Fluffy Pharmacopeia Ep.3 Pt.2 Fluffy Psychology (Part 3) by Eck

Fluffy Pharmacopeia Ep.3 Pt.2 Fluffy Psychology (Part 2)

There was a deafening shocked silence. Not a single individual made a noise not even Chase. Smarty had a face of utter disbelief likely thinking why a fluffy beneath him would have the gall to say such a thing. Lily looked at Poopeh in a way she had never looked at another fluffy before not even to Smarty. Toughie in between cheeps looked in awe of him like he was a hero, Dam looked at him with a worried but otherwise stunned expression, Mare from her corner looked on in fear of what was going to happen next.


Smarty charged at [=#7c710f]Poopeh[/color] crashing into him in an instant using his impressive weight and size against the smaller weaker fluffy. Poopeh went down and tumbled on the ground. Before Chase had a chance to react Smarty was wailing on him with his hooves. After getting a few hits in he reared up and slammed down on both front legs of Poopeh breaking them viscously, Poopeh’s bones tore through the skin and ripped them to shreds had he tried lifting them they would be dangling by fluff and skin.


Smarty wasn’t done however and was getting ready to go in for the final strike but by then Chase was ready to put an end to it.

“ENOUGH!” Chase picked up Smarty by the scruff releasing a stream of scaredie poopies and eliciting a “bad uppsies” from him. Chase paid no mind as he threw the smarty to the beds making sure he didn’t break anything. He then picked up Poopeh very gently and headed inside.

“I’m making sure he’s ok, if ANY of you see Smarty do anything tell me, if you DO anything that isn’t eating or shitting I will know.”

Chase went inside and slammed the door shut. As the door shut, the video cuts to the kitchen.

Chase set Poopeh down on a table and grabbed a few things off camera. With audio of him pulling open drawers frantically, Poopeh can be seen crying a small pool of blood beginning to form around him. Chase returned with a blow torch, two knives, rags and a rolling pin handle.

“Ok, this isn’t exactly where I wanted to be but I should have seen it coming. Everyone watching you get to see how an emergency amputation is done on a fluffy congratulations. If the break wasn’t so severe I would just set and splint it but considering the still considerable blood loss and the bone being completely snapped this will have to do. Now buddy I’m gonna have to take your front weggies ok, it means you won’t be able to run or play for a long time but I promise you I’ll try and make it better ok.”


“I know little guy but it’s that or your legs could make you go forever sleepies and that means you could never love or play again, so trust me I know it’s bad but it’ll be better this way I’m not gonna hurt unless it’s for your own good ok. I know how about after this I give you a name?”

N-nyu namesies fo-fow fwuffy? Fwuffy neba hab namesies befow.

“Well now you will, but first we need to take care of these. Here bite down on this and close your eyes.”

As Poopeh bit down on the rolling pin handle, Chase lifted Poopeh’s legs up and sliced what little was keeping his legs together, this caused Poopeh to let out muffled ‘huus’ as he felt the lack of his legs finally. With the legs removed Chase began torching the other knife, after about 5 minutes it was red hot. With the knife ready Chase pressed the knife against Poopeh’s stumps and cauterized the wounds, this caused Poopeh to scream in muffled agony, before passing out from shock.

“So that’s how it’s done in a pinch. Had I had the right materials I could of done more but this was life or death, however this does allow me to get into a special topic about fluffy psychology and that is the power of a name. You see fluffies have a limited understanding of most things but a name they are programmed to know means they have a unique identity. This identity can help boost moods and bring unbelievable joy to a fluffy but the same can be said in reverse. Depending on the name and the ego of the fluffy a bad name could seriously depress and demotivate a fluffy which is something we will be testing soon, but first let’s give our friend here a name as a reward for his bravery.”

Chase waited a few minutes before shaking Poopeh awake startling the fluffy a little. Upon opening his eyes Poopeh had a look of calm as if he forgot what happened until he fell face forward when he tried standing on his stumps.

Huu wai weggies nu wowk? Daddeh wewe am weggies wai nu wowk?

“We’ll bud I had to take them away or they would give you forever sleepies but it’s not cause they were bad and it’s not cause you were bad either. No your meanie smarty hurt you cause you were very brave. That bravery is what has earned you the right to a name that I’ll be giving you now.”

Get namesies neba hab namesies befow, bu miss weggies wai smawty gib huwties.

“Cause you did the right thing and he didn’t like that but it’s ok I’ll give you a name equal to what you did. How about Doron it means sacrifice and sacrifice you did. How do you like your name Doron?

Dowon wubs nyu namesies! Tank yu daddeh wub yu su mush daddeh!

“That’s good to hear bud.”

The video cuts back to the garage 5 Min Ago flashes across the screen.

The garage was left quiet after Doron was removed by Chase the only thing heard was the crying of Smarty after being thrown, he didn’t get hurt he was just crying because he was punished.

Huu dummeh daddeh gib Smawty wowstest huwties fow gibben dummeh poopeh fwuffy sowwy hoofsies huu huu!

Nobody acknowledged him. Lily was still in shock over her aborted litter and her conflicted feelings for a fluffy up until now she thought was beneath her in every way. Dam cooed to herself hoping her tummeh babbehs were ok. Toughie started walking around properly investigating his new home though occasionally he would let out a chirp or peep. Mare was on her own nursing her hoof suckling on it to help relieve the pain.

This lack of attention was visibly frustrating Smarty as he walked over to Lily to vent his frustrations the best way he knew.

Oh speshul fwen smawty knu yu hab biggest heawt huwties fwom tummeh babbehs habbin foweba sweepies bu it otay. Smawty can gib yu mowe tummeh babbehs wit gud feews if hab speshul huggies.

Wiwy nu wan speshul huggies fwom dummeh smawty. Nu am speshul fwen anymowe gu away.

Smarty was infuriated a seething rage shown in his eyes as he started to run around to the back of =#e34f69]Lily still bloody and dirty from the ordeals of the skettis.


With that violent decree Smarty mounted Lily and rammed into her pounding away at her soiled genitals.


Lily didn’t even have time to scream as Smarty finished inside her pulling out and walking over to hoof Lily in the face but before he could he saw her face had a thousand yard stare as she muttered to herself, Smarty decided that good feels we’re enough and left her alone but she still kept muttering.

Wan die wan die wan die wan die wan die.

The video resumes as Chase walks back into the garage with an amputated Doron in his arms cooing at the most basic affection. Chase looked around and could see Lily in the same spot as before but this time with cum oozing out her backside mixing with the other fluids around her. Everyone else looked the same as well aside from Smarty who was happily playing with some blocks.

“Alright everyone I’m back, did anything take place while I was gone?”

Nu daddeh ebeyting am otay.

“That’s wonderful to hear cause I have good news as a reward for all the good fluffies I’m giving them names!”


Fwuffy wan nyu namesies wub daddeh!

“We’ll I’m glad to see you’re all excited. In fact I already named one of you since he was a very good fluffy and he had to go through a lot of bad things cause of a certain bad fluffy.”

Smarty looked up smugly expecting to be named on the spot thinking his actions were good and that what had happened to him was Doron’s fault.

“Make sure you give lots and lots of love and hugs, he had to go through a lot cause of that bad fluffy. So without further ado I’m proud to bring you all Doron!”

Chase put [/color=#7c710f]Doron[/color] down in the beds by Dam, Toughie and Mare came over and gave Doron great big hugs, Doron broke out into tears of joy probably never knowing what love could feel like up til that point. Smarty looked over he couldn’t even be mad he was just confused.

Hewwo Dowon, fwuffy gib wots of huggies an make weggies betta!

“Alright now if the rest of you want names you have to be good fluffies and good fluffies tell the truth and don’t keep secrets, so I’ll ask again. Did anything happen while I was gone?”

Smarty looked at his herd and stared daggers in them, demanding their silence, however Toughie being reduced to a near infantile state couldn’t comprehend his malice.

Fwuffy cheep see smawty peep gib Wiwy bad speshul huggies peep.”

“Really you don’t say, well Smarty is that true?”

NU! Nu am twue, Wiwy am Smawty speshul fwen an gib gud feews when smawty wan!

“Well Lily here has been awfully quiet now hasn’t she I wonder why that is. Lily dear are you ok do you wanna say what happened.”

Wan die, wan die, wan die, wan die.

“Oh no you poor thing. I think I heard what I needed. I’ll still be giving you all names, but first I’m going to have a talk with Lily in private. That means stay away.”

Chase picked up Lily and took her away from the pen to a workshop table on the other side of the garage. He knelt down brought his eyes to hers, she still had a thousand yard stare, but now there were tears flowing freely from her eyes.

Lily I’m gonna ask a few questions, answer them as best you can ok.”

Lily just nodded lightly.

“Ok that’s perfect very good dear. Alright question one, did you use to have a human mommy or daddy?”

She nodded slowly more tears coming from her eyes as she remembered her happy life.

“Ok, I’m sure you miss them very much, I’m sorry. Second question, did Smarty give you bad special huggies?”

Yus smawty caww Wiwy dummeh an say dummehs am onwy gud fow enfies.

“I see I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure he gets punished very badly for that ok. One last question ok, do you really want forever sleepies?”


“Ok then I’ll make sure you get the most peaceful passing I can give for now though you’ll have to wait. Oh and before I forget would you like a new name I’ll make sure it’s as pretty as the one you have now.”

Nu, nu wan nyu namesies, bu dank yu daddeh.

“Ok Lily I’ll be back soon.”

Chase got up and walked back to the pen, his face was painted with a cold emotionless calm as he looked over the herd.

“Ok everyone come here it’s time for you all to get names based off your behavior. That means if you’re a good fluffy you get a good name and the best fluffy gets the best name while a bad fluffy gets a bad name understood?”

“YUS!” They cheered out lining up before Chases feet. At the front was Toughie, behind him was Smarty who tried to push him out of the way but even he couldn’t get his muscle to move, behind [colorf87e23]Smarty[/color] was Mare and on the pillows still was Dam.

“Ok listen carefully, first is Laloo, second is Wimpus, third is Marie and the last one is Demeter.”

The fluffies cheered about their new names as if they were given a new life and to a fluffy they were given one.

Wawoo wuv cheep nyu namesies! Mawie hav pwetty namesies wuv daddeh! Dee-metuh wuv namesies su happeh!

Except for Wimpus, he looked up at Chase with puffed cheeks and rage in his voice.


“Well to put it simply you are the worst fluffy ever. I said bad fluffies get bad names and well you got the worst one cause you are the worst.”


Wimpus started having a full tantrum finally showing just how pathetic he really was and the herd could tell.

Dummeh Wimpus am jus dummeh yu am nu mowe smawty. Yu gib hewd biggest huwties an nu cawe, yu gib speshul-fwen wowstest heawt-huwties an den gib her wowstest enfies. Wimpus am a bad dummeh poopeh fwuffy!

With the final seed of hate planted Chase walked away towards Lily, who was just sitting there absent minded and whispering to herself.

“Hey hun I know it’s been rough but I’m gonna give you a special present. Just give me some time to prepare it.”

Lily didn’t move she just kept staring outward.

Chase sighed and walked into the kitchen as the video cut.

Chase started preparing another pot of spaghetti this time with actually good seasoning as a final meal for Lily.

“We’ll everyone I guess this is a good time to talk about fluffy mental health. You see fluffies are programmed with terrible short term memory, which means that if they are hurt or if something scares and upsets them they can forget about it in a few hours to a few days. Hasbio did this as a way to teach kids the importance of safety with their new bio toys without having the things hate their owners. Of course everything has a threshold and for fluffies it can be a surprising large threshold. If a fluffy faces to much gradual or instant trauma they enter what’s know as the ‘Wan Die Loop’ this simply put is a fluffy with such severe depression and mental issues that it wants nothing more than to die. A fluffy in a wan die loop is essentially dead already they might eat and continue surviving but that’s more instinct than desire, when a fluffy gets to this point it is truly better to put them out of their misery. That all being said there are cases where a fluffy can recover or they are lying to be given pity now these are rare occurrences so don’t expect much but always keep a keen eye and ear out just incase. Now in Lily’s case she has suffered through so much so quickly that she just broke and so we are going to be giving her a few final moments of happiness to ease her off.”

After the explanation Chase finished making the pasta. The video cut with him walking out of frame.

The video cut back to Chase walking into the garage with the plate of spaghetti the scent made the fluffies perk up even after their recent trauma with it.

Skettis? SKETTIS!!! Daddeh gib skettis tu Mawie?

“No honey I’m sorry this is for Lily and only her cause she has the worst hurties ev-“



The sternness in Chase’s voice stopped Wimpus in his tracks. He puffed his cheeks out and turned away acting as the bigger individual. Chase ignored his efforts and went to Lily who was still on the work bench looking out into nothing.

“Hey Lily I brought you something. Here have some skettis.”

Lily’s ears twitched at the word and her nose began doing the same as the smell wafted towards her. She started drooling though she still seemed unaware, until Chase put the plate in front of her and her pupils went wide. She dragged herself closer to it and took a bite, she was cautious after recent events understandably, but upon realizing it was tainted she gasped the first noise she’s made aside from “wan die”. As she was about to take a second bite Chase grabbed the plate and scooped up Lily as well.

Daddeh wai take skettis?

“Cause I have another surprise for you.”

With that Chase left the garage and the video cut.

The video resumed as Chase walked into his office once again retrofitted into a make shift safe room as it had once been when Sunflower was there. Chase places Lily on the ground and placed the plate on a mat. Lily dove for the skettis and began devouring them. While she was distracted Chase put down some toys for her to play with and a nice bed to use as a nest.

“Ok Lily after you’re done eating you can play ok so just have fun til you tire yourself out.”

Otay daddeh.” She managed to get out between breaths.

It didn’t take her long to finish her plate and after she licked it clean she turned to see the most toys she’s probably seen since her last home. She started by playing with a ball chasing it and knocking it around. After she was bored in ten seconds she went to stack blocks there were about 6 blocks more than enough for her as he tried to stack them as tall as she could, only ever reaching about 4. After that she played ball again, then more blocks, then she saw a stuffed animals and ran over to hug it, when she hugged the toy she finally realized how tired she was and went to lie down for a bit. When she went to lie down Chase sat down next to her as petted her head.

“So how are you feeling Lily?”

Wiwy am su happeh! Tank yu daddeh!

“I’m glad to hear it now do you remember what I asked you earlier about wanting to go forever sleepies?”

Wiwy wemembew, nu wan gu foweva sweepies nao. Wiwy hab safe woom and toysies nao and bestest daddeh.

“I’m really happy to hear that Lily.” Chase picked her up and put her in her lap still petting her. “The issue is I asked you if you really wanted to and you said yes, did you lie to me?”

Lily sat quiet and pondered for a moment, then as if the entire world came down upon her she began crying screaming reliving every minuscule detail from what has been the worst day in her entire life. After a few seconds of crying she finally ran out of tears, Chase took the opportunity to ask again.

Lily let me ask again, do you want me to give you forever sleepies I promise it won’t hurt.”

Yus daddeh Wiwy wose tummeh babbehs, speshul fwen caw Wiwy dummeh an gib wowstest speshul huggies. Nu wan foweva sweepies bu du wan die.

“Ok I understand come here I’ll give you some hugs.”

Lily instinctively held onto Chase as he put his arms around her in her last embrace. Chase moved his hands up to her head scratching behind her ears getting a few coos from the crying mare.

“I’m sorry you had to go through this but I’m not going to feel bad because you deserve it.” He whispered in her ears.



The sound of her neck snapping was loud in the silence as her body went limp. Chase got up with her in hand and the video ends.

Ok finally Pt2 of episode 3 is done my lord that was difficult to find an ending I liked. That being said I think I’ll take a break from Fluffy Pharmacopeia so I don’t get burnt out cause I feel it setting in and I’d hate that.

As always if you have any ideas for experiments or just plain criticism I’m always happy to hear it


Time to kill a smarty next.


Interesting turn, but shows that Chase is pragmatic at least.

Lily had to die, but that didn’t mean she had to suffer