Explaining The Fluffy-Verse to Busy Fluffies: Part 2 by Chikahiro

((This is not canon, not intended to be canon, and may not be used as canon. Its simply an interpretation of how I view things about Reddit/Fluffy Community regarding canon. Part 1 is here: Explaining The Fluffy-Verse to Busy Fluffies: Part 1 by Chikahiro))

“Diffwen’ wowd?”

The fluffs look more than a little confused, but that’s fair. I am no Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and I basically only know the comic book explanation of this stuff. The Chris Claremont and Alan Davis “Excalibur” version of it, to be frank. Well, and the Flash. Sort of. Not really.

“You know how we have a TV?”

They nod, although Fern is a little more enthusiastic in it.

“And how the TV has all the different channels on it?”

“Wike Pee-Bee-Esh Kids an’ Twabel.” Mint confirms.

“An FwuffTV!” exclaims Fern.

“TV no haff FwuffTV.” Hot Dog interjects.

“Wan hab FwuffTV.”

“And you like the music stations, don’t you Hot Dog?”

“Yesh, daddeh.”

“Well, you know how there’s all these different TV channels but only one TV? And everything is different from each other, but still kind of the same?”

They nod, although clearly my energetic little Pegasus is still lamenting my refusal to get FluffTV.

“Here is like that too. Except its like we’re in one channel, and those fluffies you see here,” I point on my laptop screen to where “Fluffy Jobs” is showing its project previews. “Live in those channels instead.”

“Dey hab com-mer-shuls?”

“Daddeh say he make t’ings. Wha’ daddeh makin den?”

“Well, I made the world these fluffies live in.”

Its really strange watching their eyes while they process what I’ve just said. Eyes sort of looking around, then stopping. Growing larger. Looking up and back at me.

“Daddeh iz Skai-daddeh?”

“No. Any human can do what I’m doing.”

Eyes get larger still. I hope they don’t pop out. I’m a little jealous, to be honest, but I think that’s a perk of having fluffies. They’ve got a sense of awe and wonder we lose as we grow older. I’m lucky I’ve not gotten super cynical, but I have gotten more cautious, more “wait and see.”

“Here. Let me introduce you to Taro-kun.”

Move the cursor over to “Fluffy No Go” and open the project. The computer pauses as things load up then FC/OS’s menu comes up along with a status window showing Taro. He’s asleep under a tree in his family’s backyard. The clock shows its 11:38am on a Wednesday morning. Looking at the options, I click a few of them. User-Recognition: Partial, Translation: On, 4th Wall: Partial, Dreaming: Yes, Suspension of Disbelief: Enabled, Session Memory Retained: No, World Time: Paused during session.

“Ohayo-gozaimas, Taro-kun! How are you doing today?”

Taro wakes up and yawns. I smile as the Fern and Mint coo over him. Cute little Earthy, brown fluff with very dark short brown mane plus a little tail. Full size, a few years old at this point. Only a little smaller than Hot Dog, but that’s normal for the Japanese breed of fluffy I had developed for this world.

“Konnichiwa, Ningen (human)-san,” he says. Clear, quiet, polite. Even bows as he does it. He looks up a little, seeing the girls. “Konnichiwa, gaijin-fwuffies. Fwuffy is Tawo.”

“Fewn’s namesies Fewn!” gets exclaimed. She’s dancing excitedly, missing him wince a little at her loud voice.

“Am Mint.”

“Am Howt Dog.”

“Sowwy Tawo no hab nummies for fwuffies. Wa’ waitin’ fow okasan (mother) tu com back su hab sweepies.”

“Are you still playing Go with Ojiisan (grandfather) and his friends?” I ask. I know the answer of course. Of course he does. Its his favorite thing to do with grandfather.

“Hai!” he beams. “Ojiisan an Tawo pway ebewy bwight time befowe nummies. Wuv pway Go!”

I pause Taro before turning to my fluffs. “I created Taro and his world. I wanted to make a place that was nice and quiet but could show what I thought fluffies could do if given a chance. When I started making Fluffy Jobs, I used the same world because I thought it was the perfect place for it.”

“Wai yu make it doh?” Hot Dog asks. I love how inquisitive she is. “Wai no du it hewe?”

“Watch this.” I unpause Taro. “I’m glad to hear it, Taro-kun. Now, go back to sleep and I’ll show the guests around.”

Using the trackpad and keyboard I move around the house, out the yard, then start pulling back. Slowly his house becomes smaller and smaller while more and more of the neighborhood becomes visible. Then the island of Hachijo-Jima. Then Japan itself. As I zoom out to a global scale, Japan becomes a dot on wire-frame globe, the shape of the other continents and the world itself glowing green against a black nothing.

“What I wanted was too big to make here, Hot Dog. It’s a whole country.”

“Wai onwy cowwow dewe?” She points with a hoof.

“Because I haven’t made the rest of that world yet.”

Mint looks confused. “How onwy hab wittwe pwace an’ nuffin’ ewse?”

“Because that’s where the stories take place. That’s the only part of the world that really matters for them.”

Fern head shakes green and pink. “T’inkie pwace hab hurtsies. Wan gu sweepies, daddeh.”

I smile. “Go right ahead, sweetie.”