Granny’s Little Helper: Part 2 (by: Flarey)

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hey y’all. I’m really glad you liked my very first fluffy post, so I’m posting a continuation of it. I still have a bit more to this lovely Saturday, but it’ll be continued in a part three. I did want to give a little more insight on the younger son Jason, the college professor and next time, I’ll try to work John the surgeon into the story. Hope y’all enjoy!

It’s Saturday morning. Evelyn got up at her usual time of 7:30 AM. Blueberry still laid fast asleep in his pet bed that was placed on the foot of Evelyn’s queen sized bed. A small little staircase was next to the bed, in order to make it easier for him to get on and off on his own, since fluffies cannot jump that high to begin with. For now though, Evelyn thought it’ll be best to let him sleep.

She went to use the bathroom, put her dentures in and wash her face. Then she went to the kitchen and made some breakfast. Most days, Blueberry would have skettis flavored kibble for breakfast but on Saturday mornings, Evelyn makes her homemade pancakes that she serves with maple syrup.

Today she’s making some cranberry pancakes with the fresh cranberries her and Blueberry bought from the farmers’ market the day before.

Blueberry was woken up to the scent of fresh pancakes. He stretched himself while yawning and climbed down the little staircase. He realized that he needed to make peepees and poopies and trotted over to the litter box that was in the bathroom so he could make his good peepees and poopies there. Afterwards, he went over to the kitchen.

“Good mownin’ Gwanny! Nummehs smeww su pwetty!!”

“Good morning, sleepyhead! I just finished making some fresh cranberry pancakes!” She picked Blueberry up, placed him in his baby’s high chair, placed on his bib and served him a plate of fluffy sized pancakes topped with cranberry maple syrup and fresh cranberries

“Siwwy Gwanny am no sweepyhed, am Bwuebewweh” he responded with a laugh, which made Evelyn laugh as well at how literal minded he can be.

“Pancake nummehs am for Bwueberreh?”

“Yes dear, eat up, dearie today is a big day!”

“Why today big day?”

“Today, my sons Jason and John are coming over for a visit. It’s been many months since I’ve seen my sons or had anyone visit me really.” She said sadly.

“Why ‘ou babbehs no visit Gwanny? Gwanny bestest Gwanny ebah!”

“It’s alright, Blueberry. They’re both incredibly busy with their jobs and personal lives, I understand they’ve outgrown their mama”

Blueberry failed to understand why they were too busy to visit more, but continued eating his pancakes.

“Bwuebewweh aww done! Can Bwuebewweh have downsies and watch cawtoons pwease?”

“Yes, of course you may, dearie”

Evelyn helped him out of his baby high chair and turned on the TV to the channel where Saturday morning cartoons were playing. She then went to wash the dishes and afterwards sat on the couch next to Blueberry and continued to work on her knitting. Even though her sons were coming later in the afternoon, she had at least an hour and a half of free time before preparing the place for her sons’ visit.


It’s Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm and Jason, relieved that midterms were over and he had his first free day in a while. He still had to grade his students’ work but that can wait till tomorrow, he made plans to visit his mother today, and with her being up in age, he doesn’t know how much longer he has with her. Before stopping by Evelyn’s house, he decided to go to the local fluffmart to pick up a present for her new fluffy.

“Honestly, I don’t see much appeal to these things, but I’m grateful that Mom has one to help keep her company.” He thought to himself as he wandered his aisles, doing his best to tune out the peeps and voices of “Be nyu daddeh?” “Wan sketties”

He stopped at a terrarium display which contained several micro- fluffies. While regular fluffies didn’t appeal much to him, mainly because he didn’t have the time to care for something that demanded as much attention as a toddler, micro fluffies seemed to be a bit on the lower maintenance side. He watched them play about in their enclosure for a few minutes before moving on, settling on a blueberry scented stuffed bear toy, making his way to the checkout lane to pay for his present for Blueberry before leaving the store. Despite being indifferent towards fluffies, Jason hopes that it’ll be well liked by Blueberry. After all, good first impressions matter a lot.


Hope they will have a good meeting and that bear helps :blush: