Fluffy Life Stages - Breeder (Pastry_Knight)

    • Birth

Foals are born onto a conveyor belt which whisks them away from their pillow breeder mothers, the speed of the conveyor belt chills the still wet newborns, this is the first of many tests a fluffy is faced with at the fluffy mill. If they don’t survive the chill they wouldn’t survive long anyway. The newborn fluffies chirp and peep loudly as they travel, as they pass the pillow mothers will join in on the chorus of displeasure around their feeding gags.

    • Sexing

Unless they are of exceptional coloration, horned, winged or a combination, male fluffies are essentially worthless to breeders, and are significantly less likely to ever be adopted. So after their conveyor trip newborn foals are sexed and inspected, male fluffies and any other undesirable fluffies are separated and placed onto another conveyor. Newborn foals chirp and peep to alert adult fluffies or owners to the foal needing attention, the hands of the inspectors might be the only warmth the foals ever experience.

    • Disposal

The reject conveyor snakes its way through the rafters of the fluffy mill collecting all the rejects from the breeding process across the facility before simply dropping the live fluffies into a macerator, the resulting slurry can be used as fertiliser, or can be fed back into the feeding system.

I really liked the fluffy life stages art I have seen in the past, and The Post by @ElGuzz reminded me of them and I decided to make a quick one of my own.


Just like chickens and roosters. :slight_smile:



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They can be good meat. The hens tend to be more profitable if they live to lay.

Except not nearly as horrifically evil since fluffies aren’t real.

Wow it’s like I’m picking rabbits or chicks.

Just like working at a chicken farm, except the males aren’t gased first.

I wanna see a version of this where they just all automatically go into an incinerator, but the conveyer is like a 4 hour trip so they get hypothermia and almost die anyway before they feel the warmth of incenerator for 20 seconds before they go in.

The purpose? There is none. It could be an automated robot run fluffy mill where the owner died and it’s just endlessly artificially inseminating and pillowing mares and burning every offspring that isn’t going to be a new birther.

The ultimate bleak box industrial abuse horror.

This could be an operation that runs indefinitely. 99% of fluffies are born just to die the same day for no reason. Those are the lucky ones.

Perhaps a story would be nice, about one foal who somehow falls off the conveyer and survives off the dripping blood and birth juices on the conveyer until it can open its eyes and find the milkies station which has dozens of milkbags who feed nothing and are replaced at death. Then he begins his quest to escape the fate of the other thousands of fluffies in this place.

@Grim would you wanna take a crack at this? Your writing is really effective at immersing me. Or anyone else? Obviously I could try it myself I’m just not the best writer.


Now THATS the kind of industrial abuse I like!

I’d read that. Or even write it, if my health was in a better state right now.

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they’d be wandering around the back rooms like portal!

I’ll give it a whack, although the protagonist fluffy will have not quite that origin

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