Help the new guy?

I’m new to the whole community so I only know a lot of bare minimum knowledge about fluffies (ie. They like Sketti, there dumb, microfluffies?, abuse and hug boxes, etc.)

I wanted to try my hand at writing a story but I know too little, where can I get like, the absolute facts about these lil balls of fluff and “poopies”

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
(Tags show what kinda story I wanna write lol)


It’s a bit hard to find stuff on here but the Reddit has an easy access to what fluffies are about and even some of the history. It’s at r/fluffycommunity btw

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Good smartys are like good herd leaders, you want to see a good smarty in action I would look at @FallenAngel007 smarty in the path.


Welcome to the community, friend! Always happy to have new, fellow writers that want to try their hand at creation.

So, the issue with fluffies being fanon, means that there’s no perfect definitions per sé. We’ve got a plethora of well-established, widely accepted “facts” regarding a multitude of their behaviors and biology. The easiest way to learn more about it is by simply reading or browsing more fluffy content until you sort of get it.

If you want a short little description, there’s a fairly old wiki that still holds more or less accurate definitions for most things in the fandom.

If you want a brief run-down, here’s some pointers:

  • Fluffies talk and act like your average toddler
  • Fluffies come in four variants, earthie, pegasus (wings), unicorn (horns) and alicorn (wings+horns)
  • Alicorns are smarter than average fluffies, and worth more money
  • Fluffies may develop what’s called “smarty syndrome”, it makes them act snobby and entitled
  • Fluffies who live in the wild are called ferals, these usually have a leader they refer to as “smarty”, though said leader does not need to have “smarty syndrome”
  • Ferals are generally considered vermin and are treated about as well as cockroaches or mice would be
  • Fluffies are generally not considered animals, thus are not protected by animal rights

Here’s some points for contention, these behaviors are typically associated with fluffies, but it varies by headcanon if it’s programmed, taught or otherwise:

  • Alicorns but are shunned by other fluffies because they are too dumb to understand that a fluffy can have horns and wings at the same time
  • Fluffies come in a variety of color, undesirable colors (usually dark-green to brown) are shunned by other fluffies and called “poopie”
  • In some headcanons, fluffies can come in different species, microfluffies, sea-fluffies etc.

If you have any other specific questions regarding anything, feel free to ask them here or DM me any time.


Such as kitsune fluffies ( fluffies with multiple fox tails )


the rest of my post is talking about fluffies not adressing ryou specifically

Fluffies also are supposed to talk with a “lishp” but in practise it just comes down to them having a simplified speech pattern and cant pronounce certain sounds.

Fluffies are generally accepted to be either biotoys or artificial life forms.

Fluffies are "dumb"but it mostly depends on your own internal continuity ( head canon) just how dumb they are
( dumber then a bag of brick or the same intelligence like a concussed toddler )

Micro fluffies are tiny fluffies some depict them to be the size of a foal others depict them to be the size of a gold fish and could happily life in a aquarium.

The best thing really is that all these disparage breeds and versions could work in a semi coherent “flyuffyverse”
They are just different breeds and types.
After all there are lots of different dogs and cats and foxes too why should fluffies be different ?


Every bit of advice will help, but this is the best way to go about things in my opinion. Take in content, learn what you like, ignore what you don’t. Carve out what a fluffy is and then write about them.


there is a science behind it


Create your own fluffies and roll with it.


This shit was EXACTLY what I was lookin for man thanks, I got a long weekend coming up off of work so I might get something started, thanks man!

Def will take a look at it, thanks!

Bruh I may be too new to touch up on Kitsune Fluffys, but I may look into those micros, seems like a fun idea, thanks man


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Got it

Like: Smarty-Abuse

Dislike: Anthro-Fluffys

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Well kitsune fluffies are mostly mine with the originals done by @Carpdime
I just ran with the idea ( after asking carp)
So far i only have Rambo to show for it

Rambo And Marco Go Twic ow Tweat (AMDk7)
Another Satisfied Customer (AMDk7)
( Rambo with a micro fluffy )
Rambo NestBox Color (AMDk7)

But when i decide to stop being lazy i plan to introduce more types and kinds and breeds of kitsune fluffies.
I have ideas for ahem lore so to speak at least.

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Hugbox refers to an old saying that people who are only interested in things that are good and happy sit in a box and hug each other. They are “in the Hugbox”. Abuse is just that, the enjoyment of fluffy comes from the schadenfreude of just hurtin’ em. For some reason every flavor of fluffy content is in a box (Sadbox, weirdbox, horrorbox, moronbox) but Abuse is not in a box. This is because the aforementioned are derivatives of the linguistic term “Hugbox”; they were not terms created at the same time.

There’s also a healthy amount of science that goes into fluffies. The first fluffy story I read was just under 10 years ago and was a mockup of fluffy experiments. Sleep deprivation, tazer resets, human interaction volumes, really cool stuff. It’s this sci-fi element that makes something as simple as fluffies “making poopies” a potentially stupid-interesting topic. Why do fluffies weaponize their feces into “sorry poopies”? Why is fluffy shit so universally god-awful to smell? Does spaghetti actually digest properly in the fluffy stomach, or are they too far gone from actual creatures to have an efficient digestive system? Fluffies can go wherever you’d like. Have fun.


Don’t be afraid to read other’s stories as inspiration and see what clicks.

as i always say, fluffies in abuse don’t deserve a box

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That’s genius holy shit

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I refer to abuse as Abuse Container.
In reference to an old booru pic where a fluffy was hugging a bog with a face and the caption “is actually abuse container”
So abuse masquerading as hugbox.

Close, but untrue. In the early days it was a reference to Hug machine - Wikipedia and a deliberate suggestion that hugboxers were on the Autism spectrum.

To say you could get by with a lot more on the chan and 'booru than you can on reddit is putting it mildly at best. The old days were not always the best days.