Headcannon and questions - Hug boxxeer 04

Ok so this will be my current idea of how things work in the fluffy world and feedback on how correct or incorrect it is + asking general questions

  1. what’s more followed or “cannon” when it comes to the timeline?
    starts in 2012 like the IRL fandom
    Starts in 2060-ish so hasbro can become hasbio and ect?

  2. What the HECK happened in Cleveland? something to do with mega herds ??

  3. I know America and Canada are well-documented with fluffy stuff but I guess Europe is free-er for molding, story-wise?

  4. How big are fluffies from comics and theater of the mind my guess is normal fluffies are born the size of mice and grow to be the size of smallish dogs (bichon frise) for how fluffy they look.
    and micro fluffs are born the size of jelly beans and adults are the size of mice, regular fluffy fouls

  5. Canon characters? what I mean is are their figureheads of say people at Hasbio or Peta with names and titles, or would I have free rein to add my own?

  6. Fluffy life cycle? how long is it normally for a fluffy to reach adulthood? I know a lot of these are up to the author but I just want to match the widest-believed stuff (for most things mean)
    So I’ve seen a month between birth and wanting fouls of their own to others saying 6-7 months for that and the same from dying of old age, from 10 years to alot less.

7 Fluffies pregnancy? dose it last 2 weeks or a month?? either way it I know they just need a few days max to start the process again

  1. How I run a Fluff Mart when it comes to dividing. My idea was a close to the ground pen for the adults, divided by sex of corse, and for very young fouls to stay with the Mothers until they are about to eat kibble. thats what i think is normal but MY head cannon idea to build off this-

when they can have solid kibble THEN they are put into 1 of 3 pens that are raised off the ground like you would see with a module train set. Earthies, pegasi and unicorns are sectioned off into their own alis with their own food and “care guide” when they become adults they are placed with the respective adult pen.
also have a “bargin” pen for bad colour/ rejected fouls at a slightly cheaper price. all pens have signs on them like the zoo with info on each fluffy-.

9- headcannon suggestion.
in-universe it might be for just marketing or all true depending on what you all think
Earthies have have the demsest bones and highest musclemass of all the types, A higher strenght/durabilty stat in games terms and are mosly likely to be toughys

unicorns are the smartest of the bunch and with training can learn to read, why any Fluddy can be a smarty the unicorn can do my best due to a sighly higher intelligence

pegasus are fast and nimble can reach the highest speeds and be the best for shows, this is due to their lighter/hollow bones.

Alicorns are far rare, I see I think too many stories that have alicorns so it feels less special and just more “uncommon”. so I would raise the odds to a 1/100,000 chance on average. more or less depending on the parents.

10- I will update this with more questions if thats ok, I’ve been thinking about it at work and wonder what you all think

Most of these come down to headcanon, think of Fluffies like a multiverse where every writer follows similar structures but not all 100% copies.

What is the timeline for Fluffies breaking into the wild? Up to you.

Did Fluffies break out at all or are they just a fad gone out of control? It’s your world, you decide.

This goes on for life cycles, temperments, pregnancy cycles (although most folks will have a short gestation to account for why there’s always more despite the frequent deaths), read a few stories, get a feel for what works in your universe and mold it accordingly. If you want pregnancy to last two days or two month, feel free to do so.

Your grasp of different types seems to fit most headcanon, Earthies are sturdy, Pegasi are quick, Unicorns are smarter and more prone to Smarty Syndrome, Alicorns are rare and how rare depends on you. Again none of these are stone cold rules, you can bend them as you like, so long as they’re still recognisably Fluffy.


To answer the Cleveland Question, a multitude of writers from the Booru days did a joint piece about an invasion of Fluffies to Sketti-Land in Cleveland, the resulting invasion caused a chain reaction that lead to the destruction of the city.

It can all be found HERE if you want to look at it yourself.

If you want to include Cleveland in your universe or not is up to you, it’s a fun little piece of history but not essential to every story.


The answer to most of your questions is to read/take in content, and then come to your own conclusion about the kind of fluffy stories/art you are going to make.


There is no actual correct or incorrect it’s all down to YOU and what YOU want to make. You can make the most dogshit OC donut steels that piss in the face of hive/head cannon and if you make it work well enough you’ll get fans. Everything you posted is purely up to you there are no hard answers to ANY of these questions, you can follow the cannon if you want but nobody is gonna force you beyond the most fundamentally basic things about the fluffies themselves and even that is very loose. All this post is gonna do is have a bunch of dudes tell you what goes on in their stories (or lack thereof) like it is the which may not apply to yours. Asking others is good but for stuff like this it’s better to make your own version of the world taking inspiration not ask for other’s opinions to create some patchwork monstrosity that would put a cooperate Iseki WN to shame with it’s lack of originality. I know it’s hard, world building doesn’t come easy for everyone but any writer should learn how to do it regardless because at the end of the day it may be derivitive shite but at least it’s YOUR derivative shite