Fluffy abuse: Garden troubles by KingLuke

Rosie gets more then she asked for.


Don’t forget to water her or else she would would end up turning into a dry fluffy.


Only the best cold water for these special flowers!


Where’d she learn that poop makes flowers grow big?
If it’s true then why is the owner complaining. If not, who told her?

Oh well, fluffy tears make me happy.

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Fluffy tears are the best tears.

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I mean, complaining that your Fluffy is gross for shitting on your flowers, then covering your Fluffy in shit is a bit hypocritical.

Granted she deserves it for shitting outside of the litter box, but there was a teachable moment about free labour and how literal shit was more important than Rosie ever would be


Good point, still learning on how to improve my work here.

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Then let me follow up with a little piece of advice.

Dumb owners are as much a part of the canon as dumb Fluffies. Rosie’s mum might be using any excuse to hurt Rosie because she’s an abuser, or she might just be too dumb to see the hypocrisy and Rosie is suffering because of it

Whatever the reason, so long as what you want to show is front and centre, people will adjust to the box. They’ll laugh at justified abuse or they’ll sympathise with injustice and everything in between, there’s no set rules for this place when it comes to how you portray your Fluffies or their interactions with humans

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That makes a lot of sense. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hope you don’t mind me asking, but what tag(s) should I use when there’s intentional abuse?

Abuse and/or abuse ending are a given, sadbox if you push for the depression angle.

If you’re working with the apathy of Fluffy mills then industrial-abuse is the way to go

If you’re going for the naughty bits then anal-abuse, genital-abuse and spayneuter are all your friends

If you’re hurting the little ones then go for foal-abuse

There’s a number of tags, you can see them all if you click on the three lines by your profile pic and then click tags, check out what’s available and maybe get inspired from what you see


There’s also weirdbox for when the abuse breaks the suspension of disbelief/laws of the universe beyond allowing for the existence of fluffies.

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Thank you so much. It’s really helpful :slight_smile:


Good to know. Thank you :slight_smile:

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