Hunting Wabbits Ch. 6 [By BFM101]

There was going to be a lot of German dialogue in this chapter for Jonathan’s rampage, but since it’s time consuming for me to translate it and even more time consuming for you all to translate it back again, I’m going to have anything spoken in German set in italics.

Example: Hello – English

Hello – German

Hopefully that clears things up a bit.

Alpha looked out over his herd, noting the absences. In such a short time they had lost a number of their herd to the humans that claimed ownership over this land, they were wrong, this was Smarty’s land, he laid claim to it before the humans showed up, and now they were killing his people because of their mistake.

Alpha made his way down to the nursery to see the talkie-babbehs, he needed them all to remain safe, they were the future of this herd. Surely humans wouldn’t be so cruel as to kill a child would they?

As he approached, a little yellow and green Pegasus colt ran up to him, carrying a small red and pink chirpy filly on his back.

“Daddeh! Sissy am tawkie babbeh nyo, wisten.”

“Cheep. Wub daddeh. Cheep. Wan miwkies.”

Alpha smiled and gave the filly a small lick. The colt was one of the oldest foals in the herd, having been one of Alpha and Sierra’s litter before she met Foxtrot, the filly was one of the youngest, coming from Alpha and Delta’s first litter a couple weeks ago.

“Daddeh pwoud of babbeh, weawn fast. Big brudda hewp big fwuffies, need tu wook afta babbehs.”

“Ok daddeh.”

The colt picked up his sister and ran off to rejoin the other foals, keeping the younger ones in line.

Alpha watched his son as he left, hoping that he could sort out this human problem quickly and get the herd back towards hoarding food for the cold-times, they always arrived faster than he expected, this time he wanted to be prepared.

Sadly that idea was interrupted by Beta approaching him.

“Smawty, Fwuffies heaw fings, need Smawty hewp tu undastan.”

Alpha nodded. “Whewe?”

Beta led him to the outskirts of the nest, just before the start of the wheat-fields. His other toughies had gathered as well, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel and Indigo all tried to listen out for what the strange noise was.

“Wha Tuffies heaw?” Alpha asked his guards.

Golf shook his head unsure. “Sound wike… Fwuffy? Bu nu can teww.”

Another Fluffy? Alpha had to be careful, if this was another herd trying for his land he needed to be on-guard against TWO enemies now.

He put his ear up, listening carefully against the soft wind, he heard nothing until…

“Hewp. Fuffy hab wowstesh huwties. Hewp.”

Alpha recognised that voice, it was Papa. He was alive.

“Dat Fwuffy fwiend, escape fwom hoomin munstah, need hewp.”

He turned to Indigo. “Yu stay wiv hewd, gib intwudas sowwy-poopies if come cwose. West of Tuffies, fowwow me.”

The other four Fluffies got in formation behind Alpha and ran off towards their friend, all of them hoping he was still ok. Being a lot more agile than his comrades, Golf sprinted on ahead to scout the area, make sure Papa was alone.

Alpha saw Golf disappears into the field, only to start reappearing when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the wheat. Alpha almost had to jump out the way to avoid running into him.

“Wha dummeh duing, wai tuffie sto…?”

Alpha’s voice trailed off as he saw the horrific sight that Golf had come across.

Papa was dead, had been for a while. His corpse had had a stick rammed up his ass and stuck in the ground to keep him upright, his severed limbs had been reattached with smaller sticks, giving his arms and legs a strange, elongated appearance. His no-no stick had cut off and nail onto his forehead, and even without his jaw Alpha could see the expression of fear and pain in Papa’s dead eyes.

“Fwuffy need hewp, pwease.”

Alpha heard Papa’s voice again, this time he understood why. A small grey box nearby was playing a recording of Papa’s cried for help, Alpha walked over and stomped on the box until it stopped making noise.

Hotel was shivering with fear. “Wai hoomin du dis? Dis am tuu scawy for Fwuffies.”

Alpha was about to admonish Hotel for his cowardice when he saw something rising from the nest. A plume of smoke, slowly getting larger.

This couldn’t be, his was the best Smarty around, how could he have fallen for a dummy human trick.

Watching Alpha and his toughies leave, Jonathan made his move, he’d recorded Papa’s cries for help in the hopes of using it to scare the herd, now it made more use as a distraction.

Jonathan loaded his grenade launcher with a round of tear gas, and fired it into the nest, followed by another two to spread out the fumes as far as he could.

The Fluffies were initially scared and curious about this strange metal containers that had landed in their nest, until November got too close and was hit in the face with a full blast of the stuff. Tear gas is rough on humans at the best of times and can cause severe reactions when exposed, to the much more fragile Fluffy, it may as well have been napalm.


November ran around the nest as the tear gas tore apart his lungs, his eyes were instantly bloodshot, all he could see was red, his coughing was ripping his throat to the point he was coughing up blood. His little hoofs trying desperately to clear his throat from the invisible chokehold he was in, until finally he crashed to the floor, gasping and wheezing his final painful breaths, and then he died.

By now most of the nest was covered in tear gas, no-one else had been hit with as big an amount as November, but most everyone was coughing up a storm, their vision impaired by the tears and the smoke.

Indigo stumbled through the haze trying to work out which way he was going, until he felt himself bump into something, not a tree, something else. He looked up and managed to make out a human shaped object in front of him, but this wasn’t like any human he’d ever seen, it was completely black and with a horrifying face like nothing his little brain could comprehend.

“Guten tag shitrat.”

“Wha da…?”

Jonathan pulled out his Luger and fired a bullet into Indigo’s skull, the purple bastard let out a stew of foul shit as the bullet hit his brain and killed him. Now everyone was panicking, tears and shit were running wild through the nest, but with the cloud of smoke blocking their exits, none of the Fluffies knew how to escape, so they just kept running around in circles, panicking like the little idiots they were.

Jonathan smiled at the sight. “Run little piggies, run.”

He turned his attention to his next targets, both Juliet and Kilo were trapped by their lack of limbs, though Juliet wasn’t even trying to move. Jonathan knelt down beside them both, Kilo freaked at the sight of him.


You don’t have any front legs you dumb slut.”

Jonathan picked Kilo up with one hand and with his other he pulled out the machete. Holding Kilo so her back was to him, Jonathan aimed the tip of the blade against her special-place, the little cunt peeped at the touch.

“Ooh, gud feews?”

Those were the last words she spoke as Jonathan rammed the blade into her, tearing her stomach and chest wide open, it took her a few seconds to die, but those few seconds were the most agonising of Kilo’s short life.

Throwing the bloodied corpse away, Jonathan turned his attention to Juliet, he felt a rare tinge of sadness towards the traumatised mare and softly stroked her head with his hand, likely the only good contact she ever had.

You’re free now.”

Jonathan picked up his pistol and fired a single bullet into Juliet’s head, killing her instantly.

The tear gas was starting to dissipate, so he had to move quickly. Jonathan looked around for more Fluffies, until he saw Sierra standing guard beside one of the hollow trees, inside he could make out Whisky, X-Ray and the talkie-babbehs.

This was gonna be fun.

Sierra puffed her cheeks at the monster in front of her. “Gu way, munstah nu hurt babbehs.”

Dead Fluffy says what?”


Jonathan smirked behind his gas-mask as he fired two more bullets at Sierra, hitting both of his back legs and sending her tumbling to the ground.

“NUU! Weggies pweae wowk, need sabe babbehs.”

You’re saving nothing you murderous cunt.”

Jonathan tossed Sierra aside, if she lived he’d deal with her later. Inside the tree, he saw Whiskey and X-Ray covering the foals, hoping if the monster didn’t see the babied, he wouldn’t hurt them.

They were wrong.

“Pwease nice munstah.” Whiskey pleaded. “Nu huwt babbehs, am onwy wittew…”

Jonathan shot her in the head before she could finish, her body toppled forward and landed in front of the entrance. Perfect, the traumatised foals wouldn’t know how to get past the corpse, they were trapped in the tree.

Jonathan reached for his grenade launcher and slipped another gas grenade into the barrel.

Say goodnight kids.”


A small voice behind him took Jonathan’s attention, cowering behind a tree he saw the shaking forms of Yankee and Zulu, the two of them had been clever and stayed still while the madness happened, though something now had caused them to escape their hiding spot.

Yankee approached Jonathan, his weak form shaking in terror. “Munstah nu huwt babbeh, onwy babbeh mummah hab weft. Gib daddeh foweba sweepies if need, bu nu babbeh.”

“Fuck.” Jonathan hated this, he wanted to massacre this herd but Herman was adamant on saving this pair. He turned back to the tree and the foals.

“Whose parents are these?”

The foals all looked around, confused at the question.

“I SAID! Whose parents are these, one of you is their kid, I wanna know who?”

Cautiously, a little light green unicorn stepped forward. “Dat am Fwuffy’s mummah an daddeh.”

“Well congratulations, you live.”

Jonathan roygky grabbed the little filly and dropped her outside the tree, instantly she ran over to her parents, holding them both tightly after so long without them.

“Sabe udda babbehs?” A little voice inside the tree asked.

Jonathan gripped his grenade launcher and smiled.


The grenade he fired into the tree slammed straight into X-Ray’s face, smashing her head in and killing her, now with two corpses blocking their path, the talkie-babbehs were helpless as they all slowly choked to death from the dangerous gas.

Jonathan turned his attention to the chirpy nest, he had plans for the little ones, plans that didn’t involve the two nurse-mares trying to protect them.

“Is ok babbehs.” Uniform spoke through her tears. “Munstah no huwt wittew babbehs, wememba, mummah wubs babbehs, babbehs wub mum…”

Uniform was cut off by the machete piercing her chest, spraying the frightened little chirpies with blood and sending their tiny little minds into overdrive, chirping for their mummahs to protect them. Jonathan tossed the dead Uniform away and turned his attention to Tango, the orange mare desperately huddling herself around her foals.

“PWease nu huwt babbehs, am aww mummah hab weft, speciaw-fweind gu foweba sweepies, need tu wook afta babbehs.”

“Oh don’t worry little one, I’m not going to take your babies from you.”

Tango sniffed her last tears and looked up hopefully at Jonathan. “Yu nu?”

“No. I’m taking you away from them.

And he fired two rounds into Tango’s chest before throwing the orange mare away to bleed out and die. Now the chirpies were defenceless, Jonathan got on his knees and opened up his rucksack, scooping up handfuls of the foals – and there was a fair number of them – and dropping them inside. It didn’t matter if some of them died at the bottom of the bag, he wasn’t going to keep them in there for long.

“Meanie hoomin weave babbehs.”

Jonathan turned to see a small green and yellow colt puffing at him.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Am Smawty colt, Smawty daddeh say tu pwotect babbehs, nu wet munstah take dem.”

Of course, the green fluff was clear, this was Alpha’s son. Even better. Without saying a word Jonathan picked up the little bastard and dropped him into the bag, hearing his muffled cries as the bigger colt likely crushed a few of the chirpies.

“John stop.”

Jonathan seethed, fed up with the interruptions, he turned again to see Josef walking towards him, his shirt over his mouth to protect him from the gas.

I said not to follow me Joey.”

“No, you speak English, none of this Nazi bullshit John. What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m ending it Joe, I’m getting rid of this fucking herd in one go, just like you wanted me to.”

“You think THIS is what I wanted. John this is psychotic.”

“Yeah well maybe we needed to be psychotic with this lot. Look we don’t have a lot of time before Alpha gets back, if you wanna help, grabbed the two brown ones and their kid and take them back to Uncle HAM, he wanted them safe, safest place is away from me.”

Josef wanted to argue more but he knew Jonathan was right, they needed to move quickly. Josef reluctantly turned and found Yankee, Zulu and their daughter hiding behind a tree.

“Hey there, you guys ok?”

“Hoomin nu meanie?” Zulu asked quietly.

“No, in fact I’m gonna take you to a nice man who’ll look after all of you, he’s my family and I trust him.”

Yankee and Zulu knew they had to be careful, but their programmed human love kicked in and they both walked towards Josef, putting their arms up to be held. Josef scooped both parents into his arms and let their daughter bury themselves in the middle before taking the family back to the farmhouse.

This would be the only good thing Josef ever did for Fluffies, though he didn’t know that yet.

Once all the chirpies were in the rucksack, Jonathan focussed on the last part of his annihilation; the throne. Delta had been trying to waddle away, her fat little belly too cumbersome to move very much down the makeshift steps, while Charlie had covered his eyes with his hoofs and pissed himself.

Jonathan casually walked over and grabbed Delta by her scruff, the pink bitch let out a blast of scaredie-poopies as she was lifted.

“EEK. Bad upsies.”

“Well, well, well. You’re the Smawty’s little bitch ain’t you?”

Delta didn’t take kindly to the insult. “Hmmph. Am Smawty’s bestesh Speciaw-fwiend, am soon-mummah, need tu be tweated wiv cawe.”

“Christ you’re annoying little cunt.”

Jonathan turned to Charlie, still quacking in his piss puddle.

“The fuck is your deal? I still don’t get why you’re here.”

Despite everything, Delta blew a raspberry at Charlie. “Dat am Smawty poopie brudda, nu am gud Fwuffy, wet him gu foweba sweepies.”

The penny finally dropped for Jonathan, Charlie was Alpha’s brother, no wonder he bullied the little shit without killing him. Still holding Delta in one hand, Jonathan knelt down and scratched Charlie on the head, the brown Fluffy slowly but surely cooed at the touch.

“Hey there little guy. Is Smarty your brother?”

Charlie nodded. “Meanie brudda take Poopie Fwuffy’s weggies, an speciaw-fwiend.”

“POOPIE AM NU SPECIAW-FWIEND!” Delta screeched at him.

Jonathan smirked. “Well how would you like to take revenge on your brother, hurt him for hurting you?”

Revenge wasn’t something Fluffies usually partook in, but Charlie had been pushed too far by Alpha, and Jonathan was giving him the chance to hurt Alpha.

“Yeh, wan gib meanie brudda wowstesh huwties.”

Jonathan smiled as he heard a faint mewl behind him, he turned and saw Sierra, still alive and still wounded trying to crawl her way to freedom.

“That’s great to hear bud, I just need to do one thing. Can you make sure that this pink bitch doesn’t go anywhere while I deal with this last thing.”

“Poopie Fwuffy keep soon-mummah hewe.”

“Great, but don’t call yourself Poopies. Call yourself… Charlie.”

“Cha-wee hab namsies? Wub namsies, fank yu nice mistah.”

With his new found confidence, Charlie growled at Delta, keeping the frightened little shit still for fear of losing her foals to the poopie-monster.

Jonathan meanwhile grabbed Sierra and carried her to the food-storage, ignoring her frantic flails as he chucked her into the hollow tree where all the dry wheat and grass was stored.

“You know, I’ve been watching your herd for a while. I know what you’ve done to all those babies, the ones you killed.”

“Dey am bad babbehs, Fwuffy du gud wowk gibben dem foweba sweepies.”

Jonathan unlatched the flamethrower from his belt and used a lighter to spark it up.

“Yeah? Well look where your good work has gotten you?”

With his face still horrifically still, Jonathan pulled the trigger and lit up Sierra and the food, the dry wheat and the dead bark went up a lot faster than he was expecting. Inside he could hear Sierra screeching in pain as she was burnt alive, he didn’t stay to watch her died.

Even if she lived the pain would kill her eventually.

Jonathan returned to Charlie and Delta, happy that Charlie had listened to him and kept Delta still, he grabbed Delta by the scruff and took Charlie under his arm.

“Good boy Charlie, when we get back, I’m gonna get you some real food.”

“Chaw-ee nu hab tu num poopies.”

“No you do not.”

“YAY, meanie brudda make Chaw-ee num tuu many poopies.”

“You know we’ve got a long walk ahead of us, why don’t you tell me about your brother?”

Josef burst into the farmhouse, shocking Herman when he saw the three Fluffies in his arms.

“Are those…?”

“They are Uncle HAM, and they’re lucky I was there, John’s fucking lost it, he’s massacred half the herd, killed all the talking foals and put the chirpies in his bag.

“Christ, what for?”

“I didn’t stay to ask. Do you have any food for these guys?”

“I’ve got some cat-food, get a couple strays round this part so I give them a bowl if they’re hungry. Not much, but it might do the trick.”

While Herman set out bowls of food for Yankee’s family, Josef set them down on a rug in the corner and ran through to grab a bowl of water and a cloth. Part of him was surprised when he returned to see all three still sitting there, but he didn’t question it.

“Alright guys, I’m gonna give you all a quick wipe down.”

“Wawa bad fow Fwuffies.” Zulu whimpered at the sight of the bowl.

“I know, but I’m just gonna wipe the grime and the shi… the poopies off you, make you all nice and clean.”

The promise of being clean calmed the family down and they all let Josef wiped them down, shaking just a little bit due to their fear of the water. Thankfully those fears were calmed when Herman brought through three bowls of cat-food for them, the filly was cleaned first and dived into her bowl.

“Fank yu nyu daddeh.” She beamed between mouthfuls.

Herman softly stroked her mane. “I’m not sure yet dear, I’m a little too old to be looking after pets right now, but I know it’s rough out there for you and your parents. Let me think about it, until then you’re welcome to as much food as I can offer you.”

The filly was upset that her new daddy didn’t seem to want her, but hearing that he could give them food eased her down a little bit.

It wasn’t long after all three Fluffies were clean and fed that Jonathan returned, Josef noted that his rucksack was missing.

“What the hell was that John? Where’d you put the bag?”

“Ease up Joey, the bag’s in the barn, along with the pink bitch. The foals are safe, the ones that lived anyway.”

“Christ John, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do? What the hell was that Nazi shit, why did you take the foals?”

“Why are you asking so many questions? Look, I’ll explain everything in a moment, before that though…”

Jonathan lifted Charlie onto the table and gently placed him down, giving him a quick scratch as he did.

“…Charlie, why don’t you tell my friends here what you said about your brother?”

There’s probably only one more chapter left in this story, maybe two depending on how I cut thing apart. Either way we’re getting near the end, and it’s gonna be a rough one for the remaining herd.

Chapter 7


It’s practically fluffy 'nam, very nice work


Is either of the Mongola brothers ever going to kick the bucket?

Props for making them so hateable, sends me back to the The Walking Dead’s Governor.

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Not gonna lie, I don’t think the Mongola brothers are bad people. I think they do bad things to but Josef hasn’t gone out of his way to hurt people, and Jonathan has distanced himself as much as possible from his racist and xenophobic father only picking up the Nazi mantle again to harm fluffies.



“Rennt ihr kleinen Schweine, rennt.”

“Du hast ja auch keine Vorderbeine mehr du Dumme Schlampe.”

“Jetzt bist du Frei.”

“Tote Fluffys sagen was?”

“Sagt gute Nacht Kinder:”

“Ich sagte dir doch das du mir nicht folgen solltest Joey.”

That should be al German Dialog, hope i could help you.
If i forgot one just tell me.
I cant wait for the ending.


That’s excellent, thank you.

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No Problem i know that german is a though languege for others to lern and speak from all European Languages i think only Polnish and <Russian are harder to learn.

Like i said im German and this took me the same Time as it tock me to drink my Zombie cocktail.
If i can Help any one in this comunity i am Happy to Help.


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This is still early in Josef’s Fluffy experience, so he’s not gone full-abuser yet.

And yes, Alpha thought the land was his because he’s a Fluffy, any land that doesn’t have someone guarding it is instantly his bu virtue of ‘Cause I said so.’ It’s always been Herman’s, though he’s more pissed off about them eating his crops more than the invasion.


To think its almost Alpha have a mega herd by the start of the story with fluffys breed fast.

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Really? Fuck I didn’t realise it was a real thing.

I suppose in universe it makes sense, Jonathan is losing his mind, chances are he would take influence from Rwandan massacres.


Glad the flame thrower got used, but i’ll admit I felt disappointment each time when it wasn’t used on the foals. xD

Im assuming the context was they were explaining they were the smarties son, not ‘im a smarty’ right? Didn’t know if they’d managed to remain undetected and thus killed for being a smarty.

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