Gizzard the Fashion Fluff! [JaqlintheJester]

Ok, I’m a neutralboxer (leaning towards hugboxer) but for some reason I fell in love with this concept? I had to make one XD

This is Gizzard, a Halloween/Thanksgiving/Autumn themed Fashion Fluff! She belongs to a rich young girl who is in love with the Halloween-Core aesthetic? Her parents don’t really get it (They are somewhat old fashioned, and think girls shouldn’t really be into that?) but still try to support her.

To find a “Middle Ground” they bought her Gizzard, and she dotes on her Fluffy. The newest accessories, the best food. The two spend hours playing with their Monster High dolls together.

Fashion Fluff’s are by @The_Agony_Presence and you can learn about them below (Warning, Abuse)
New From Hasbio: Fashion Fluffs! [The_Agony_Presence]



It’s improper to put a question mark at the end of that sentence

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For someone who says “Words should not offend people” you seem pretty upset over one word and a question mark XD


It’s okay because I am a hypocrite


What style does Gizzard like the best/ what’s her usual look?

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Probably just the autumn look is the usual one! Though it’s switched out pretty regularly haha

This is far from all her outfits btw

Cool OC, didn’t think anyone would ever use my idea lol

I love the way you draw the ears

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Sorry for the late reply, thanks for the compliment!

Would you mind if I made a few Fashion Fluff adopts?