Has anyone done anything with fluffy organ trafficiking?

I haven’t seen that being done yet unless it was on the booru and isn’t archived.
I have an idea for an abuser oc that’s a doctor working as a fluffy organ trafficker/donor and I’d like it to be original.



Fluffy organs for humans or fluffies? Cuz the idea of fluffies being able to swap out organs and limbs fairly easily isn’t too uncommon a trope. I can’t think of an example of it being used explicitly for abuse purposes. Usually it’s simply a “service” that ends up as industrial sadbox.

Though who cares about originality. You do awesome stuff, Moon. I’d LOVE to see your take on this idea :star_struck:


Your comic was what I immediately thought of when thinking of this.
As for what kind of organ trafficking–human or fluffy–I guess both? I haven’t expanded on the idea outside of this being a focus the fluffy blaxk market. I imagine shit from designer and breeder fluffs make sick bank, though. This…person can specifically raise foals and keep mummahs and stallions around to be foal fodder to sell more organs.

Another idea ive been throwing around is having Mystic be kidnapped and held for ransom. The others…her mom and sibs…aren’t of much interest. Well, except Missy. She’s got amazing colors being pretty close to a Celestia fluff. She’s an earthie tho and in my world even the MLP earthies don’t make anything above 600-700 dollars. Now what they plan on doing with Mystic after kidnapping her idk. And the people holding her hostage will just be killed since Daddy has some connections that will get her set free. She’s a white alicorn with big wings. He can’t risk losing a living cash cow like her!

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Well I know in “The Farm” by Wolfram, one of the fluffies “donates” it’s legs to a pillow. And I got the idea of a “spare parts” closet from a story I read on the booru.

But I haven’t seen the idea really fleshed out, usually just a part of a story rather than the central tenet. I say do it!

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I remember seeing a comic on reddit featuring a similar story, but it’s legal organ donation and I’m pretty sure it’s…brain transplant? All the fluffies there are donors but they of course don’t know this until it’s too late. It’s fucked up, but great. If you can find the comic, give it a read.

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I’ve done something similar with the Spare Parts Saga, but we all want to see more.

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