Fluffmart Does Pride Month! (Ace)

A “fun” part of growing up is recognizing that the world we grew up in can be pretty damn unpleasant in some ways that were “normative” at the time. Representation is an ongoing process and unfortunately we’re currently at a point where planned representation is unfortunately kind of needed. Because otherwise, it would default back to “very special episode”/“One off gag”. Hopefully, any progress made can push things past tokenism towards more natural representation.

But when even a token push to inclusion is responded to with accusations of racism/forcing it down people’s throats/indignant pearl clutching by people utterly horrified by a character who doesn’t think and look exactly like them? It’s freaking hard.


Guys if we’re going to have in-depth discussions on society then can we move it out of the comments section so Ace isn’t inundated with notifications


Oh, thanks for the rec! I’m not Black but I’m glad to see someone repping themselves and I love how afro styles look. (Favourite style I ever saw was a woman who sculpted her hair into the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. I’ll see if I can find the pic if you want.)

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Shit me that was fucking hilarious, I could 100% see that happening as real world thing.

Absolutely loving the mad gay and that one clueless dude duking it out in the comments too lamo

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Apparently no, no we cannot


Last chance guys, stop hogging Ace’s comment section or I’ll turn them off. Take this to DMs or chat but not here


Hello. I attempted to clean up the post from offtopic. I’m going to “ask nicely” that any further discussion remains directly related to the story.

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Does bruno is gay?

truly nothing says corporate pride like cheap plastic rainbow riding crops. imagine a joyce messier fluffy saying the line here i guess

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I think the boss was holding the bag because those at the top did not want evidence of said aberration to be found. at least bruno is saved

But who was phone?

hm, I would adopt Bruno.