Holly Farms: The Fate of Cinnamon & Emeralds Foals (By GloryKnight)

So Emerald and Cinnamon had a healthy 12 Foals.
2 of them have Fates already decided leaving 10 more for the community.

To that end I’m gonna leave it as a poll.
This poll will be closing on September 15th or when we hit 100 Votes on the Poll, or if someone does the buy out option.

If you want to know more about Emerald see other art. And if you wanna know about the dad check out the amazing comic @NekuChan did for me on him as a nanny for some other fluffs.

None of the little guys got names as Holly is just trying to get them out there as she is a bit to stressed to handle this number of fluffies well prepping her Highschool papers and work for transferring to College.

Foal #1; Green Alicorn with a dark green zebra pattern and a amber coloured mane.
This Foal has big enough wings that he can hop onto a couch easily thanks to them and can slow his fall allowing him to leap from a 2nd story building without fears.

  • Buy Foal #1 and decide his fate for $5
  • Foal #1 becomes a Engagement Foal
  • Foal #1 gets a nice owner
  • Foal #1 becomes a stud for a breeder mill
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Foal #2; Black Alicorn with glowing green spots across there body. Turns out licking an alien fluff can cause complications to a fluffy so some of Emerald and Cinnamons foals are weird.

  • Buy Foal #2 and decide her fate for $5
  • Foal #2 stays in the House and is milked to make psychedalic treats for fluffies
  • Foal #2 gets bought by Holly’s Uncle for experiments
  • Foal #2 gets bought by a rare collector of Alicorns with odd traits
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Foal #3; Overly shy this a bit drab looking grey coloured unicorn is sweet if a bit easy to spook. Her mane is a bright shock of pink against the grey body and brown underbelly of her fluff.
She can be overly needy for one she feels safe with an owner and other fluffies.

  • Buy Foal #3 and decide her fate for $5
  • Foal #3 is made into a Milkbag
  • Foal #3 is made a surrogate baby for a mother fluff that lost all her babbies but cannot see
  • Foal #3 runs ‘away’ thanks to scary noises and becomes a backyard fluffy
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Foal #4; A Brown Pegasus with a spikey overly fluffy green mane making them look like the perfect cross of Cinnamon and Emerald.
He’s well behaved like his daddy and a good fluff.

  • Buy Foal #4 and decide his fate for $5
  • Foal #4 is put in charge of a local Fluffy Nursery
  • Foal #4 is gifted to the nurse that helped Holly
  • Foal #4 is deep fried by a guy that feeds foals to his pregnant mares
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Foal #5; A Blue-Green Pegasus smarty despite Cinnamon’s & Emeralds best efforts this little one would never learn
He has a few cuts and bruises from trying to boss around his siblings and Holly or the adults disciplining him but he has not learned ever.

  • Buy Foal #5 and decide his fate for $5
  • Foal #5 Gets adopted by the same Cheerleader that bought Cinnamon’s brother
  • Foal #5 Gets loaded into a fluffy potato gun for a science fair
  • Foal #5 Gets a fancy play room house and everything he could demand
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Foal #6; A Toughie Pegasus whose orange colouration includes a bright green stripe down his face and back along with a dark brown hindquarters. A overly sweet boy he’s easy to trick but doesn’t listen to smarties knowing they are all bluster.

  • Buy Foal #6 and decide his fate for $5
  • Foal #6 Gets bought by a Fluffy Boxing Trainer and he goes on to be a Champ Fluff Boxer
  • Foal #6 Gets bought to protect a smarty with poor results
  • Foal #6 Escapes from new owner when its clear they are going to try and abuse him…
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Foal #7; A Black Unicorn like her auntie and grandmother. This lovely ball of joy can have her horn glow with strobing light patterns that cause seizures in other fluffies.
She just thinks they are doing funny dancies but mommy told her to only do that is scared so she does this instead of scaredy poopies. It also works on epileptic people so yeah.

  • Buy Foal #7 and decide her fate for $5
  • Foal #7 gets bought and scared of smarty ‘special friend’ and does the special dancies to him
  • Foal #7 gets bought by Holly’s uncle
  • Foal #7 gets bought by DJ looking for something like this
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Foal #8; A Teal unicorn with a rainbow mane and one of the most unique of babies in that she inherited her grandmothers ability to speak without the normal fluffy accent speaking more like an actual person.
Sadly for breeders she is violent with stallions that do not meet her requirements which is have horns or have wings and horns. Which she will use her extra large and sharp horn for self defense against unwitting ponies

  • Buy Foal #8 and decide her fate for $5
  • Foal #8 disebowels 2 amorous stallions at the Day Care with appropriate punishment
  • Foal #8 is adopted by an owner who wanted a special friend for there Alicorn
  • Foal #8 is adopted as the first pet for a girl
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Foal #9 & 10; 9 Hides his smartyness which is his most intelligent action frankly beyond this he’s not got a lot going on for himself. 10 meanwhile won’t go anywhere without her sibling, who she thinks is the bestest, and will help them get the best special friend for making the bestest babbies since mommy let monster babies exist.
The most overtly problematic but the best at hiding it, this pair have proven difficult to deal with; and adding to that there ability to hide there more negative traits, means Holly has had troubles justifying punishments for the pair.

  • Buy Foal #9 & 10 and decide there fate for $5
  • Foals #9 & #10 are bought for a Fluffy Claw Machine
  • Foals #9 & #10 are found out by new owner and made into Liter Pals
  • Foals #9 & #10 escape there new housie to build a herd!.. or attempt to at least
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So here we are this post does not come with art but is instead a hey I’m doing more with @NekuChan and i wanted to see where and how the fates play out with this all because frankly I think it could be a marvelous journey and exploration.
It has also been really interesting seeing how the community takes these pols and responds to them.

The Nurse referenced is meant to be @SpaghettiDave 's Nurse from there stories and they are free to accept this or not.
@BloodyBoots thanks for the idea and the Alien fluffy that helped inspire the weirdness of these Foals. Your alien boyo is in good hands and Holly is taking good care of him.

Hope you all have fun and enjoy. Comment below if you want any of these little fellas to be yours and there fate which will be commissioned and paid for by me.


Is foal #2 still available? I’d like to buy her if so.

Yes they are and are all yours take good care of them and Message me there future :slight_smile:

Polls for this are closed