i need cameo fluffies for the Ink & Pain Club (federalchemical1728)

i’ve written a little thing about Matt’s Daddy adopting him from a Fluffy Rescue Event but i need to populate the rest of the cages.

i thought it would be fun to offer cameos to whoever wants one. it’s a hugbox event (tho i’m willing to bet they allow abusers to buy badly-behaved rescues) and Matt is in a special quiet/calm tent with other stallions rescued from fighting rings or abusive homes who need to be kept by themselves. idk how in-depth i’ll go into the event (itll probably depend on how many submissions i get)

i hate to say Stallions Only, but i imagine mares being kept in a separate Calm Tent so there’s no temptation to fight over “enfies” and Matt’s Daddy is kind of a Toxic Macho Army Man at the time, so he only wants a “boy fluffy”

They’re also gonna take Matt’s New Babbeh to either a fluffmart or a fluffy vet (or both idk my toxic trait is Being Indecisive) which opens up more places for potential cameos

you can find the og story here

anyway yea lemme pick ur brain pls :brain::ok_hand::eyes::sweat_drops:


yould could toss in Bruce! though a designer fluff like him may not fare well in a cage




Could my Goblin act as the guest security guard watching over the cages? His TK powers could be useful keeping the rest in line.

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All of my characters are at your disposal but I think Warren and his fluffs, Shark, Cherry, Scotty and the foals, would suit a rescue event. Shark and Scotty were rescued from a fighting ring so that fits

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the Warren is Mr. Dave & Berry & Nicholas, right?

Shark and Scotty would be a perfect fit! how would they have acted before they were adopted? i wanna get their personalities right! ;w;

((also i think Brute is gonna be in for some more stitches :3c ))

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isn’t Goblin kinda scary? or was the Cock Goblin? i cant follow lore to save my life :skull:

either way he’d make a good guard for the abuser section actually



i’m thinking Bruce is at the vet to try and get a “cure” for his G A Y lol

Dyslexic Breeder Wants To Be Bred

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If you want a fluffy to do goofy stuff with, Glue Eater is at your service!


Cock Goblin’s dead the modded up super clone is now a fully trained hunter killer who’s developing a fondness for abusement park games. So leaving him in charge of the abuser section is a great idea.

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My hellgremlin joo has some rare features including:

Limb regeneration

Fire colored mane

Curly puffy tail

Lop ears


Kills talkie babbehs

Limbs regenerate, making immobilization more difficult

Aggressive towards all fluffies

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Give me like, an hour, to draw ya something to use (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

Edit; two hours, I can’t find a single eraser

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Warren is this guy

He’s an eldritch being living as a human and breeds fluffies. Shark would be slightly aggressive and extremely protective of Scotty. Scotty would be pretty calm and alert but extremely nervous around mares and doesn’t like his scars mentioned. He also soothes Shark when when his brother gets worked up.

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If you visit the vet, a Dr. Crazystein cameo would be possible. He was pretty much a fuzzy little vet student for a while, watching his favorite veterinarian work while recovering from his own injuries. (Specifically he followed Dr. Andersson, who has been treating Crazystein ever since he was a foal.)

Dr. Andersson also treats Ivo, a wood-colored ex-feral toughie who acts as Crazystein’s bodyguard and has (non-functional) falcon wings thanks to Crazystein’s surgical expertise, so he could also be a good cameo.


Bobo and Portable Watcher (aka The Bush Boi)

Info on Bobo

Bobo is a Fuffalo x Wooly(sheep)
Basically an, emotionally-traumatized support animal, specially breed to take a beating and his job requires him to take more than a few, dude’s seen lots and has plenty more to see

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All I have is her adoption form

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late to the party, but Lizard could be fun, I never did finish out what happened to him.