hush (Moesius)

art process


This is excellent work, but goddamn that reference is hard to look at


that’s why I put a trigger warning xD (even for me (a little bit) and I have a stone heart)
and thanks ^w^


I’m immune to most things, but abused dogs rips my heart out.
I completely agree with the warning, and I added one more layer to it. People need to be aware of what they’re about to see.


Sadly, I have seen worse.
On TV via Animal Planet and rescue animals ( its been ages since i saw it so i probably got the title of the show wrong ), I nearly threw something at my TV.

It stil pisses me off just thinking about it.

Edit : in my case it was cat abuse
And i fucking adore cats so…


yes xD I saw

yeah :confused:


i’ve unfortunately come across a lot of disturbing stuff including animals, but goddamn is it heartbreaking every time. thanks for the warning and beautiful work


thank you :3


sees reference, despite warnings

The fuck? How is this even possible?!


some have their special kind of view of the world

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You know, this is more or less what goes through my head when I give crap to the whole “abusers run rampant because fluffies are biotoys not animals”.

Humans do not need an excuse to be monsters to animals.

Hell, a man who actually lives in the small mountain town where my summer house is, actually keeps his dog in a cramped toolshed, only letting it out when he has to herd his sheeps.

On the same note, one of “my” cats was locked inside another man’s chicken coop (same small town, must be a convention of ignorant fucks around there) when it was barely a month old, to “catch rats, if it wanted to eat”.

Now I’m not going to say someone broke the cat out and took it home. But it has been living a comfortable, love-filled life for the last 9 years with us.

(In case you’re wondering, the stereotype for Italian Mountain people is basically what Americans have for Rednecks, only with less incest and more flailing of hands and arms)


Have all my fucking upvotes.

Humans don’t even need an excuse to be monsters to each other.


There’s a reason my mother felt the need to start a registered cat colony up there, with another resident.

To avoid “unnecessary cats” being put down or used for crap like that.

Better for females to be spayed and live in an abandoned house where people bring them food periodically, than to keep spawning kittens they wouldn’t be able to take care of/drawing more males to them when they are in heat.


you know, I’m a countryside french man and I can tell that the country side is not necesserly the less cruel ones. Citadins are more often psychos you know, I knew someone who kept his cat inside the house (and put a fence at his big garden door (I don’t know the translation but I think this is what americans call “french doors” ?) even though this was gardens around, or citadins who take a dog to “keep the house” or to do sports even though it looks more like torture (in most sinoclubs in france))

Exactly ! èé and I’m one of the partisan of spaying before first litter (no affection gap or whatever from the last one we spayed before the first litter, and else, she has a fucking pretty life so far)

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Ayyy preach it french neighbour!

All my cats are spayed/neutered, they are all sweethearts who give and receive tons of cuddles.


xD for real, I’m about to get a dog (09.09 soon and sooner * ^*) and I’m wandering if I won’t try to be dog educator (I mean, he (or she, but for now, more likely a he) will be my first dog on my own but when I see how rotten the “dog world” is rotten, it make me sick -_- so I’ll try to follow some formations to become pro if I have time :3)

well the elder is jealous like nothing else (but very quiet now because 18) and the younger, (the spayed “early” one) a true demon -_- … with me èé but with my mom and other cat, a darling èné that little fart

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I am more a cat person personally.
But every little bit in trying to fix things helps.

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I’m both ! the only other kind of animal I like is fishs (and maybe turtles and reptiles but I never “met” ones). I’m no comfy with rabbits, little mouses etc and mostly THOSE FUCKING SCREAMING BIRDS èé
for real, my big big sis have a couple and some offspring from them (she raised and “give” them) and those fucking birds do not sing ! They scream !!! all the time ;n; for no reason


Well those are parakeets\parrots.
And they are noisy, some people can stand them others can’t

“calopsites” èé
and they are the worst