Fluffies trick or treating (julie)

i planned on making them all dress as comunity members but, i wanted to show off some oc’s i have who all have storys in my head.
Clover, Lizard, Buddy, and pumpkin.
Lizard and Buddy are adopts from @Maple
Clover is dressed as @BloodyBoots’s Gina of course, or maybe mike with a ponytail?.. who knows
anyway heres the art

Personal life shit for those who wana know

I’m still trying to get a job… but no ones reached out again. hoping to sell some commissions but, those haven’t been selling at all, may make some adopts to see if those work well. i tried to be productive without a job, and tried to clean the local woods. using a grabber and a trash bag i filled the bag till i could barley hold it (Which wasnt long cuz it was mostly glass and cans), and after fighting the dumpster cuz my short ass couldn’t get it to stay open. i came back inside to see i was covered in bug bite sores… Ya do something nice and nature fucks ya over.
so im grumpy and covered in Band-Aids.
Ah well, im doing draw-tober so i may be late to any prompts here. for those who wana see you can check out my DeviantArt. though warning, i use it as a dumping ground for All my old art, and new art. though im always late to it.
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Let’s Uhh not give them chocolate


Bunch of cute little fluffs :coco:

Hope your job hunt picks up; I was there from March '22 to May of this year, it’s never fun

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Awww poor baby, yes the bugs are mean but you are being a good person. Good luck with job hunt, im currently also looking but super lazy. But we all still love you we just also all still broke

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Absolutely adorable! Though I am left to wonder how they are going to knock on an invisible door…

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oh- the door was meant to be opened, guess i didnt show that right x3