Forever Sketties [Virgil]

>Two fluffies are bought from the local market
>Only needed one, but the little gray male was so upset when his pink friend in the next cage was selected that the cashier sent him along with you
>Kinda awkward. Only got one aquarium for the fluffy you’d expected
>Oh well. Whatever.
>Give each fluffy a ball of string soaked in sugar water.
>Feed them one end. They happily slurp down the strand. Neither knew what sketties were supposed to taste like anyway
>Further and further the single strand goes down into their bellies
>Gulp after gulp, they happily cheer at their good fortune
>Some hours later they poop the end of the string out
>Still numming the sugary string
>Tie one end of the strings back to their beginnings
>Fluffies swallow the knot and barely notice that there’s a flavor other than sugar to the string
>Pick both fluffies up
>Put them in the aquarium
>A couple inches of simple syrup in the bottom of the tank
>Have to be careful not to get the level high enough to drown them
>Little Gray is complaining about being bored from eating so much good sketties
>Pink admonishes him for being so ungrateful
>For days the string loops down into the supersaturated sugar water
>Back into the fluffy
>Back out of the fluffy
>Sugar crystals begin to grow on the string
>brown and red strand of encrustations
>Fluffies don’t have jaws strong enough to break up the crystals, nor a digestive tract strong enough to dissolve them
>The rise in pain in their mouths and anuses is so gradual that the fluffies don’t even notice
>Pink eventually comes to be bored, and later scared of what is happening
>Doesn’t say a word about her concerns to Gray
>Can’t admit that he was right
>Crystal-covered string is definitely still sugary
>Doesn’t taste half as pretty as it looks
>Fourth week rolls around
>Science fair
>The fluffs are carried off to school in a box
>Gray has long since stopped even trying to eat his sugary string
>Pink would be happy just to be able to poop it out
>Demonstration time
>The young fluffs are slowly lifted by the string protruding from their butts
>Spiked string slides easily through the pink fluff
>Gets stuck in the gray
>Bounce him like a yo-yo until he slides too
>Abject horror
>Sugar crystals rip through their intestines, taking pieces with it on it’s way around the circuit
>Cut the string
>Takes three more minutes to be pulled the rest of the way through the fluffs
>Thunderous applause
>Blue ribbon
>Fluffies crawl to each other
>Huggies to make it all better
>Neither wants sketties anymore


A story written because Virga is looking for ideas
Remix, alter, or steal
I give zero fucks fox.


Two words, Virgil, two words:

Fluffy conkers.


I had to look up what “conkers” is.

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Yeah, it’s a very British thing.

Woof, wonder if the ripped-up intestinal lining was enough to eighty sox that foal. Well, enough to remember for the rest of its life, whether that’s short or not.