Get a grip (TG_89)

Might have gotten a little carried away with being experimental (by my standards) here, but it was fun!

I like to imagine that, in this scenario, because fluffies are so fragile and death-prone, Dusknoir just reflexively sucks them up whenever it sees them, dead or otherwise.

How did Dexter escape this situation in order to be A-OK for whatever comes next, you ask?
Well, it certainly wasn’t easy.



Not carried away at all dude. This is awesome and exactly what I meant by bad stuff can happen to Dexter lol.
I like the idea that Dusknoir got confused and assumed Dexter was near death, so it tried to vacuum him up. He got stuck and it caused Dusknoir to spit him out violently in the direction of his next Pokémon adventure.
Also I’ve never see that kind of Pokédex. Neat.
Thank you so much for making this.


Yep, that’s the Rotom Pokédex from Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Basically a Pokédex for a Rotom to inhabit that grants it speech. It acts kinda like a personal companion in those games!


I thought as much.
It had a Navi vibe for sure, but without all the Hey! Listen!


Dusknoir just wants a hug and this is one of my fav ghost type pokemon

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Funny yes. But i wanna see a charizard roast a fluffy or a metacross stomp one flat. Lets get messy

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That would be rad, but not for this project at least. Poor little dude has to survive so he can keep filling his Pokédex.
That’s why there can be abuse, but no killing, maiming, disfiguring, ect.
Hmm…maybe a call for others to do some Pokémon x Abuse stuff to offset that. That way everyone wins.

why does it gives me electro vibes from genshin impact

Of course there is an Angel of Death pokémon :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That they may never tire,
Angels, by God’s decree,
Bear wings of snow and fire,—
Passion and purity;
Save one, all unavailing,
(The Prophet saith),
His wings are gray and trailing,
Azrael, Angel of Death.

Azrael, by Robert Gilbert Welsh

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