile, can’t wait until they can all snuggle up.”

After Lillian and Bucky finish licking their bowls clean they look at each other, noticing the saucy mess on each other’s faces. “Can Wiwwian help nyu fwiend lickie-cleanie face?” Bucky happily nods in agreement as both cuddle close and take turns cleaning one another.

Eren quickly snaps a couple pictures with his phone’s camera at the adorable sight before him. Once they finish, Eren takes the time to show Bucky the items in the pen, especially the litter box, before spending the next hour playing with the two of them.

Yawning loudly and rubbing his eyes, Eren looks down at the two worn out fluffies, “Alright you two, I think it is time to settle in for bed.”

Lillian, quietly piping up to ask, “Daddeh, can Wiwwian and Bucky sweep in daddeh’s nestie tunight?” Bucky adds in a pleading glance. “Pwweeeaaaassssseeeeee?”

Exhausted and not wanting to argue and make them sad again, “Fine, just tonight though. Go use the litter box if you need to because I’ll be really upset if either of you do bad pees or poop in my bed.”

Eren sets Lillian on her gliding bed to let her do her business, leaving Bucky watching in wonder. While they take care of their business Eren sets up a few blankets on the bed for them to lay on next to his spot on the bed.

After taking a moment to get ready in the bathroom himself Eren steps back out to see Bucky carrying Lillian on his back over to the bed. Asking with a bit of surprise, “What’s going on here?”

Bucky, offering a toothy grin, with small teeth still coming in, “Am hewping daddeh by mobing Wiwwian over to daddeh’s nestie.”

With her front legs wrapped around Bucky’s neck, Lillian says “Bucky am su stwong, hewp Wiwwian jus wike befowe.”. A hint of sadness slips through as she remembers back just moments before their meeting. Lillian shakes the thoughts away as she nuzzles into Bucky’s neck as he finishes crossing the last few feet to the bed.

Eren gives Bucky a quick scratch before his ear before lifting Lillian onto the bed. “What a good little helper.” before lifting Bucky up onto the bed as well.

Bucky pushes his little hooves into the mattress curiously as he walks over to Lillian. “Dis am su softies.” Eren offers a chuckle as he dims the lights down before crawling into bed. Once he gets settled in Lillian scoots in to cuddle onto his chest while Bucky snuggles next to Eren’s stomach. They both say “Fank yu daddeh, wub yu.” as they both nuzzle each other’s necks as they fade off to sleep.

Eren’s mind still wanders as he feels the comfort of sleep creeping in, “Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something…oh well, I’ll worry about it later. What do I have to lose?”

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An amazing chapter, well worth the wait!


Thanks, it took a bit to get back into the flow of it. Hoping to be fully into it next part.


Bucky gives me strong leader vibes. He’s caring, protective, and helpful. If he were the leader of a herd, they’d be more likely to survive. It’s good Eren took him in. So long as he can protect Lillian, I think they’ll both be very happy there.

I’ve got concerns about the future, but I’ll be waiting with my own hopes for the new family. Even Jasper, if he can be rehabilitated.


Not going to give away too much, but he will be tried and tested. It will be interesting, but I may be biased


I have a bat feeling what will happen when the two groups meet each other I am sure bucky will remember



I’m really looking forward to next chapter, tho!


Don’t feed them after midnight…


honestly now I’m just confused lmfao. I mean, the next chapter would explain it all :pleading_face: :point_right::point_left:

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The don’t feed after midnight comment was just a Gremlins reference.

The thing he is forgetting isn’t anything big or major, just something about himself.

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ooh, sorry.
that’s interesting!

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Guess it is ok to give a little spoiler for clarification since it will be brought up at the beginning of the next part.

He is use to going to sleep every night watching/listening to recordings of his family. Playing, caring for all of them, and cuddling Bucky and Lillian in bed keep the need to continue that from popping up in his head.

A big driving force in the story is using fluffies as therapy/emotional support, in one way or another (>.>), even if it is mostly keep under the surface of the story.


That’s so sweet! Speaking of chapters, will there be one out soon :pleading_face: (no rush, I’m happy to wait :slight_smile: )

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I’m hoping I can start and finish one during lunch today, if not today then probably tomorrow.

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that’s great! ^^

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It’s been so long since I was on this site. I’m gonna have to catch up on this series…FAST


Definitely appreciate you coming to catch up, hope to have a few more parts up this week.

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