How Cruel by Chikahiro

The alternate title was "Kids are mean. "


Ah did the bullies did that or someone at home put it there. :thinking:


Mom doing the best she can: macaroni, some veggies from her first windowsill garden, and foals she’s been raising for meat. I’m thinkingyou can eat them whole after they’ve been cleaned, much like sardines.


Oh doh! :man_facepalming: Man she just traumatized her kid.


Bullies will use anything as an excuse to tease and mock…



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I’m hindsight I should’ve made the Mom’s note more visible.


Should have removed the heads, that’s the kind of thing that triggers kids. Little bastards will jump on anything “weird”
I like to think things are better than they were when I was a kid, but well…


Kids are cruel Jack


I guess this is inevitable once foal becomes super cheap - both the eating and the stigma.


Yeah. Like eating generic versions of cereal, Spam, generic versions of Spam, etc. I was actually going to put that in but ran out of space.

A fluffy or two that can live off of table scraps, yard clippings, etc, would be a valuable asset to a family trying to increase its independence (either out of financial need or ideological want). Doesn’t matter if you’re poor, a bougie hippy, living off the grid, or a survivalist? There’s a use.

A mare can give milk plus produce more fluffies for a little more substantial protein via off spring (foals, weanlings, grown adults). Milk can be turned to butter or cheese for longer term storage, the meat can be preserved any number of ways (smoking, salting, dehydrating, jerky, etc).

Note: if fluffies were real I could see one of my friends maaaaybe doing this. She’s got a family of 8 to feed. They’re lucky enough to rent a place with a decent sized yard so she’s got quite a garden going.


Human sandbox is the best.

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I would trade him for them.

How To Eat Fried Fluffies


How is this poor? The mom made something and it isn’t the school’s free lunch.

Thrust me, when you go to school in a rich area and you’re the only kid on the free lunch program, it is awkward. No lines though.

All of this is, in fact, exactly what I depict in my timeline. Although as the years progress, the use of fluffies for food scales up and industrializes.


Free lunch? We had to pay for ours (pretty sure at the time Hawaii just subsidized lunch for everyone). And then there’s the news stories of kids getting into debt for school lunch programs.

Guess it depends where you’re at? Also, I’ve known folks who made just enough to not qualify for help but didn’t actually make enough to not need help of some sort.


Yeah, i heard of the in between people, make too much to qualify for something, but not enough to get by. But never heard it happening for the school lunch program. Qualifying for different programs does vary. I remember (before i went to that one school) we got jealous of the kids who could bring their lunch. But California is weird that way.

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wtf based hawaii poster?

Uh, yeah. I’ve never been secret about that.