Foal Euthanasia, by RQ (FB ID: 54816)

Depends on the concentration. If you introduce it slowly, the target simply goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up. Gas them too fast and they’ll feel like they’re drowning, which is one of the most terrifying ways to die and will trigger just about every survival instinct available. You frequently see this with animals at particularly large and busy farms: the gasmaster wants to get as much work done in a given period of time as possible, so he introduces the CO or CO2 (usually the latter) very quickly, at high concentrations. While this kills the target faster, it also makes them die in agony, which is terrible.

The Germans in WWII also had this problem with their mobile gazwagens at Chelmno. These were essentially 4x4 trucks with the exhaust hooked up to a sealed box in the rear, where victims would be locked up. In theory, this provided a “humane” method of extermination, and more importantly it would also in theory spare the killers from the psychological anguish of having to shoot their victims. The problem with this (aside from it being genocide) was that early on the gas flow was inadequate, and did little more than cause brain damage. This in turn caused the drivers to rev the trucks very hard in order to stop the screaming in the back, which they hated; and this became a sort of nasty cycle where even after the gas flow was solved, the driver would still rev the truck extremely hard and introduce too much gas at once, which caused the victims to panic and scream and shit themselves, which caused the driver to panic and hit the gas harder, etc.

That’s your bit of horrible history for the day, I guess.

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Night night forever

Co2 isn’t a good one to use, things last for ages in that.

I’d use helium, his pitched fluffy screaming would be hilarious

Fluffy voices are already high-pitched, if they’re on helium, only dogs can hear them.

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Bing would’ve sent you ads for Co2 bottles and how to videos lol


I learned a thing today. Weee.

Pretty sure the bottle says CO, not CO2, but even so… the comments show why I never leave more than one bottle for my carbonator indoors, especially right after filling them.

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She honestly did them a favor … ither wise a abuser would have taken em and well hurt them sadly breeders wouldn’t use the brown mares ( did some research and they prodcue high quality babbys ) which they miss out on a large payout but this way … shes making sure they go to a land of wonder

You are aware that fluffies aren’t real and your headcanon is irrelevant, right? Just asking because a frightening number of people seem to be immune to logic here.


Only good thing about Bing is this. It respects the right to die.

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Pity. He was a cute little bugger.


That’s a strange way to smash a fluffy into splinters. :thinking:

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Fuck this, find him a nice home and put the rest of his family down using hammers. Much cheaper anyway.

I agree. Disgusting peepee poopoo foals should have the same opportunity to be adopted by vicious abusers that other, less unattractive, fluffies get. It’s only fair.