Ice-Cube's story Part 2 - Comic by Naughty Fox

Hello again! Weeks ago I drew a short comic about a foal called Ice-cube who was rescue from the freezing streets. Look like isn’t fair to punish him when didn’t even do something wrong in first place. So, I asked you if I should give him another chance and you said yes. Well, here you have Ice-Cube 2.

Enjoy! :fox_face:

Now that we have seen Ice-Cube grow, what do you think I should do with him?
  • A) Let him be happy, he’s just a little baby
  • B) Fuck the shit-rat!

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Ice-Cube’s story - Par 1


The seeds of smartydom planted in that jar of a brain… well he’s doomed


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That leads us to the next question, are smarties born or made? :exploding_head:



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That is an excellent question… i would like to believe both. You can have the Fluffies that ofc get pampered and entitled and ego developing into a Smarty BUT there are also the ones that simply grow envious of others on their own or stiff like that.

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He had a chance to be happy. And he blew it.

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Isn’t It the fluffies fate?

Yeah, I think It is like some diseases: genetic predisposition and the influence of the enviroment.


Agreed… tis a strange thing

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Back into the freezer they go, to the very back.

I personally say both. Don’t know the full trigger, it seems to be the word ‘smart’ to be the overall cause. Someone needs to do x-rays on a fluffy’s brain to see any change.


He had a full year of being spoiled, he now deserves a full year of being tortured.

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Nah, a vivisection is better :laughing:

Bit by bit. I already have plans for him. :new_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face:

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Nice to see I’m not the only one who writes E’s like backwards 3s!

Though this Lil shit deserves so much >:)

ah he’s being raised in a shit environment. he’s just as much of a brat as the kid is. maybe they can go to fluffy training together to learn how to both be better?
Though seeing these parents thats not gonna happen and they’re both gonna become brats unless something drastic happens
rip to both the fluffy and the girl’s future

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Fuck him up! With the phrasing of the poll, could it have gone any other way?

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Ok now give him frostbite