Habanero breaks the golden rule…. (Part 4 of 5) (By KeyboardSlap)

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The cast:
Midnight - A young Earthy fluffy with sable fur and a purple mane, and dark blue eyes, raised by NARRATOR from birth.
Habanero - A young unicorn filly, orange-red with green mane and tail, polite but naive. Turned out to be a real bitch.
Pickles - An earthy colt, young and full of energy, with green fur and a blonde mane and tail. Dead as fuck, yo
Todd - Abuser who got tiktok/youtube famous for his fluffy torture videos.
Molly - Todd’s wife
Habanero’s family:
Firebolt - Habanero’s bestest baby, a red unicorn girl
Carrots - Habanero’s 2nd favorite, an orange earthy boy
Lemon - One of the yellow twin boys - The earthy
Banana - One of the yellow twin boys - The unicorn
Celery - The earthy girl with the closest resemblance to Pickles
Shamrock - A brownish-green earthy boy
Mahogany - A brown unicorn boy.
Pomegranate’s (Midnight’s mother’s) family:
Pomegranate - A red mare with black mane and tail.
Cody - Pomegranate’s mate. A royal blue Pegasus stallion with purple mane and tail.
Blueberry - The smarty baby/bestest baby boy, blue like his father with dark blue mane and tail.
Elderberry - A red boy with purple mane and tail.
Blackberry - A black pegasus girl with red mane and tail.
Navy - A dark blue pegasus girl with black mane and tail.
Bean - a brown girl with black mane and tail, who died as a foal.
Cocoa - A brown earthy boy who died as a foal.
two more unnamed foals who were stillborn.

One Year Ago

Midnight loved her momma. She loved her fluffy-daddy, and her human-daddy, and all her brothers and sisters so much. Her mane and tail had just started to develop, a brilliant dark color her human-daddy called “purple”. She loved it so much.

She lived in a big pink bed covered in a sheet that blocked out the light, and outside of the bed was a trough of water and kibble for her and her siblings and parents, toys, and plenty of human furniture to explore.

She was old enough now to start exploring the world around her, wandering away from her momma. She had just learned how to make good poopies, she was starting to eat solid food with her teeth, even though she hated it and wanted milk instead. She and her wingy-sister Navy loved to run around the big room together, chasing each other and play-wrestling, and at nights she cuddled up in a pile with Blueberry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Navy, and momma, resting against her fluff.

Sometimes she had this strange feeling in her chest… it made her breath heavy, as if she couldn’t get in any air. Something would stick in her mind. She would remember a name… Bean? Her sister… but she was gone. Nobody told Midnight where Bean had gone and she was scared to ask. Something about even the name made her shudder.

Other times she would get very sad. Whenever her human-daddy wasn’t around, Momma and fluffy-daddy would turn mean. They would tell Midnight and Navy and Blackberry they were all ugly bad fluffies, and that Blueberry was the best. Midnight would try to show her she wasn’t a bad fluffy by dancing just like Elderberry. Her momma loved Elderberry’s dancing and singing. But she would hit Midnight and call her a dummy. She never let Midnight have any milk from her breast, but her human-daddy bottle fed her when she was a baby.

One day she woke up, and stretched. She was the first one awake. Her momma was still asleep, as were Blueberry, Elderberry, and Blackberry, and her fluffy-daddy Cody. But Navy wasn’t in the fluff pile.

She climbed out of the bed, and sniffed the air, and she could smell Navy’s scent, but there was something off about it… something in her scent made Midnight anxious and hesitant to follow… but follow she did. And behind the big structure her human-daddy called a couch, she found Navy. Her eyes were bulged open but she was sleeping.

Midnight screamed. She tried to wake up Navy, but no matter what she did Navy wouldn’t move or breathe. Finally her human-daddy found her.

“No not again!” He shouted, picking Midnight up and bringing her to the nest, telling her to stay there.

Midnight told her family that Navy went forever sleepies, and she cried cuddling her siblings - except Blueberry, who stayed with momma.

That night, Midnight couldn’t sleep. She was so sad and broken-hearted and she missed Navy desperately. She wriggled out from the bottom of the sleeping pile, and wandered out of bed, and followed a distant light to human-daddy’s bedroom. He was sitting at the bright machine he called a “computer”, talking to it.

“yeah the vet says there’s nothing wrong with them, so I don’t know why they keep dying… this is the third one. First was Cocoa, then Bean, now Navy… No, I never took Cocoa or Bean to the vet but I kept Navy’s body, I want them to do an autopsy… yeah… no… You don’t think… No no, I don’t want to think of that… You really think so?”

She didn’t understand what her human-daddy was saying, but the sound of his voice made her feel safe for the first time since she discovered Navy dead.

She stayed with human-daddy for an hour, hiding under the bed so he couldn’t find her, until she began to yawn. Sleepy, she wandered back out of the room… As she turned the corner and reached the couch, she saw her fluffy-daddy.

“Wat dummeh-babbeh doin?” He asked her.

“Midnite had scawdies an’ hoomin-daddeh make bettew”

She walked right by him, and then all of the sudden she was pinned to the ground by his large hoof. She tried to screeeeeee but she couldn’t breathe under his weight. Her back legs were free, so she kicked with all her might, but she could not escape. She felt him shifting his weight, moving so that he was standing over her.

All she could think was ‘Why Daddeh gib sowwy hoofsies? Daddeh nu wub babbeh? Babbeh am wowstes’ bad babbeh? Hab huwties! Nu can bweathe! Nee’ huggies! Nee’ mummah! nee’ Hoomin-Daddeh! Pwease hewp!!!’

She felt the pressure increase on her insides. She could feel her bones creaking against the strain.

And then she heard a loud shout. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Suddenly the pressure was gone. She wheezed, struggling to regain her breath, sobbing. She could only make peeps and chirps.

She looked over, and immediately lost control of her bladder and bowels. Her fluffy-daddy had blood running out of his mouth, and his head was snapped backward against his spine. Midnight “Screeeee’d” and ran under the couch, quivering.

She heard yelling. She couldn’t make out everything but she heard her momma scream “WHY SPECIAW FWEN HAB FOWEVA SWEEPIES?!”

There was more yelling. and just beyond where she was hiding, suddenly Blueberry crashed in front of her. She squealed in terror, watching his bones shatter on impact. One of his ribs had come out through his belly, and he wheezed and chirped and struggled for a moment until human-daddy’s heel crushed him flat. The explosion of blood reached as far as Midnight’s hiding place.




Elderberry’s head plopped down on the floor next, followed by his body.


Blackberry fell hard on his side, breaking both of his legs on his right. She screamed but then she noticed Midnight hiding under the couch.

“Pw…ease… hewp… Bwackbewwy… Su much Huwties… Sabe… fwom… munstah…”

Her momma then slammed into the ground where Blackberry was, screaming the entire time. She could see human-daddy’s hand clamped around her back leg. When he lifted her up, blackberry was crushed and dead. Her momma was slammed against the ground five more times, until she, too, was near-dead and all her bones were broken. He then picked her up by the neck.

Midnight couldn’t see, but she could hear.

“I loved you Pomegranate, but you turned out to be just like HER” human-daddy said, and then there was a snap, and her momma fell dead.

She watched from under the couch as he collapsed against the wall, hanging his head in his hands, and crying. She was scared. Human-daddy was a monster. He killed her whole family. But she had never seen a human cry before. It sounded different from a fluffy. It was so deep-sounding. So unlike when her siblings would cry.

Something about seeing him cry made her yearn to reach out…

She crawled out from under the couch, and walked right up to him.

“Munstah-Daddeh hab saddies? Nee’ huggies?” She asked. Her legs were shaking, and her tail wilted between her back legs like a scared dog.

He looked back at her, wiping his eye and smearing a bit of blood on his cheek. “You think I’m a monster?”

She nodded.

He sighed and reached for her, and she pressed herself against his foot to avoid the hand and said “Midnite gib huggies befowe gu foweva sweepies? Make Munstah-Daddeh Saddies gu 'way?”

“You want to hug me?” She nodded. “Even though you think I’m going to give you ‘forever sleepies’?” She nodded again. “Even after what I did to them?” She nodded more. “Why?”

“Munstah-daddeh hab saddies. Nee’ huggies an’ wub. Eben if munstah.”

He picked her up and held her close to his chest. She found the scent of blood terrifying and revolting, but she tried her best to not express those thoughts. After a few minutes, she whispered “Midnite nu wan gu foweva sweepies… Wan stay with munstah…”

“Ok Midnight… you can stay with monster-daddy…”

“… Nu smeww pwetty… an’ hungwy… can Midnite hab cweanies an’ sketties?”

“Sure girl.”

Present day

Midnight and Habanero were not too bothered by Pickles’ absence. They were focused on taking care of the babies. It was the middle of the night, a couple of days after Pickles’ untimely demise. I decided to open the closet door quietly without waking Habanero in the nest or Midnight on my bed to check on things.

The foals had developed their base colors more, even if their eyes had not yet opened. The red unicorn, the orange earthy, the lighter green earthy, and the yellow twins slept buried in their mother’s fluff, but she kept the other two foals in a pile at the edge of the nest. They were shivering, so I quietly moved them to Habanero’s fluff.

I decided to play a little prank, to hopefully teach her not to separate her babies. I took the five she clearly loved most, and I brought them to the bed, nestling then against Midnight’s fluff.

Habanero woke first - her biological senses woke her up every few hours to feed her foals. I had an alarm set but her biological clock was clearly running on a different time.

She “Screeeeeeee’d” so loud it woke Midnight and I up. Midnight was shocked to find the babies burrowed in her fluff, but as they chirped and peeped, she dutifully stayed nearby.


I opened the closet door and picked her up by the scruff. “They’re right there!”


I carry her with me to the bathtub. “Midnight didn’t move your babies, I did!”

“You wouldn’t let your brown or green babies sleep with you, so I moved them to teach you a lesson!” I dropped her in the tub. “You have lost momma privileges! You are going to stay here by yourself until you stop being a bad fluffy, and when you start to behave you can be with your babies again.”


Even with the bathroom door, and my bedroom door both closed, I could hear Habanero’s tantrum continue. I gave Midnight the vest, and brought her to the nest and had her feed all the babies, and left them in her care.

A little fun fact about fluffy biology that I wasn’t hyper aware of before, lactation is triggered both by the physical process of birth, but also by the pheromones foals produce and the sounds of their cries. Despite never having foals of her own, Midnight was experiencing growth in her breasts - she would probably begin lactating on her own, though since she didn’t give birth herself she likely wouldn’t produce more than a couple of ounces naturally.

Habanero kept screaming for hours until her voice became sore. She stomped and thrashed against the tub until she made her hooves bleed. And she tired herself out fighting to escape until she collapsed into incoherent sobs.

Whenever I stopped in the bathroom for a pee, I made a point of beating her silly with the sorry-stick, reminding her she was a bad momma.

Finally, at bed time, came to see her. I sat at the edge of the tub.

“Daddeh pwease gib babbehs and nummies? Mummah nee’ nummies fow make bestes’ miwkies fow bestes’ babbehs… habanewo su hungwy, hab wowstes’ tummeh owwies… hab heawt huwties tu… nee’ babbehs pwease… Habanewo nu know wat do wwong but su sowwy nebew do it again.”

“You made your babies sleep separately from you. You threatened Midnight. You were a very bad momma, so you didn’t get to be a momma today. If you want to be a momma again and see your babies, then you need to apologize, and you need to treat all your babies the same. They are all bestest babies, all of them, even the brown one and the brownish-green one.”

“Okay Daddeh, mummah gib wub an’ huggies tu aww mah babbehs… can Habanewo see babbehs now?”

“Yes, but Midnight has already fed them. Apologize to her when you see her or you’ll sleep on the balcony tonight.”

“Habanewo pwomises!”

I washed her fur from the waste she made in the tub, bandaged her injured hooves, fed her, and brought her back to her nest. To her credit, she cooed and cuddled and talked to all of her babies, singing to them, even the brown one. And that night when I checked on her nest, all seven foals were asleep in her fluff.

She was a bit better about caring for all her babies after that… though I noticed she would always glare at Midnight during feedings, and she would always trying to snatch up the red and orange foals for feeding first so Midnight couldn’t feed them.

At 9 days old, some of the foals began to open their eyes, and by 10 days, all of their eyes had opened and a couple were trying to stand on their own.

With all the foals having open eyes, I decided to named them. Habanero brought them to me one by one for their new names.

The red unicorn girl I named Firebolt.

The orange earthy boy I named Carrots.

The yellow unicorn boy I named Banana.

The yellow earthy boy I named Lemon.

The lighter green girl I named Celery.

The brownish-green boy I named Shamrock.

And the brown unicorn boy I named Mahogany.

With their eyes open, Habanero transferred them to her back and carried them around the apartment, showing them the place. She would only take the five brightly-colored foals, but Midnight took Shamrock and Mahogany.

Later on, while making dinner, I noticed Habanero in the living room with a sour look on her face. Midnight beat her to feeding Firebolt and Carrots, then Celery and Shamrock, so she had to feed Mahogany herself after the twins.

While feeding him, she kept poking at his horn, and every time he would whine and chirp. Despite that she did successfully feed him.

I only gave sketties once a month, and this was that day. Whilst Habanero eagerly abandoned her litter to stuff her face, Midnight carried the foals over by the food bowl first, not wanting to leave them alone - though she could only take four on her back so she made two trips. I hadn’t yet taken the vest off either, so I could see her struggling with the weight, but she didn’t complain for a second.

In a rather amusing twist of fate, it seemed Firebolt, Habanero’s favorite, was actually quite attached to Midnight, clinging to her fluff as she ate, while most of the other babies crawled over to their Momma.

Of course, the second she was done eating, Habanero walked over and picked Firebolt up and took her from Midnight, and Firebolt whined in distress the entire time.

Later on, while gaming, I heard one of the foals scream. I rushed to the nest with midnight - who was just finishing using the litterbox - and I threw open the door.

Mahogany had a trickle of blood coming from his head, and his horn had been snapped off.

“WHAT. HAPPENED.” I shouted.

“Babbehs wewe pwaying an’ Shamwock gib Mahogny wowstes’ stompies! Shamwock is bad babbeh! Mummah gib sowwy hoofsies nao!” I picked her up by the tail and I picked up Mahogany.

“Midnight, watch the babies!”

As I walked to the bathroom Habanero Screeeeee’d and whined “Bad upsies! Nu!! Wet Habanewo gu back tu babbehs!”

I dropped her in the tub and started the water on the coldest setting, letting the tub slowly fill with cold water while I checked out Mahogany, and ignored Habanero’s screams.

He was ok, there was a small tear at the base of his horn, but it was already starting to scab over. The remaining base of the horn looked like it had been chewed on and ripped off. I brought him back to Midnight, who licked his wounds and tearfully cuddled him.

I came back to Habanero. The water was already at her belly, and I turned it off.

“Pwease daddeh wet mummah gu back tu babb-” I shoved her face under the water for 30 seconds, before I let her up. She immediately vomited and crapped herself.

“Wai… Daddeh… Gib… Huwties??” She said between gasps for air.

“You are a BAD MOMMA. You let your baby get hurt! He’s disfigured for LIFE because of your stupidity!”

“NUUUUU!” She cried. “Nu am bad mummah, babbeh nu nee’ pointy pwace!”

“Good mommas don’t let their babies get hurt! If he’s disfigured for life, why shouldn’t you be?”

I took the sorry stick and I jabbed her in the left eye with it, and then I beat her senseless. would beat her down into the water and beat her as she came up for air. I beat her her until the stick was actually breaking the skin, and then I beat her a little more. By the time I was done all she could do was sob. I opened the tub drain to drain all the water tainted by filth, and I ran the shower on the coldest setting to rain down clean water on her wounds. Her left eye was bloodshot and seemed to no longer look in the same direction as her right… and as the skin around the eye swelled from the beating, it was completely sealed away for a while.

I grabbed some disinfecting alcohol, and poured it into her wounds. She screamed and struggled with renewed vigor from the effects of the “BUWNIE WAWAS!!!” desperate for the agony to come to an end.

I turned the water off and left her like that all night long.

In the morning, when I checked on her, she was still sobbing. “Daddeh? Pwease Habanewo am su sowwy… pwease gib nummies? Pwease wet see babbehs? fix see-pwace?”

The beating or jabbing her eye must have detached her retina. She was completely blind in her left eye now. I looked at the sorry stick - I had actually bent it beating her.

“Your eye will heal on it’s own if you’re a good fluffy. but if you keep being bad, you will lose the right eye too. That’s what happens the next time you let one of your babies get hurt. And remember my promise to you. If any of them die, I’ll kill you and all of them.”

I brought Habanero back to the room after cleaning her up.

Her left eye drifted creepily in random directions, disconnected from the movement of her right. When she walked into the room and saw all her babies with Midnight, she called to them.

“Babbehs come tu mummeh!”

But when they saw her eye some of them became distressed and clung to Midnight out of fear. Only Carrots and the twins Banana and Lemon came to her. Celery started toward her but took one look at her eye and started crying and rushing back to Midnight.

“Babbehs! Why nu come tu mummah! MIDNITE GIB BABBEHS BACK!”

“Midnite nu take babbehs! Midnite pwotec’ babbehs 'cause Habanewo was BAD FWUFFY!”

Habanero stomped her hoof and postured aggressively, but then she looked over her shoulder at me, and instantly lost all her courage. She sat back and cried pathetically. “Pwease wet Habanewo see babbehs… Habanewo hab saddies… su many owwies… Nee’ huggies fwom babbehs…”

Midnight looked conflicted, but she slowly carried the foals in her mouth to Habanero, one by one, except Mahogany, whom she kept on her back. Shamrock and Firebolt kept trying to crawl away to Midnight, but Habanero would bring them back… Getting frustrated, She dragged Firebolt back roughly, and I barked “HABANERO!”

She finally relented, and watched, with a tense scowl, as her bestest baby fled her care to cuddle with Midnight.

Over the next couple of days, the foals slowly began to talk. The “tawkie babbehs” as Midnight and Habanero called them were a source of delight at first, but Habanero had to keep correcting them as they kept calling Midnight “Mummah”.

I had just begun to take a break from work. I let out a big stretch, and noticed Habanero carrying the five colorful babies - Celery in her mouth, the rest on her back - up the stairs to the bed. Midnight anxiously followed with Shamrock and Mahogany.

“Be careful,” I warned. “The bed is pretty high up.”

Habanero ignored my warning even as the foals explored the best, but Midnight heeded it, patrolling the edge and nudging the babies away from it.

Finally, Midnight grew too anxious and said “Midnite bwing babbehs back tu nesties, tu high hewe.”

Habanero however finally lost it. “Nu take babbehs! Babbehs stay wit mummah on soft bedsies! Babbehs wan wun an pway on soft fwoor!”

“It’s safer on the floor for them, they’re too little Habanero.”

“Come Babbehs wets go,” Midnight said to them, ignoring Habanero.

“Oki Mummah” both Firebolt and Shamrock said.

Habanero flew into a rage. “DAT NU YUW MUMMEH! HABANEWO IS MUMMEH!”

“Mah’ogny wub mummah!” Mahogany said to Habanero, not helping matters.

“MIDNITE NU STEAW BESTES’ BABBEH! TAKE DUMMEH POOPEH NU-MOWE-POINTY-PWACE BAD BABBEH!” And Habanero burrowed her snout beneath Mahogany and flung him.

I jumped from my chair but I was too far to reach. Midnight was faster though, she reared up and caught him with her hooves… but then…

“Dummeh Babbeh-steawew… GU FOWEVA SWEEPIES!”

Habanero threw her body against Midnight, knocking her and Mahogany off the bed… Mahogany landed first, and Midnight could not stop herself from landing on top of him, killing him instantly and breaking her leg.


“Midnight!” I rushed to her side, I picked her up, and I set her on the bed on her side, keeping pressure off her broken leg.

“You!” I called to Habanero.

“Eep! Nuu! Nu huwties! Screee!!!” She ran from me as I reached for her.

“No Habanero STOP!”


She trampled Shamrock as she fleed, snapping his neck and shitting all over him.

I finally got a hold of her. I yanked her by her scruff and I stormed out with her, as she “Screeeee’d” so loudly the neighbors could hear. I was so angry I couldn’t sit idle, even for a second. I took the stairs - 8 floors down - and I took Habanero to the grassy ditch beneath my balcony.

“Pwease gib babbehs back tu- SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I twisted and snapped her first leg.

“Why Daddeh gib huwties! Am gud fwuff- Nu NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SCREEEEEEEEEE!” I broke her second leg beyond repair.

She was breathing heavily now and sobbing. “Pwease nu mowe huwties! Habanewo sowwy pwease nebew do it again!!! Pwease Nu mowe NU MOWE NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” Her third leg was twisted and mangled so bad the bone pierced her skin from inside.

“Hab wowstes’ huwties… Nu… SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Finally, all her legs were disabled.

I dropped her on the ground and I kicked her in the face, breaking her nose.

“You don’t live here anymore. Now go.”

“Gib… Babbehs… Tu… Mummah…”

“As you wish.”

I walked back to the apartment. I picked up Shamrock and Mahogany’s bodies, and I took them to the balcony, and dropped them over, making sure they landed in her field of view below. Then I sighed. I returned to the room.

I reached for the foals who were all whimpering and screaming “Wan mummah!”

“Pwease Daddeh…” Midnight called, tears staining her fur. “Habanewo is wowstes’ fwuffy an’ desewbe foweva sweepies… bu’ babbehs is gud babbehs… Maybe Daddeh nu huwt wittwe talkie babbehs? Pwease?”

“Alright. Who wants to stay with Midnight? And who wants Momma?”

One by one the foals kept screaming for their “Mummeh” except one… Firebolt. She crawled away from her siblings, chirping and whining, and cuddled into Midnight. Midnight cooed to her, then she looked at me with sad eyes. And she nodded.

I picked up the other babies, and carried them to the balcony, ignoring the screams of “BAD UPSIES!” First was Celery. I tossed her over. I knew she was dead when Habanero let out a satisfying “NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU DANCIE BABBEH!”

Next was Lemon.

Then Banana.

I didn’t throw Carrots. I went to my toolbox, I got a hammer and nail, and I walked him down the stairs to her.

“Why Munstah gib babbehs foweva sweepies… huuhuuuhuu”

“You still have one,” I said, showing her Carrots. I then placed him on her back, lined up the nail, and smacked it.

The nail sunk easier than I thought it would, and the hammer ended up smashing his spine, killing him instantly. But Habanero didn’t know that, she kept calling “Cawwots! Babbeh! Why nu tawkies!! huuhuu Cawwots! Why huwt mummah?”

“He’ll be hungry soon. best of luck.”

“Whewe bestes’ babbeh fiwebowt?” she asked.

I turned to face her. “Oh, him? Midnight was so mad at you for shoving her… she ate him.”


I walked away from her, and I never looked back. Unable to walk, all she could do was scream and cry and beg for help… but help never came. In the night, raccoons came and stole the bodies of the other babies, save for the one nailed to her spine. Carrots’ rotting body passed an infection into her bloodstream that further paralyzed her spine… in the end, I don’t know whether it was the infection, starvation, or whether she just gave up… but she died in that ditch days later.

So that’s it for the abuse! The next part is just the epilogue, it’s optional and it’s going to be kinda hugbox so if the abuse was all you were here for, you can skip it and you won’t miss anything too exciting. I hope you guys liked the story! For those who do stick around for the epilogue, I’ll share a few details about my next story.

This is part 4, posted 2024-05-13. The epilogue should come out tomorrow


I will never tire of bitch mares getting abused…


This whole story has been such a delightful read! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! :sparkling_heart:


Interesting how Habanero’s bestest baby Firebolt bonded with Midnight over her actual birth mother. Maybe she knew something wrong with birth mom over nurse mare.



good stuff.


I love broken people and fluffies, kinda like @FwuffySadist666 's Skarlet. Not necessarily bad or evil people, but people who have been hurt in the past and pass it onto the fluffies. Probably makes sense considering i dont think anyone enjoys fluffy content without being a little broken.

Also, i retract my previous statement. Pickles woukd have absolutely been like Cody and he deserved everything he got.


In real life, babies can experience nipple confusion if you switch between breast and bottle, and they may begin rejecting one over the other, so in my headcanon having Midnight help with feedings caused nipple confusion, which caused some of the foals to identify her scent as “mom” while others identified Habanero as “mom”. In my mind, a chirpy baby isn’t going to be developed enough to sniff out who’s mom and who isn’t. They’re just gonna cry and whine until something shoves a nipple in their mouth. When their eyes open and they see who’s nipple they’ve been sucking, that’s the smell they’ll imprint on as their designated parent. On the parental end, they can identify their babies by smell alone.

There’s probably lots of abuse potential there for someone like Todd who knows a lot about Fluffy pheromones.

Idk if any of that made sense or I’m just dumb lol


Narrator should probably seek therapy, just sayin’. Not that I’m upset about what happened to Habanero, or Pomegranate and Cody (I think those were the names). Hopefully, Firebolt grows up to be a good friend to Midnight.

Great work. I’ve really enjoyed this series so far. Looking forward to the epilogue!

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No, it make sense to me. The only thing confusing is that the story seem to implied Habanero fed Firebolt majority of the time so I’m assumed she would imprint of her birth parent. Granted Firebolt could have opened her eyes when feeding on Midnight and thus considered her mommy, but I’m getting ahead of myself.


It’s always relaxing seeing shitty fluffies get what they fucking deserve but man I think we all know who deserve a good gift and a hug … And of course I’m talking about the Narrator.

Good honest to God 10/10 Hood classic story my dude.


n this chapter I arose a concern from the narrator, if the sufferer has family problems or a painful past, the worst thing you can do is have a bio toy as your emotional support, I know that each canon is different but we must always remember they are " toys", I would appreciate it if you reveal the narrator’s past to us in the future, thanks for the chapter


So satisfying when a bad parent who is a bitchmare die. In the end he should have kept only midnight and not have buyed other fluffies.


They got Firebolt out of the deal.


i wonder how the BMSer would have felt if he told her that her bestest got to live because he wanted poopy midnight to be his new mumma