Hello, first of all sorry for my bad English.

I just want to ask if there is any possibility that a person would want to adapt a written story to a drawn story.

The story is in Spanish but I can translate the story into English.

The story is mainly Neutralbox It’s a very interesting story.

A story with abusebox and Hugbox

Thank you for your time in reading this post.


You could send it to me and I’ll take a look!

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Welcome to FC

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I think some artists will take commissions (pay them to draw your stuff)

If I had money if I would pay them without any problem but right now I can’t (because of personal problems)

Well seems like you’re in luck since I just found this

dunno if he’d be willing to do an entire comic but it wouldn’t hurt to ask

I’m going to translate the first part for you to read

Sorry for the Bad English

Here’s the story, the story isn’t mine just try to translate as best as possible

I put between () what the fluffies say, because I don’t understand well yet in English fluffie

Sorry for the English I’m still learning English

Skettie land is where you are: Chapter 1

I am a former war fighter in the Vraem of Peru.Sorry for the bad English. After having been in service for 4 years, I was discharged for being wounded by a gunshot.
Psychologists indicated that I have post traumatic stress disorder.
I was away for so long that my parents passed away, I only have my brother who is an international journalist, he travels all over the world and comes once a month to the country house that he inherits.
-How did you do with the farm, little brother? -Says the “journalist”
-Not as I would like, from time to time some colored rats get in that I had never seen in the jungle. -I answer.
-Mmm, you mean the Fluffys? Then you may not like my welcome gift. -Says my brother with a mocking tone.
He takes out a box where dogs are transported, I take out a family of those rats; A mother, a father who almost always had puffy cheeks, a purple colt, a blue alicorn, a charcoal colt and lastly a strange thing that was always happy.
-Why are you giving me this? -I ask him angrily.
-Well, since I heard that in the army they do cruel things with dogs, I suppose you did not want to love one again, a cat would not help you here, but these fluffies, with your military training, you can give them the training they so badly need! They could help you on the farm of our late parents! -He answered me with confidence.
-It is an experiment that you will do for one of your articles, right? -I told
-What do you eat, you guess little brother? It will be a good article on ex-combatants with trauma and fluffies. Yes or if the Pulitzer will be mine. -He told me, while he turned his back on me and left my house.
Without wasting time I tried to make friends with them, until the father told me:

-Dontho humanho, give smawty dicos skettis or give you peodes dolowcitos!
(fool human to a smarwty rich sketties or you will have Worst pains)

-SILENCE! Lunch time will be as follows, 6:00 AM breakfast, 1:00 PM lunch, 6:00 PM dinner! That fluffy who is not awake at that time will not eat! -Shout to impose authority.

-Nevo paphi pede dad nummies? Bebhes nedcitan dechita.
(New paphi can give food? Babies need milk)

-The mother said that she was calmer.
-Of course.
-What do you think that you are pada ghitad a smadty ?! -The father told me.

-Take sowwy poop
(Take sorry poop)

I got so angry that I kicked him in the chubby face that he has, he turned on his side and lifted one of his legs to hit him in the diaphragm and I know without air.
-UF UF. -The smarty was beginning to gasp.
As he did so he tried to bite me, he hastily slapped his snout so many times that his jaw was just a pool of blood without any trace of teeth.
I watched as the mother cried and screamed to leave her “special friend”.
I carried the smarty to another room and began to remove the skin alive, passed a scissors through his belly and without damaging his organs I began to cut, I saw how there was only a ball of meat from the hairy body of the fluffy.



I grabbed one of his legs, picked him up, and slit his neck. Letting all the blood go by hand washing.
After killing him it occurred to me to cook his body, fortunately I will prepare noodles with meatballs.
So that she would not feel bad, I gave her from the pot to prepare to the mother.
She is she stopped crying and it seems that she forgot her partner:

-Thank you for the paphi sketties, now you can do the best padha babies.

(Thanks Daddy for the spaghetti , now I can make milk for the best babies)

Just as I was going to wash up for all the day’s work, I saw another injustice these fucking rats were capable of.