Henrietta and Angelica: Spare Parts (By OtherOtherCoraline)


Realized I created this a while ago, but I was banned from the booru so could never share it.

Hope you guys like Angelica’s ending! :slight_smile:

Still need to finish up Henrietta’s tale. It won’t be happy. A happy ending in a fluffy comic is merely a delayed true sad ending. >:)


Why did you get banned from the Booru? I can think of no reason for that at all. And congratulations on finishing the Angelica arc, it’s a hell of an achievement and I love the idea of detachable limbs. Looking forward to the inevitable happy(?) ending for Henrietta! >:-]


A lot of people seemed to get banned from the old booru for no reasons or petty reasons to begin with. Maybe those mods were having a bad day, and took it out on the contributors? Who knows?


Hey I got banned from the booru too! I’m shocked they banned an actual well liked artist though. I assumed they just banned people who only commented and never posted any content…


Thanks! WetFluff gave a bogus reason for the ban. But honestly, I was kinda being an ass in comment sections. Especially when it came to hellgremlins and baby rapists. I feel like he wasn’t 100% in the wrong. Just wish he would’ve been upfront and said “stop being an ass or I’ll ban you”.


If it’s any consolation, now that there’s no more Booru he can’t ban anyone else!


Oh hey, what up fellow banned-from-the-booru buddy! In my case, they got mad that I’m openly queer and apparently that’s asking for trouble… I write about fluffies, lol. shrug


Fwuffy wike youw funny wowds magic mistah!

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The spare parts room is genius!


any news on when we’ll see Henrietta’s fate?

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True misfortune is being below a pooping fluffy with no way of moving. Yeah this is a cruel fate without the dignity of an umbrella.
How could anyone get banned on there?
I know I pushed it a little with Wetfluff but bloody hell and your stuff is unique and good too


Depends. Are you expecting her to have a happy ending, bittersweet ending, or downright awful ending?

Cuz I’ve got an awful ending in mind that I feel fits my headcanon, but people have been dumping on me lately for being “too sadbox”. And I can’t think of any happy or bittersweet endings that feel thematically appropriate or rewarding. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But thank you for asking! It actually means a lot to me that someone would necro a month old post to ask if I was gonna continue it’s story. I feel loved! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Eh, I don’t hold it against him. I wasn’t an angel, and it was obvious he was going through stuff since he firebombed the entire booru to ashes. I assume I was just caught in the cross-fire rather than it being anything personal.


She deserved it😁

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Heh, bish =w=

They’re all useful for something.