Holy Shit They're REAL! Ch.14 (Readisketti)

You are Danny, and you’ve just finished dumping out a whole litter box full of Fluffy shit into the trash bin in your driveway. Your neglect of changing it had left the thing practically overflowing with doodoo but the worst part was over, and now you go about refilling it with fresh and clean kitty litter for your two Fluffies.

It’s been quite the wild ride honestly, and it’s honestly insane that any of this is happening, but in just these few months you’ve been through alot with these Fluffies and despite some real bad episodes you’re pretty sure you’ve seen it all and things can only go up.

Well while you’re down here you might as well get a soda or something, you’re pretty thirsty.

*eeeeeeEEEEEE *

The white Fluffys head is pushed down under the hoof of the larger blue Smartie.


*Wha? *

Despite the blue Smarties attempt to crush the smaller Fluffy’s head in a slow and agonizing way, the white Fluffy is screaming yet remains alive.

The blue Smartie fails to consider the soft throw pillow underneath, and despite his greatly superior Smarty intelligence doesn’t understand why the white Fluffy’s head isn’t being squished into a pancake.

The blue Smartie begins pushing rapidly only resulting in the small white Fluffy being pushed down into the pillow, its face being momentarily smothered by the pillow and cries muffled before resurfacing to scream again loudly, to the frustration of the Smartie.


Harmless yet nevertheless traumatizing.

*Dummeh!! Nu eben can gu fowebba sweepies wight!! Stoopie Dummeh!!! *

The blue Smartie feeling robbed of what he thought was a cool and badass move, stopped his attempt to squish the white Fluffy underneath his hoof.
Begrudgingly, the blue Smartie resorted to simply stomping on the white Fluffy and giving her a good beating.

thump thump thump

*Screeee!!! Nu mow-! Nu mow huwtieeees!!! Pwe-! Pweeeese!!! *

Despite still being supported by the pillow, the concussive strikes against the white Fluffys head and face were enough to start causing some real damage, especially considering the size difference and overall frailty of Fluffies.

thump thump THUMP

*Am S-! Sowee!! Nu du gain! Pwease nu mo-! Screeee!!! *

The sight of this pathetic lower specimen being put in its place made the Smartie feel a sense of righteousness. His anger felt like justice finally being served to those who had gone against his rule, NATURE’S rule!

*Screeee-!!! SCREE-!! EEEE-!!! SCREE-!! REEEE-!! *



With each hit the Smartie struck with more power than the last, soon his indignation led way to fury as days of repressed anger began to vent out. His eyes bulged out and his teeth gritted harder, his flaring nostrils puffed with each hit.


**EEEEEEeeeeeee- PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! PEep! peep! peep! peep! * *

Soon the white fur around the small Fluffy’s face began turning to shades of pink as blood began to come out from the white Fluffy’s nose and mouth.


The blue Smartie had soon tired himself out, the air silent save for the huffing of the Smartie. The small white foal like Fluffy had stopped screaming, no longer making anymore peeps she laid on her pillow near motionless besides the very faint rise and fall of her breathing chest.

The Smartie looked down at the wretched creature beneath him, covered in blood and tears and bearing the bruises by his own hand. The scene made all sorts of bottled up emotions wash over him. He even began to feel himself become slightly erect at the sight.

Yes, the Smartie thought.

This is how things SHOULD be.

But something was still missing, something the Smartie had forgotten about in his rage that he couldn’t help but try to remember.


*Teehee~ Smawtie awmose fowgot *

The blue Smartie turned away, lifting his tail and presenting his brown stained rear to the comatosed Fluffy.
He looked over his shoulder down at the bloody beaten runt and gave a mischievous grin.

*Nee maek guuuuud~ poopieees~ Teehee!!!~ *

It was the kind of shit you could only make after needing to go so badly but having to hold it back out of necessity, where you hold for so long that you almost stop feeling the need to go anymore, until you’re just there at the toilet and then all hell breaks loose.
The Smartie let rip a bowel movement furiously across the white Fluffy, splattering a mixture of liquid feces and spewing logs of shit all over the pillow, floor and the unconscious creature.

*Teeheehee!~ “Fank’ou Smawtie fo bestest poopies on dummeh poopie fwuffy!” *

The Smartie says in a mock voice in imitation of the white Fluffy.

Suddenly the door to the room was opened.

“Heyyy guys i’m back! Sorry I was gone for a whi-”

You come back to your room, only to find your blue Fluffy standing over a giant pile of shit on top of your white Fluffy’s pillow bed.


You scream at the blue idiot, squeezing the litter box in your hands.
You’ve not been gone for that long, but your older Fluffy still can’t wait for even a moment before shitting all over your room.

Your blue Fluffy squares and widens his stance towards you, puffing out his cheeks and glaring at you.

Uh oh, you think, not this shit again.

*HMPH!!! Dummeh Mummah-Daddeh!! Dis am SMAWTIE woom now!!! Gib Smawtie toysies and buwguw an fwenchy fwy nummies NOW!!! Ow Smawtie gib ou wowstest sowwie hoovsies JUS WIKE DUMMEH FWUFFY!!! *

Your blue Fluffy, still glaring at you, points with one hoof at the pile of shit besides him.

It never crossed your mind that you only see one Fluffy in your small room, and as you look over to the mound of dung things seem to slow down as you focus on it.

A part of you already knows, but each second feels like an eternity and each heartbeat feels like the toll of a giant bell ringing out from within you and clanging within your mind.

You want to pretend you can’t see it. You want to scan around every other part of the mound, avoiding the small spot of white and pink fur peeking from on top the pile of shit.

You can’t deny it though.

The litter box falls from your hands and crashes on the floor, spilling kitty litter all over the carpet.


Like lightning you grab the blue Fluffy, without a second thought you shove him into the trash bin you keep in your room and tie the plastic bag shut.
Sparing no time you hurl the bag into the closet and slam it shut, rushing over to the pile to scoop the white Fluffy into your palms and running to the bathroom.

She’s barely breathing and her whole face is bloody, her eyelids twitter lightly as you turn on the lights to the bathroom.

You clean the white Fluffy as best as you can while trying to be gentle, you’re afraid any more pressure could do even more damage.
You get most of the bile out of her fur but the blood is still flowing, so you slowly turn her on her side so she won’t drown in it. You have no idea what you’re doing and feel helpless but try to do what you can.

You spend an hour padding away the blood with cotton balls, keeping her warm and clean and making sure she’s still breathing. Her breaths have become more calm and you try to sooth the Fluffy in its sleep by stroking its fur and telling her that things will be ok. You don’t know if she’s even conscious but you say it all the same.

Eventually her eyelids flutter slightly, and you see her open them with great effort.

*d…daddeh…? *

“Hey-hey it’s gonna be ok little one, you’re safe now ok… I’m here now alright…”

*w…whew… am…f…fwuffy…? *

“Don’t worry about anything kid, just…just rest ok…don’t talk ok you need to…to get some sleepies…”

*otay…f…fank’ou…daddeh… *

You spend even more time tending to her and holding her in your arms, and despite you not knowing much medical knowledge you feel like she’s going to be ok.
You wait till she seems normal again and soundfully asleep before resting her on the bed in your parents room.
You don’t want to leave her alone, but you know you have some things to settle first.

You go back to your room, it’s now rank with the stench of shit that you left there for a good two hours. You go about cleaning it, you do it quickly because you have more important things to do.

Once the pillow and carpet is cleaned up a bit you finally prepare yourself and open your closet door.

*Huuu! Nuu wike dawkie pwace… Huuuu! *

You grab the bagged fluffy and throw it out of the closet to the side of your room. With a thud the bag hits the wall and land on the floor.

*OWWIEESSSSS!!! Nu gib huwties to guud Fwuffy!!! *

You pick the bag off the ground and proceed out of your room, letting the bag hit the door frame as you pass it by.


You stomp down the stairs with your arm hanging low as to let th bag drag across the steps and bump down each one.


You make it to the kitchen sink, it’s large enough to hold the thing and make clean up easier.
You don’t even bother untying the plastic trash bag, you tear it open on one end, turning it over and shaking the blue monster out.

The blue thing tumbles out and lands with a thunk into the metal basin of the kitchen sink. It lands on its back and grabs at its head in pain before looking up and towards you.

*Fwuffy nee huggies fo owwies Mummah-Daddeh!!! *

You stare stone faced at the thing, you never knew you could feel so cold.

You see it look up at you pleadingly with dilated pupils that shine like dolls eyes. It reaches out with one hoof and begins sucking on the other as it looks at you expectantly.

You don’t understand how you could have raised such a monster. Such a remorseless and disgusting abomination. You don’t even know how to feel anymore, and what makes it most unbelievable is how it seems to have forgotten everything and expects you to care for it.

*Fwuffy am guud Fwuffy! Nee huggies an wub!!! Su many huwties!!! Fwuffy nu desewb dis!!! *

You snap back hard.


  • Dislocate Front Hooves
  • Dislocate Back Hooves
  • Cut Off A Limb
  • Penectomy (Remove Penis)
  • Orchiectomy (Remove Balls)
  • Pick Highest Rated Comment
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Blue fluffy stomped white fluffy with its front hooves. It only makes sense to take away its front hoof privileges.


cut off his little cock

Pillow him and make him a litter pal


Neuter the bitch and make it eat its privates.

Derp/lobotomise him with a needle to the skull or paralyse him from the neck down…i forgot if he has a horn or not. Cuz if pushed inwards it can derp them too…he hates “dummehs” so much then make him into one


Just this once I want this guy to somehow fix this little bastard’s smartie syndrome, just because I don’t want the White Fluffy to be all alone.


I want to apologise right away, I am not a native speaker and communicate through a translator, so there may be mistakes.

I’ve been following this story for some time now, and I’ve mostly been a silent reader, but now I want to express my opinion. You put up for a vote the options for punishing Blue Fluffy. Yes, he certainly deserves to be punished for what he did, but you’re forgetting one thing - not only is Blue Fluffy to blame for what happened, but his moron owner as well. Danny created Blue himself, with his own hands, to be the way he is today. The poor creature was forced to stay in a closed, empty room all his life, without toys, without proper care, instead of love and cuddles, he was constantly ignored, with the threat of punishment for the slightest mistake, so he just went feral, crazy. And the appearance of another fluffy, who is not treated as an empty space, only intensified Blue’s madness, gave rise to envy and jealousy.

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Dude owns the only breeding pair of fluffies in this universe. Advise against genital abuse. Pillow/10


I’m happy my story is entertaining enough for people to bother with reading it through a translator.

I’ve tried to write the Blue Fluffy as being horrible and irredeemable, I honestly did not expect anyone to empathize with the Blue Fluffy or try to rationalize why he acts the way he does.

I am excited and surprised to say that someone reading the story I wrote had understood and rationalized some characters better than myself, and I feel like I should incorporate this later in my story.

Who knows.
Maybe there’s something later on that will give Danny what he deserves too.

Maybe something to really shake things up.

Maybe some



Thank you for paying attention to my comment. That’s… unexpected and nice. And as for reading through a translator, I recently discovered the Fluffy and was amazed at how beautiful and disgusting their world is. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn’t find any works about Fluffy in my native language, and since your community is mostly English-speaking, so I… adapted.

As for my attitude to Blue. Re-read your own story and look at the events through the eyes of Blue. He has nothing in this world, only his ‘daddy-mummy’ and this fucking empty room. His ‘mummy’ feeds him, but that’s it, even toys Danny couldn’t make for Blue, and it’s so simple, take a piece of foam, cut it into cubes, paint them with watercolours and that’s it, the ‘blocks’ for the fluffy are ready. But Danny couldn’t think of it, even though he studied everything about fluffy when he got Blue. You know what, Danny didn’t even give the poor guy a NAME! A name is the first thing a fluffy gets after birth, or opening its eyes, from its mother, and it means a lot to them. And Danny refused to give Blue even that. As well as White, by the way. None of the fluffies has a real name.

Now, Blue certainly deserves to be punished for what he did, but any punishment, unfortunately, will not fix the situation, but will only make it worse.

remove his cock but leave the balls so he get more and more frustrated but can never find relief also put thumbtacs in his hooves so it hurts too much for him to ever be a threat again,bonus points if you train the white one to bully him

Please, PLEASE more

You gotta eventually breed them so everyone else gets to play with fluffies. That means he needs to stay complete, reproductively… not mentally.

Need to remove the penis and pillow him but leave the balls, it will be the best torture as white hits puberty and he can smell her in heat but can’t do anything!