Octoberthon Marathon Prompt #1

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This one’s gonna be fun!


This is gonna be good, can be nice and wholesome hugbox, or end up with some fluffies getting poisoned or razorblade candy, or even tormented by people in scary costumes, so many possibilities


Smarties demanding candy and getting a pepper or some other trick(or abuse) while the polite fluffies get candy/sketties.


Arsenic for all of them and a quiet neighborhood at last where you can peacefully walk a dog unmolested.


This isn’t finished as there are some more panels I want to do. but also wanted to share this sketch.


I will find time for this god dammit!!

I shall show P3 the prompt when she gets home.

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The screams of the woman being hacked to pieces with a chainsaw made the Goblin Squad hide under a blanket at the end of Earl’s coffee table. Earl was on the couch with Odin sitting on his right and Carol to his left, splitting a large bowl of caramel popcorn when there was a gentle “pap pap pap” at the front door. Pausing the movie Earl slid on a Joker mask to go with his purple suit, grabbed a plastic cauldron of candy and swung open the door.

“Trick or treat!” Shouted a group of three young kids in costumes.

-Twick ow tweat!- Squealed three costumed fluffies on leashes.

“Ha ha ha haaaa Well what have we here, ghosts an ghouls and a fairy princesses! How spooky!” Dropping a fist full of candy in each pumpkin bucket.

The fluffies trembled at the sight of the Goblin Squad next to Earl as a cluster of skettie treats floated in their tiny pumpkin pails. That seemed to lessen their fears and thanked them as they turned to head to the next house as Earl shut the door and returned to the movie.

“I am so glad they outlawed trunk or treat, kids don’t get enough exercise these days. I mean, who thought it was a good idea to teach kids to go up to a stranger’s car with a trunk full of candy was a good idea?” Carol asked grabbing a fistful of popcorn.

“Well after that string of kidnappings fifteen years back they had to.”

There was another “pap pap pap” but firmer at the door and Earl got his mask on and swung open the door. No trick or treaters, just five feral fluffies with a whole mess of foals between them with a few poopies straggling behind trying to climb up the poarch steps. Earl lifted his mask up and glared at the angry looking red and blue maned unicorn staring up at him.

-Dummeh hooman gib nummies an housie an toysies to smawty’s hewd nao! Ow smawty gon…gib wostest…Hewties…?- His demeanor slowly shifting from mean to confused fear.

The Goblin squad had entered the doorway looking down at the small feral herd who were now making scaredy poopies where they stood.

“Well boys looks like we have some costume-less ferals who didn’t say trick or treat who are making a mess on my poarch. So what do you say? Trick? or Treat?”

The boys looked back and forth to each other then looked down at the feral with sinister grins and said in unison.

-Twick- As their horns lit up.

From the other side of the doorway four small battery powered chainsaws floated in front of the boys as the saws revved to life.

-Gobwin gets the smawty! He he he heeee!-

Later that evening there was another knock at the door and Earl was greeted by the trick or treaters who stood surrounded by blood and chunks of assorted fluffies covering the entire porch. They complemented the cool decorations on his house that looked so real they had trouble telling if it was fake or not.

“What can I say kids I love Halloween. Careful where you step some of the bloods still wet.”

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Out of curiousity, since I’m aware of Earl’s disposition. What if a very polite feral came to the door and actually said Trick or Treat?

It depends if he has use for it. Excellent colors or traits that he can add to the breeding stockades or his own mad science menagerie, sure he’d be more sympathetic in his own twisted sense. Anything else is a training dummy for the Goblin Squad.

Was curious if the holiday would change jis demeanor at all but a business is a business lol

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Him angry >:)