I Know There Are Fluffies Nearby: Part 15 by FluffyOD

Can do anyfin if beweev.” -Fluffy proverb

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What is your inner beast, community?


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Inner beast is probably something generic like a cat or dog that turns into a bear when angry. Maybe a Snorlax or a bag of chips on a calm day.

Maybe daddeh can scream loud enough to rewrite babbeh’s thought bubbles. Perhaps yellow just is too dumb to remember properly.

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part of me would love to see that yellow one somehow outmatching the two crazys
but i know its a OD story so its gonna end with more over the top violence XP


I believe in Yellow Babbeh.


My beast is like lazy tired cat or a cold slow snake


I’m probably a very grumpy hedgehog…

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I actually kind of hope that yellow fatty finds its inner beast…but it’s inner beast is still a fluffy so it promptly gets stomped on.

I think I’m probably a bear, but one of those ones that just spends half the day foraging for berries and the other half sleeping.


My inner beast is a raccoon. I’d rather eat garbage and nap all day, but will fight you if you invade my space.

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lmao this is literally another meaning for “go apeshit” xD

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When you take out a new part
I’m lost of words

Words can not describe how does it feels

Chef’s Kiss

I’m ready to see what happens when the Heart of the Cards goes wrong.

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I feel like my inner beast is a racoon, doing nothing all day until the night.


Return to monke? CHECK

Impending doom for dumfuck foal? CHECK

Yup, its fluffyOD time


so i have a theory that since fluffies where artificially made nature itself sees them as heresy to the order of thing thus granting any one in tune with their inner beast the savagery and power to annihilate em, now how the “guy who knows where there are fluffies nearby” has too many innerbeasts is still a mystery unless all of them where superficial and his true beast ( the one he is more in tune with) hasn’t been reveleated yet

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Turns out violent madness is contagious. Who knew?

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I’m very scared but intrigued

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I believe

just smiles and laughs a bit

I’m gonna sound like a furry, but my spirit animal is a bear.

…what’s wrong with that? If you said my spirit animal is a two-legged dog in a thong or some disgusting shit, it would have been another story.