FCKD Systems Waste Management Research, Reginald's bad week (Pastry_Knight)

FCKD Systems Waste Management Research

Breakthrough in waste management

Most would scoff at the idea that a child’s toy responsible for tremendous economic and ecological damage could possibly be of help with any real problems, however this sort of thinking is a mistake, Fluffies are the most advanced bioengineered products humanity has ever developed, before its collapse Hasbio were at the cutting edge of gain of function genetic engineering, the scientific community have spent the decades since their inadvertent release and subsequent global catastrophe re-discovering features that Hasbio developed.

Core feature loops such as the chemical receptors responsible for the fluffies innate desire for “Sketty” reacting to the compound “Skettiole”, assumedly developed as focus groups found that owners would rather not smell their pets food. This is combined with custom designed structures in the brain where the fluffy spoken language is encoded and the relation to endorphin release for certain lines such as “Give fluffy sketty” which drive the fluffy to request products that Hasbio desired. If we could modify these receptors and these custom brain structures, we could make a fluffy seek out food containing poisons or sterilising compounds for population control efforts. Or we could make the fluffy desire to consume human waste products effectively turning the vast numbers of feral fluffies into free roaming cleaners. This research is still ongoing but key findings are already being used to combat fluffy populations and provide new solutions to ongoing issues.

As fluffies were intended to be akin to “living” creatures they required feeding, the digestive system of the fluffy is capable of digesting and deriving nutrition from nearly any organic matter, whilst there is evidence to show that the fluffy is capable to some small degree of digesting plastics and hydrocarbons, whether this was intended or an inadvertent feature is unknown. One thing everyone knows about fluffies is their infamous defecation, to avoid lawsuits from parents Hasbio engineered the fluffies digestive tract to be able to extract dangerous substances such as heavy metals and a wide array of carcinogens, before a gland adds a bitterant resulting in faeces that are legally food safe, if not at all palatable. Where do these harmful substances go? You might ask, they bioaccumulate in the fluffy.

This is key to FCKD Systems Waste Management Research, we have created a system by which mixed low grade waste, sewage, and other unprofitable waste streams can be treated without expensive water treatment plants, landfill sites, recycling centres and incinerators. By filtering waste through the fluffy digestive system we can reduce the volume of hazardous waste requiring incineration by over 95%, and in the process produce biogas and NPK fertilisers.

The system is not complex and can be constructed nearby existing waste facilities, requiring only an input of fluffies, thankfully any source is appropriate, be it farms, animal control catches, overflow from shelters and pet stores overwhelmed now that interest in fluffies as toys/pets has reduced to nothing. To consume a waste stream with at least 15% edible content.

They are brought to the waste control facility and are prepared to government standards within the FCKD Systems RIAMM-1 which produces fluffies in a format suitable for the wholly autonomous multistage filtration area. Each fluffy is added to a slot with a feed trough and waste conveyor, the feed trough is gravity fed ensuring that each fluffy is presented with a thick slurry of macerated solid and liquid wastes which has had Skettiole added tricking the fluffy into thinking that the waste is high desirability food which they will happily consume to excess, the fluffy then digests the waste, filtering hazards from it, and soon resulting in stage 1 purified waste, this is collected by conveyor, re-macerated and mixed with Skettiole ready for stage 2 purification it is added to another gravity trough to be consumed by another stage of fluffies, this process continues until tests show contamination levels are reduced to acceptable levels. we have tested waste stream with high levels of hazardous contamination and showed that within 25 filtration steps the contamination is reduced below legal limits, and for average landfill only 5 steps is required.

As hazards are accumulated within the fluffy they do have a limited productive lifespan within the waste treatment facility, this is obviously related to the contamination levels and their position in the process, for stage 1 average landfill waste this is on average 1 month, for high level waste it can be as little as 1 week, while final stage waste might result in upwards of a year. In this time a fluffy can on average process 5 kilos of waste per day due to the low nutritional content of average waste. Once the fluffy is no longer capable of consuming the waste they are removed and can be safely incinerated and their ashes vitrified for long term storage. The open cell on the processing floor can then be filled with another fluffy. Final stage purified waste is safe for use as NPK fertiliser or can be used to produce biogas a portion of which can be used to fire incinerators or to produce electricity.

Reginald’s Bad Week, a continuation of Reginald’s story in (FCKD Systems RIAMM -1 (Regulation Intake Automatic Modification Machine) (Pastry_Knight))

You are Weginawd, its actually Reginald but you can’t pronounce that properly. You are having the worst nightmare, you imagine being taken from the shelter and then being terribly treated, having your pee-pee and wumps taken away, your wegs removed, you dream of pain, and then you wake in pain. Its a dull throbbing in your joints, your legs feel stiff, and no matter hard you try to stretch them nothing seems to happen, you open your crusty eyes and look down to see nothing, a patches of fluffless skin where your legs should be, and remember it was not a dream or a nightmare, the horrors you experienced were real, your body tries to shit but there is nothing in there, you are very hungry, looking around all you can see are line of fluffy backsides before you all bearing the mark of a painful sterilisation, some of these fluffies are crying “huu huu wan weggies, wan wumps, when wumps come back, why weggies weave, munsta gif fwuffy worstest huwties” some are still blissfully unaware of the nightmare of their reality.

Every few minutes a manipulator robot which you remember from yesterday appears and picks up a fluffy and takes them away, the chosen fluffy seems to be selected in order. Each fluffy begs to be left alone, but none are. As you look around your brain still booting and coming to terms with reality you sniff feeling sorry for yourself and for the first time realise bad smell in the room, it seems to be everywhere including on you “nu wan bad smeww, nu wan be poopie fwuffy.” You turn and try to clean yourself but the poor taste and your hunger makes your retch. Unable to move due to lack of legs you just try to rest and before your eyes over the next hour the line of fluffies before you is taken away one by one, you don’t realise that you time is approaching as the fluffies to your left are removed until you see the fluffy directly to your left is removed with a cry of “fwuffie nu wan upsies” then you start to worry, you try to wriggle away but you can’t move usefully. Within a few minutes the manipulator returns and beelines for you, you beg it to “nu take fwuffy.” but still it picks you up in its grip “fwuffy am scawed, nu wan fwy.” You cry as you are taken through the exit near the top of the room into a cavernous room, countless racks of shelves holding countless fluffies all in similar states as you, the sound of machinery and the noises of fluffies fills your ears and the smell of poopies and a smell you are unfamiliar with but want fills your nose. You are shortly placed in your own slot on a rack, before your final placement you see a moving belt covered in shit, your memory of conveyors from yesterday fills you with fear. You are positioned with a trough of a thick brown substance with the smell that your brain responds to with a “fwuffy wuv sketties” and you immediately dig in, the taste is very odd, a bitter taste covers your tongue, but your hunger and the endorphin rush you get when you eat it keep you eating until you can’t consume any more, it doesn’t sit well but that discomfort is better than hunger. Turning to the fluffies beside your slot you introduce yourself “Hewwow, nyu fwend? The fluffy on your left doesn’t seem to notice you, they are just lying there glassy eyed, they don’t smell very good, so you turn to the fluffy on your other side, but they are a meanie “smawtie nu fwends wid dummeh poopie fwuffies.” before blowing a raspberry at you. Why is everyone such a meanie to you, no new house, no daddy, no wumps, no pee-pee, no more special friend, no more legs, no more running or playing, no friends, so you just start gently sobbing “fwuffy nu wike… wan shewwter… shewwter nu gud but nu meanie eeber…” you close your eyes and rest your head on your platform, falling asleep as you digest your meal, you don’t dream.

You don’t know how long you have slept when you are woken by a nearby cry of “nu wan poopie spway! EEEHH! Meanie…” followed by “pwease nu be meanieEEEHH! Huu huu huu, nu smeww pwetty” opening your eyes you look to your left and a machine is making its way through the racks, stopping in front of each fluffy and spraying them. It sprays the glassy eyes fluffy who just silently starts crying. The robot slides before you, a bad smelling nozzle is pointed directly at your face, the single lens on the robot looks down at you dispassionately, you look up at it and say “fwuffy am gud fwuffEEEHH!” the robot ignores you and sprays you in the face and eyes with the same nasty substance as at the end of your processing, leaving you smelling of shit. “Why gib nu gud smeww huwties in see pwace” you cough, blinking to try and get it out of your eyes. To your right the meanie who wouldn’t talk to you was giggling “dummeh fwuffee get poopie spray, gu way wobot or smawtie gib boopieEEEHHS!” it too was sprayed and started to cough and spluttered out “smawtie nu am dummeh poopie fwuffee… nu wan smeww wike poopies…”

You spend a while crying, “pwease see-pwaces gib nu mowe huwties.” and eventually they listen once you have cried enough of the chemical out of your eyes. Feeling the pressure of how much food you ate earlier you have a sudden urge and with a sigh of “biiig poopies…” you squeeze out a much more solid shit that you are used to, the unseen conveyor behind you swiftly carries it away to be ground up and within 20 minutes the line of fluffies behind you is happily swallowing it down after its mixed with a few hundred other fluffy shits and a small sketty smell additive. Despite how much of the presented food you ate earlier you still feel hungry, so you shuffle forward as best as possible and start eating your portion of the leavings of a few hundred fluffies in front of you and the small sketty smell additive. The smartie next to you growls “dummeh fwuffee nuu eat aw nummies, nummies for smawtie.” the glassy-eyed fluffy next to you shudders and defecates before going utterly still, within a few minutes a robot arrives and removes them, you call after it “pweease take fwuffee away, nuu wike dis pwace” A few minutes after that another fluffy arrives by robot and is placed next to you.

They are crying “Nuu huu huu wike upsies, fwuffe be gud…” it takes them a few moments to untense and open their eyes to see themselves on the ground again.

“hewwow nyu fwend? Me am Weginawd…” you introduce yourself.

they look at you and reply “M-m-me Wiowet, wun way from daddeh house den meanie humins put fwuffee in munsta, den munsta was worstest meanie tu fwuffee, took weggies, nee weggies…, wan gu home…”

“dis am meanie pwace bu dere is gud sketty nummies, wook” you say taking a few big mouthfuls of your sketty flavoured shit.

“dis nu wook wike sketty, wook wike poopies… why poopies smeww of sketty…” they question, lowering their nose to the trough, they must be hungry as they join you in filling themselves up.

Now that you have a companion time passes a little more quickly, you talk to one another about fluffy inanity, until conversation invariably returns to “fwuffee haf worstest saddies, why meanies take wegs, why nu wumps…” you cry together at your shared loss, you shudder in fear seeing lifeless fluffies being picked up by robots and carried away before a fresh fluffy replaces them. Your minds not really capable of comprehending your situation fully, the is a blessing as if you could realise it then you really would have the worstest saddies. You content yourself with eating and shitting, you are fluffies ,if there is anything you are good at it is that, your species are so good at that that hundreds of millions of humans starved as fluffies ate whole harvests with inadequate population control.

Feeling sleepy you say night night to your companion and rest. Your stomach hurts but its not the same hunger pain but you don’t feel well, there is a metallic taste in your mouth, and your throat feels funny.

You spend several days in a twilight land of being woken in the morning with an abrupt facial treatment of Skatole, renewing your delightful smell, before consuming food and then chatting with your friend, giving one another comfort until you both need to release whatever your body decided not to incorporate, without your knowledge of course a small part of the food remains within you, within your blood, collecting in your kidneys, in your liver, in your brain. Making you weaker and weaker and iller and iller, the smarty that was to your right only lived three more days, before they were taken away and replaced with a new fluffy who only said “nu wan talk, fwuffee haf worstest saddies.” after their morning skatole spray wake up call they just sobbed to themselves “wan die, wan die, wan die”

You fell asleep coughing up boo boo juice, your body ached and you struggled to think, you dreamt that you had been adopted that day, and that all the fluffies went to a nice big house where they all played and ran and had fun, you spent your days with your special friend, looking after your babies. You were laying down snuggled with your again pregnant special friend cooing over your babies when she said “nu wan poopie spway!”

“nuu… NUU… nu wan wakies wan stay wid speciaw fwend” you moan, before you were yet again sprayed with awful smelling liquid that burned your eyes and nose, your body couldn’t handle it any more and you started vomiting terribly, boo boo juice and shit vomit mixed with the contents of the trough, your companion crying “pwease nu make bad sickies in foodies… is fwend otay?”

You could not respond, your heart was beating so fast to try to pump your thin blood around that it was starting to skip beats until it stopped altogether, you gasped for air for a few minutes, your body desperately trying to survive as your companion cried next to you. They begged the robot that took you away “nu take fwend, nu wan be awone.” Your body was taken and dropped unceremoniously into a hopper that collected the bodies ready for their final journey. As your slot was filled with another unfortunate fluffy, your body was heated to the point that the chemicals that had killed you were locked into the glass that your ashes became. The metal barrel that became the coffin you shared with a hundred other fluffies was marked “hazardous vitrified waste.”

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Quite a display of industrial abuse.

The dead fluffies are now even more concentrated waste products that will still need to go to a landfill. I imagine heavy metals and toxic chemicals now fill what remains of their little bodies.

That’s the best part, we can make fluffies actually useful, they help reduce waste volumes, while making useful fertilisers and energy products.


Im glad i found your stuff. keep making it!


This is art!