Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

“Coo, wub speciaw-fwiend.”

“Wub speciaw-fwiend, wub tummeh-babbehs.”

It was a bright and beautiful day in this part of the country, the summer sun warmed the air whilst a gentle breeze kept things cool and relaxed. And in a little hovel within the forest, happily cooing to each other as they lay beside the small pond in the middle of their home, were a loving Fluffy couple.

The stallion was Benedict, a navy blue Pegasus with a combination black and red striped mane, and missing the tip of his right ear from an accident when he was younger. The mare was Bluebell, a Unicorn who’s Fluff gradated from white on top to violet at the bottom, she was also very pregnant, about to enter her third trimester and mere days away from becoming completely immobile.

It was the pair’s first litter, and both of them were overjoyed to be parents, Bluebell would spend her days gathering soft leaves and tufts of grass to make a soft nest inside their dirt covered home while Benedict would forage for berries and fruits to make sure Bluebell kept happy and healthy. Then at night, the couple would cuddle together and slowly fall asleep whilst singing to their unborn young.

It was a paradise, and like any paradise, it had others wanting a piece of it.

Bluebell reluctantly pulled away from Benedict and waddled over to the pond for a drink, she was very slow in her late stage of pregnancy, her hoofs just barely touching the ground. And with every laboured step, Benedict hovered behind her, terrified something was going to happen.

“Be cawefuh speciaw-fwiend, tummeh-babbehs am vewy dewicat.”

Bluebell giggled. “No wowwies speciaw-fwiend, soon-mummah am vewy cawefuh, nu wet aneefing happen to tummeh-babbehs.”

The couple nuzzled each other softly before Bluebell turned back to the pond for her drink, it wasn’t the cleanest water, but it was cool and it was refreshing and that’s all her dry throat could ask for.

As she lapped up the water, Bluebell saw the reflection of a shape appear across the water, at first she thought it was Benedict, but the more she looked at the reflection the more she was able to make out the larger size and different colours of the creature on the other side of the pond. She looked up and saw two stallions that had barged their way into their home, both of them were hulking brutes of Fluffies, big and broad with near identical ugly grins on their faces. One of the them was an ugly piss yellow colour, where the other was a drab, dank green colour with a brown mane.

Bluebell could tell just by looking at them, these were not nice Fluffies.

Benedict spotted the intruders as well, he stepped forward, making sure to get between the stallions and Bluebell.

“Hewwo? Wha duin hewe?”

The yellow bastard smirked at him. “Hewwo dewe, Woawke an bwudda Bouwdah wewe jus wookin wound da twee pwace wen find yuw homesie. It am vewy nice homesie, am it jus yu hewe?”

Benedict nodded. “Jus Benadik an special-fwiend, she am soon-mummah, hab babbehs soon.”

“Woawke see dat. Yu hab nice homesie tu keep babbehs safe.”

Bluebell looked behind Roarke where she inadvertently caught the gaze of Boulder, the green giant licked his lips at the sight of her, causing her to shiver.

Benedict took a deep breath, trying to steel himself for the inevitable conflict. “Speciaw-fwiend need gu west su tummeh-babbehs can gwow big an stwong, an Benadik need gu wook fow mowe nummies. Woawke an bwudda need gu nyo.”

Roarke chuckled at the insinuation that he was leaving. “Nu, Woawke nu fink he an bwudda weave. Dummeh Benadik nu undastan, dis am WEAWWY nice homesie. Woawke fink wan it mowe dan yu.”

With his heart pounding in his chest, Benedict tried to puff out his cheeks to threaten the intruders. “Dummehs gu way nyo, ow…ow… ow Benadik gib yu wowstesh huwties.”

Roarke and Boulder burst out laughing, either of them could’ve easily taken him in a fight, together it almost felt unfair.

“Yu nu undastan dummeh. Woawke nu am askin.”

From behind him, Boulder leaned in to whispered loudly into his brothers ear. “Woawke, wha bout mawe? Cwowey say tu bwing anee mawe Fwuffies find tu hewd.”

Roarke looked over at Bluebell, and the look in his eyes chilled her to the bone.

“Cwowey nu need knyo bout dis mawe.”


Benedict turned and sprinted away, headed for the bushes that he’d worked out the best route to push through. Bluebell turned to follow, but her bloated body could only hobble along at half a pace, and the two monsters were faster than her.

She wasn’t even close to the bushes when Boulder smacked her in the side, knocking her over and rendering her immobile. She fruitlessly flailed her legs as Roarke pressed a hoof to her exposed stomach, not enough to damage her, but enough to keep her in place.


There was a soft rustling in the bushes, and after a moment Benedict returned, appearing at the edge of the bushes but coming no closer than that. He had snot marks across his weeping face and the faint smell of piss leaking out between his legs.

Roarke sneered at the pathetic sight. “Yu tawkie a wot befowe, yu nu tawkies nyo? Wha wong Big Fwuffy, yu nu wan sabe pwesush speciaw-fwiend?”

Boulder chuckled. “Fwuffies make yu deaw Big Fwuffy, yu come out, twy gib sowwy-hoofies tu Bwudda, an Fwuffies pwomise nu gib tummeh-babbehs foweba sweepies. Fwuffies take mawe bak tu hewd, she hab babbehs dat be tuffies an mummahs fow fwiends. Bu yu nu come out, Fwuffies gun gib ebewy tummeh babbeh da wowstesh foweba sweepies.”

Bluebell locked eyes with Benedict, silently pleading for her friend, her beloved, to step forward and save her, save their family. To brave certain death in the hopes that their children could survive, even in hell they would still live.

And Benedict looked at her, and without barely any hesitation, he turned and ran.

“Huuu, tuu scawy, nu wike.”

With a watery shit leaking out of his terrified colon, Benedict disappeared into the thicket of the bushes and was swiftly gone from sight.

Bluebell felt her heart break, too stunned, too shocked to say anything, all she could feel was her breath quickening at the utter betrayal taken against her. She was half conscious when Roarke kicked her back onto her front and positioned himself behind her.

“Dat am bad speciaw-fwiend, weaving yu wike dis. Nu wowwies, Woawke an bwudda nu weaving yu jus yet.”

A pain shot through her and Bluebell was snapped back to reality, screaming for the first but not the last time that day.

Bluebell didn’t know how many days it had been. Enough that through the near constant assaults she had gotten pregnant again, then lost the new litter when Boulder pummelled her stomach with hoofs just for a laugh.

Her body was too bruised and broken to move, several ribs had been fractured, her back right leg broken to the point of the bone almost breaking the skin, her special-place was blackened with bruises and had been bleeding for at least a day now, clumps of Fluff had been ripped out of her back, her left ear was bitten in half, her right eye had been battered so badly she couldn’t see out of it anymore, and a number of teeth had been knocked out of her mouth.

And that was only the physical, emotionally she was hovering along the Wan-Die line, her inability to move had meant she was forced to stare at the smashed and torn corpses of her babbehs, senselessly ripped out of her before they were ready. Roarke had taken great pleasure in making her watch Boulder stomp on them all until they were paste before forcing himself on her again.

She was also starving, the only food she’d had in all that time was small mounds of dirt and the only fluids she’d had to drink were… not worth mentioning. All in all she should be dead, but something was keeping her alive, something inside her didn’t want her to die just yet.

Of course, you couldn’t tell that by looking at her from the outside, as Roarke and Boulder decided when they’d finally had enough of her.

“Need gu bak, Cwowey be wowwied bout Fwuffies.”

“Wha du bout mawe?” Boulder asked.”

Roarke shrugged. “Nu matta, she nu hab nummies in wong time, she gu foweba sweepies soon. Nu Fwuffies pwobwem.”

Leaving her to her fate, the monstrous brothers left the hovel home and returned to their hellish herd like nothing had happened.

Bluebell lay there for several more hours, partly because she couldn’t move, partly because she was scared the brother were toying with her and would return to torture her some more. When desperation took over from fear, she painstakingly inched herself forward, trying to find some food.

But there was none, the brothers had scoffed what little food Benedict had gathered into their home and the grass outside was too far away for the dying mare, she would use up all of her limited energy long before she reached the outside. But then she saw it, and despite her best efforts, she couldn’t rid the thoughts from her head.

The thoughts of cannibalising her dead foals.

There was six of them in total, a good sized litter for a first time mother, all of them were mostly formed with just some additional fluff and definition to go before they were ready to be born. In the red goop of crushed innards, it was hard to tell where one foal began and another ended, but there was still a decent amount of goop with small pieces of heads and chests and waists still holding together.

Bluebell wanted to be disgusted with herself, wanted to die rather than entertain some a horrific idea, but something was burning inside of her, something that forced her to keep going. And so, with disgust and sadness, she painfully shuffled her way forward, dragging her battered and blooded body towards the resting place of her first litter.

The mere inches of travel nearly killed her, but she made it, being this close she could know smell the rot that was starting to set in, making this disgusting task even more horrible, but she had no other option. With a heavy heart she pawed at the first chunk of foal she could reach, the upper half of a colt – at least it looked like a colt to her – his face a contented rest, unaware of the horrors of the world around him, his fluff was starting to come in as a dark blue like his fathers with his mane showing signs of turning white like Bluebell’s.

“Am… so… sowwy… babbehs…. Mummah… wub… yu… aww.” Each syllable scraped against her vocal chords, any apology she wanted to make would likely kill her if she took too long. With her one remaining eye shut tight, she pushed the foal forward and into her mouth.

The taste was fucking horrendous, the sheer bitterness of foul meat with hints of sweet fattiness meant she could never get use to the taste of rot, those tiny whips of sweetness kept her tastebuds from acclimating to the sour taste.

Reluctantly she swallowed, fighting her own body’s reaction to throw it back up, eventually through either willpower or being too physically drained to have the energy to throw up, she kept the foal down and moved on to take another bite.

With each loathsome bite she fought against her body, forcing herself to keep down the only sustenance she had at that time. And with each bite she fought back a little stronger, little by little she could feel her strength returning, and as her strength returned, her mind cleared, and as her mind cleared, she began to recognise that burning feeling inside her that refused to let her die.

It was hatred, pure, unfiltered hatred. Not of the stallions who assaulted her, they were monsters who would’ve hurt the first unfortunate soul they came across. No, her hatred was towards Benedict, her mate, her special-friend, her betrayer, a pathetic wretch who chose his own safety over hers and their children.

Swallowing another chunk of her foals, Bluebell swore to herself that she would not rest until she found Benedict and punished him for his treachery, burning him alive with the fiery rage within her.

He would know fear, and she would be the one to deliver it to him.


Somewhere, Benedict thinks he’s safe.

He’s wrong.

Break him, Bluebell. Then break him some more.


“While seeking revenge, dig two graves”


Believe it, with the short permanence of the object, I assure you that it must already have a new special friend and babies, I just hope that bluebell is sadistic and meticulous.


I like that fluffy couples suffer in the wild, I know it sounds hypocritical ,but for me the only fluffies that should breed are in captivity ,where they can’t harm the environment,the wild ones just deserve to suffer.


Fucking coward of a stallion, after all of this he willing to run with his tail behind him and leaving his mate.

There is a hell price to pay on that.

He cause something that comes out of Bluebell and its not “Bluebell” anymore.

Damn never though this is early era of frikkin bastard Crowley.

Can’t wait for the next chapter.


It reminds me of a certain coward who I hope will be “molested” by a gang of dolphins.

Image owned by @fluffychimera


Getting some powerful kill bill meets i spit on your grave vibes from this. who doesn’t love a female lead revenge story?

this is going to be a fun read.


Yeah hope that idiot get his karma soon too.

Frikkin idiot just covered his eyes and cry he is a worst fluffy, would have a pike just eat him! :triumph:


cowardly cuckold stallions are definitely in my top five most hateable fluffies.


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Hell hath no fury like a mare scorned.

Rip his balls off girl.


Chapter 1?

You re an evil man to tease like this.


I bet the witch bride would have opinions on a cowardly stallion.


Funnily enough I did start a Last House On The Left type of story.

Unfortunately it became a casualty of my inability to finish anything. Maybe I’ll go back it it once this series is finished


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Well it’s me so anytime between now and 2028.


for anyone over 30 years old, this waiting time is normal, I follow a fanfic that has been unresolved for 10 years.


Oh shit, thats gonna trigger her so much :scream:


Bluebell is next to a patch of earth with a shovel.

She looks at the earth, then the shovel. She tries to move the shovel, but it just falls over.

Bluebell looks at the camera.

“Bwuebeww nu tink she can dig wun gwabe, wet awone two.”

There’s a pause.

“But stiww am gunna get webenge.”