I’m making a fluffy beastiary(Mr_Anonymous)

I want to make an expanded beastiary sorta like ShadySmarties but expanded.

So there are more fluffy breeds/subspecies instead of the typical earth, Pegasus and unicorn (aquafluffies, microfluffies, kitsuneFluffies, Fuzzies Ect Ect) and I want it to have an combination of hivecannon and headcannon with a bit of worldbuilding to see how these breeds came to be.

I want to know what some of you guys thoughts (like should it be traditional or digital? Colored or greyscale?).

And I want your headcannons on the common breeds of fluffy ponies. Earthie, Wingie, and Hornie. And what other subbreeds of fluffies are there?


Bowl fluffies are fun and interesting, could add that :slight_smile:

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Kitsune fluffies are mentioned.
I am SO there.
If you want hear the lore about them I got way too much backstory for them which i’ll try to parse down.

As for how you want to portray it i think thats up to you.
Whatever is easiest for you.

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Would blankiefluffs count?

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Honestly anything alive and fluffy-like counts

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Why is my fluffies new blanket crying ?


Here they are: Introducing Blanket Fluffies/Blankiefluffs! (by recreationalsadist)

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Ahh, pillow fluffs but more suffering, got it!


I’d like to hear the lore since all I can infer is that they’re cross bred with a fox or something. Idk though

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I’ll note it all to you. its quite a wall of text.

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I’ve always been fond of bat fluffies! Fluffies with li’l bat wings. Their lore is a bit scattered but I think they have little fangs (because vampire bat dna, mostly for show), are more nocturnal than normal fluffies, and wouldn’t be scared of the dark (since nocturnal). They probably like fruit a lot.

There’s also demonfluffs, which are sometimes real actual demons from Hell and other times just normal fluffies with bat wings and horns. I like to think they’re just the “alicorn” version of bat fluffs.

Then there’s cow fluffies, who have udders and are generally cow-colored and have little cow features like horns and a thin tail. They give lots of good milk. I think they’re cute!

And then there’s fluffaloes. Bigger and tougher than normal fluffs with big ole buffalo horns. Good work fluffies, those ones, probably a bit more mellow than normal fluffs. Would be terrifying hellgremlins but the ones I’ve seen have been raised right.

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I just adopted a fluffalo.
I have no bloody idea what i’m gonna do with it yet.
Can you tell me more about them ?

Oh I know very little about fluffaloes, they’re used pretty rarely. As far as I know, this post is where they were first fleshed out and thus where most talk about fluffalo traits is.

Going off of personal thoughts, I feel like fluffaloes would be the gentle giants of the fluffy kingdom, with an overall slightly mellower way of talking and playing. I mean, can you imagine one running after a ball like other fluffies do? It would be super hazardous!
… So hazardous, now I want to see it!
Since they’re so big compared to others, it makes sense they’d also be careful around other fluffies, much like fluffies are with foals. So they’d still play and chase and stuff, just at a gentle jogging pace instead of a full-out dash.

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…figures its Carpdime, thats where kitsune fluffies come from.
So blame him for the UK kitsune fluffy breed and Rambo

Yeah that makes sense to me
I think that if they befriend you you have a friend for life who would gladly lay down their life for you if need be.
But if you are a fluffy a fluffalo can be very intimidating because of their size.

Also if you want to draw a fluffalo running after a ball feel free to use Pacific Punch
drink based adopts (RustyNickel) she has cybernetic legs so is possibly even more dangerous.
Could flip a small child if she isn’t carefull.

I’m soft planning a Fluffy TTRPG. We should talk and stat!

I’ve been actually getting into RPG’s lately

Who ?
Me or @Mr_Anonymous ?

Anybody who wants to participate. I’ll do a post later.

I’m not really in to table top rpg’s
Too many rules.

@swiftbitches also has unusual fluffies
Including several conjoined ones
Which might be a super niche sub species

and ehrrm this thing