Foal Theft pt.2 (Mister_K)

Its been roughly a week since i took a litter of foals away from their mother. At first i did it because i could, and who doesnt want to spread a little misery every now and again right? But these 5 colourful little shits grew on me and now i’m a proud “daddeh”. Theyre quite the handful and theyre not weaned, so they wont last without proper nutrition.

Luckily for me the emporium up the road sells mare milk and other formulas and vitamins to help in the development of young orphaned foals. I got a few toys for the buggers while i was up there. Mainly a ball and a few colourful blocks.

I enter my house and i greet my pets in their small cage. They’ve certainly grown and their eyes have opened, but their legs are still too weak for anything other than crawling and theyre much too small for the safe room i prepared in advance.

“Its nummie time babies!” I announce.
Their eyes shoot open at the mere mention of food and they disperse from their small fluffpile to crawl their way to the feeding station i bought chirping and peeping in excitement as they go.

They all find a nipple and begin hungrily suckling the milk from the bottle. All 5 of them drain it rather quickly, but they all look satisfied near the end. Now for their exercise.

“Alright babies, i have another treat for you! A bright and colourful ball!”

I gently lift them out of the cage one at a time and place the ball in front of them. The biggest one, a red unicorn connects the dots quickly and gives it a push. Chirping happily as it begins the slow process of chasing it down to push it again. Soon the other babies join in, despite how slow they crawl they seem to be having quite a lot of fun!

It warms my admittedly rather cold heart to see these babies grow up and play. I can see why the mare i took them from loved them so much. Speaking of which… i wonder what happened to her?

tap tap tap tap

As if i had summoned the devil, i hear a tapping at my door. I open it up and look down, lo and behold the mare i encountered last week is here at my door step. Shes noticably tattered and shes lost some weight too. It looks like she hasnt stopped trying to track me down since we first met.

“Gib bacc babbehs!”

“How the fuck did you find me!?”

I check on the foals to make sure theyre safe before exiting the building and confronting the mare.

“I’ll admit, i’m impressed your still alive, but your efforts are a waste. The babies live with me now.”

“Nu! Babbehs nee mummah! Gib bacc babbehs ow mummah gib wowstest owies!”

Her cheeks are puffed up as much as theyll allow. In her mind if she can intimidate me, i’ll have no choice but to give her young back…

I just scoff at her efforts and pick her up. I take her to the side of my house and hold her in front of the window. The foals are in plain sight happily playing with the ball i gave them. The unicorn has even started standing and running short distances in the time i was away.

“Babbehs! Babbehs! Mummah hewe! Mummah coming babbehs!”

She waves her hoofs and struggles in my grip in a futile attempt to get to her foals. Even if she did escape, the stupid bitch would still be trying to get through the window.

"They grow up fast eh? They look happy and healthy to me. You sure they actually “Nee mummah” hmm?

“Babbehs nee huggies and miwkies! Babbehs nee mummah!”

“Get it through your fragile, empty skull! They don’t need you! They don’t even remember you! They. Don’t. Love. You.”

The mares eyes go wide at my words. Out of all the things i could have said, that one stung the most. She starts crying and wailing out of frustration and sorrow.

“Babbeeehs! Mummah wan babbeeehs!!!”

Not putting up with any more of her shit, i toss her into the snow and tell her off.

“You should be happy the babies are here with me and not out in the cold with you. Stop being so damn selfish.”

With that i go back inside and tend to my babies. Theyre still playing with the ball and i make it back just in time to see the rest of the babies stand on their hooves and play.

“Your all standing up! Your big babies now! Daddy’s so proud of you all!”

The babies chirp and peep happily and run towards me, they hold their front legs up in the “giv huggies weggies” pose.
I pick them all up and hug them close. They all coo in my hands.

“W-wub daddeh.” The Red unicorn manages to finally say his first words

“Daddy loves you too…”
------------------------One week later-------------------------
Another week passes with the babies. They’ve all grown into plump, sizeable foals that are getting too big for the cage. I decided its time to finally name them and introduce them to the safe room.
I gently pluck them from the cage and set them down in a line.

“Ok babies, its time for you all to finally get your names!”

The babies cheer and cheep in celebration

“Yay! Babbeh wan namesie!” “Babbeh wuv name!”

I look at them from left to right. Theres the Red Unicorn, Blue Pegasus, pink unicorn, green earthie and a yellow earthie.

“Hmm… your names will be… Tomato, Sky, Candy, Emerald and Lemon!”

They all cheer and cheep again, clearly delighted at their names.
I pick them up again and i take them to their new safe room. its filled with toys, plastic tunnels, slides, a couple litterboxes, very comfy beds and other things fluffies of all ages adore.

“I hope you all like it! This is where you’ll be staying and sleeping from now on, no more cage for you!”

They all gasp in amazement at the marvel in front of them. They look up at me before hugging my pant legs.

“Aww dis fo’babbehs!? Fank ou’ daddeh! Babbehs wub ou!!”

They let go of my pants and go play with their new toys. Its an insanely cute sight. I check my watch and i notice the time. My package should be here by now, i impulse bought 5 hats for them to wear when theyre older.

“Ok babies, daddy’s gonna leave for a minute and be right back! Dont leave the safe room and behave ok?”

“Otay daddeh! Babbehs wuv ou!”

I leave the safe room and open the front door to my house. I look down at my welcome mat expecting a package. But the asshole delivery boy left it by my mailbox instead.

“Ugh, every time… is it that hard to take an extra minute to walk up the driveway?”

I walk down my driveway and pry the package from my mailbox, i go to walk back when i notice something…

“I left the fucking door open…”

I bolt back to the house to check on the babies and i fucking see her… the mare i took them from in the safe room chasing them around, begging them to “come tu mummah babbehs!” She had already caught emerald who was being held in her teeth at the scruff.

“Munsta fwuffy! Babbehs wun away! Nu wike!”
“Daddeh sabe babbehs!!”
“Wet Emewowd go! Munsta nu smeww pwetty!”

The mare was incredibly disheveled and smelled like shit. Which prevented the babies from sniffing her out and identifying her as their mother. For all they know, a random fluffy snuck in the safe room and wanted to eat them.

“Pwease nu wun! Mummah just wan gib huggies an miwkies!”

Ive had enough of her at this point. I waste no more time grabbing the mare and forcing her to release emerald who runs away and hides. I take her to my living room and i stuff her into a newly purchased sorry box. Im gonna need to buy a new one after what im about to do…

But before i do, i check on the babies and make sure theyre not hurt. I return to the safe room and kneel down.

“The monsters gone babies. You can come out now, its safe.”

The babies peek their little heads out of their hiding spaces and run over to me when they realize theyre safe. They all cry and chirp with tears running down their faces, i pick them up and hug them close.

“Daddy’s sorry. I left for too long and let a mean fluffy wander in… i wont let it happen again…”

i take them to the beds and set them down hoping they’ll get some rest and put this event behind them. They all curl up into and adorable fluffpile and drift off to sleep.

“And now to deal with her…”

I head back to the living room and i grab the sorry box containing the mare. I leave the house, closing the door behind me this time and i throw the box in my car, much to the mare’s dismay and discomfort.

“Pwease wet fwuffy out of sowwy box! Jus wan hab babbehs bacc! Fwuffy sowwy!”

“You had more than enough chances to go away. All you had to do was stay away and let your babies be taken care of. But NO! you just HAD to sneak in my house and terrorize them! Did you see how they reacted!? They didnt recognize you! Just like i said! And now the only memory of you they’ll ever have is a negative one. I hope your happy…”

The mare cries loudly in the box as i drive. I turn on the radio to drown her out…
Eventually i make it to my destination, Lake Benson. The deepest lake in the area…
I take the sorry box out of the car and i take it to the lake. All the while the mare cries and begs to be let out.

“You wouldn’t stay away, so now i gotta get rid of you permanently. I’d do it the normal way, but i dont want to sully my hands with your filth more so than what ive already done…”

I point the sorry box out towards the lake so the mare can see through the small see hole in the metal box.

“Pretty sight isnt it? I always liked it and thought i’d share. Theres No better final resting place…”

With that said, i toss the sorry box into the lake. It floats for a moment and i can hear the mare screaming and begging for help as the box slowly fills with water and sinks.


The cold water of the lake cuts her off as the box is claimed by it. I can notice a few air bubbles rising but they quickly subside, indicating the mare has drowned.
Without another word i get back in my car and drive home. My babies will be hungry when they wake up, and its spaghetti night…


cute babies, hope they get neutered and spayed. No need for baby crazy fever


May the annoying mare stay dead.

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I dont get why people spend money on brand new toys directed at fluffies. Get used crap at a thrift store