Fluffy beastiary: Earthies (Mr_Anonymous)

So earth Fluffys are the most common and basic fluffy out there.

I would suggest them for beginners who want an fluffy wether it be for breeding or companionship. But be aware that they are temperamental but they usual has the tendency to give “sorry stompies” instead of “sorry poopies”when they are upset.

And they aren’t the most sharpest knife on the block if you know what I mean so they’ll get upset over more trivial matters(even in fluffy terms). And they somehow die in the most stupid ways even in a half decent safe room so be prepared to double down in the safe room.
they are a good addition for if you want an herd mainly in the outdoors.
as they take on enforcer roles even without a smarty so feral fluffies won’t feel the need to “invade” your yard. Plus with their thicker fur they won’t freeze to death so easily in winters(if you care about that type of stuff).

Earthies are also more durable in the sense in when you torture one it last probably up to 10% longer than if you tortured a Pegasus or a unicorn.

So that’s it for earth fluffies(also I’m going to be doing the main breeds of the fluffies first so I can find out how this should play out so, I accept any constructive criticism)

Here’s the Sketch:


May want to use an art editor to paste the text in.
I’m having trouble to read your handwriting squints
Could just be me.

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Yeah, I should probably do that for now on