Goodbye for now by (that1hugboxer)

I really don’t know how to say this without it sounding stupid so I will just say it

I ran out of stories to tell and despite trying everything to keep them coming it only made the ship sink faster so to speak

Maybe one day I will return it could be a few days

It could be a few months or it could just never happen

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here I’ve laughed I’ve cried and I’ve felt every emotion in between

I haven’t felt this good since my days as a brony

When the stories come to me I will post them

But until they do . This is (that1hugboxer) signing out


You’ve only been here for 22 days and have 85 stories. Or thereabout. That’s at least three stories a day. Maybe try for a quality over quantity approach. You won’t churn through your ideas and have nothing left and people will appreciate the care put into it.




Yeah, first of all, don’t burn yourself out, churning stories out so fast can only end up in burnout. Most well liked writers here spent months, some even years, putting out their stories, and said stories are liked because they’re good not just because they’re posting all the time. Take a break and then, if you want to keep writing, take your time to write something you like and are happy to put effort into.


Hey it’s all good sometimes burnout/ writers block happens. Hang in there and take a rest. :v:


Feel free to lurk. Everyone feels burn out from time to time.


Burnout is a real thing. It happens to a lot of us, and considering your output rate, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
It may take a while before you have stories to tell again, but that’s okay.
We’re still happy to have you around


I did the same thing, got a burst of creativity and burnt out fast. I still try to write but I’ve made a bad habit of posting first chapters and not having the drive to keep going

Take a step back, lurk for a bit, if something inspires you then go for it but don’t force a story you don’t have. It’ll come when it comes


It’s good to take a break now and again, I’ll miss your stories, but you done well so have a nice break.

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Does it really need to be a goodbye? Keep on reading and enjoying!


You’re pretty good. Don’t push to squeeze a dry well and the water table will even out and heal. I’d encourage you to step back. Stick with the community and drop comments now and then. Don’t have to leave just because you aren’t posting all the time.
Seriously dude you put out a crazy amount. You should be proud you have as much as you do.

if you think you'renot doing well enough

You are. Don’t worry about it.


Yeah it’s more goodbye for now as in no more stories until writers block is gone


I think I’ll play through bloodborn to clear my head

Aaaaaaarhhhhhh!!! - Father Gascoigne

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I somehow still had his patterns memorized all these years later. It went a lot smoother than the first time I fought him that’s for sure

You plan on going after the orphan of Kos?

I plan on buying the DLC soon. I believe the farthest I ever got was micolash. I remember hating the shadows of yharnum almost as much as rohm

So I can only imagine how bad the old hunters is going to be :rofl:

You are in for sum hurt that’s for sure. Btw I’m going to shamelessly steal the siren idea and make a post soonish. You mind if I do that?

Feel free to use any of my ideas

Update: I just got to yahar’gul and i still hate it just as much as I did the first time. For the love of Miyazaki please stop hitting me with a bag-o-cadavers I’m already dead!