Hobby Horse chapter 4.1 An interlude, by skettiswipuh (Virgil)

Bob looked out upon his work, and saw that it was Good.

There were fluffies huddled at many of the fences, wishing their undying love to other fluffies in other pens.
They needed this closure. In time they would spend less of their days pressed against the fences just to be with their Special Friends.

The fluffies were sorted, and now it was time to start choosing which ones should be mating, and which ones should be set to… other tasks.

He knew most of their names now.
There was Beef Supreme, an enormous stallion (by fluffy standards), keeping watch over his new fraternal herd.
There was Miss Priss doing a similar job in the sororital herd.
There was Dainty, merrily skipping along with the unbred mares as she frolicked the day away.
There were Peanut Butter and Jelly, a brother-and-sister pair of foals, in the creche.

So many little lives… that now depended directly upon Bob.

He had agreed to do the job, but he never expected to start…feeling… bad over these fluffies…
“They’re just a bunch of shit-rats.” he muttered as he stubbed out his cigarette.
But the little voice of his conscience chose that moment to speak up
'They’re not just any shit-rats, anymore. Now they’re YOUR shit-rats, Bobby."

Goddammit! All Bob had wanted was a dependable, easy job where he made enough money to afford a steady supply of whiskey.
How the FUCK did he get saddled with this Sisyphean task?

He pondered that point as the sun set over the hill, and the fluffies slowly wandered back toward the barn.

He knew these herds were too stupid to make nests after the traumatic day they’d had, so he scooped up a few horse blankets and placed them outside each of the barn doors.

He didn’t watch them to see how the fluffies would treat this gift, just to make the point to himself that he didn’t really care what happened to them.
…But before he left the barn for the night,
he made sure Peanut Butter and Jelly were tucked in to their blanket nest,
next to one another.



Chapter 4.2
A Cry in the Night

Bob was still awake.
He knew that all he had separating the breeding mares and the stallions was a piece of hardware cloth.
This is where he was going to find his first mutineers.

Bob loaded a Marlin 10/22 with as many shots as it could hold, turned out the lights in the barn, and opened the West door, steadying himself against the door post.
He hadn’t loaded rat-shot this time. Now it was simple .22LR lead.

Bob didn’t need to wait long before the first stallion tried to scale the fence.
He rested the rifle in the crook of his arm, set the bead between the fins, pointing directly at the intrepid climber, and fired.

A .22 is not a loud rifle. You likely wouldn’t hear it’s crack more than a hundred feet away. So some of the fluffies had no idea what had happened when Jumbo reached the top of the fence… and then the top of his head fell off.

“That’s one I’ll have to put in the burn barrel, tomorrow.
I wonder how many more will give it a try.”

For another hour no other fluffies tried to scale the fence, and all of a sudden three of them tried at once. Bob shot twice at each of them. The nearest one was the last to finally die and fall off of the fence.

The sound of dozens of babies chirping and cooing to soothe one another filled the night air.

And then all was silent.



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