Imagine a Fluffy Breeding Sim

I don’t know where I’d normally post this and I guess I’m just asking it as a social thing to be a conversation starter.

I play Lioden and Wolvden and used to play Flight Rising for a super short time. Those are all games where you have a group of creatures and breed them to get better ones with cooler marking and colour combinations and such. And people are always talking in the game chats about how they’re discarding the ugly babies that get produced when they breed their wolves or their dragons or whatever.

All I can think about is how this kind of game would translate pretty perfectly to a fluffy breeding and genetics sim. You know?


Yes and no.

Breeding is usually more the setting for the boxes. Hug, Sad, and Abuse. Rarely Weird.

Without something more you’ve turned the starting place into the whole experience.

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Well, of course. The breeding is also only part of those games, with a lot more going into what you can do using the creatures you’ve caught, bought or bred. At least Lioden and Wolvden are. I can’t speak for FR since I only played for a short moment.

Caring for the fluffies like virtual pets and doing stuff with them and dressing them or customizing them, would be hugbox. But you’d have to implement some system of abusing or killing fluffies in a satisfying way that would be game-relevant to appeal to abusers. Which obviously woulf lack, er… mass mainstream appeal. You know?


why is it always a breeding sim game why never a side scroller whit a mamam trying to find her babies a tower defense law invasion why always a breeding sim who sees fluffies and says you know what best represents fluffies making more fluffies is it a hug thing

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Okay. It was more me just saying I play fantasy animal breeding games and found the mechanics similar to how I imagine fluffy breeding for desirable colours to be. Especially since in those games, you kill or throw out the ones that aren’t desirable.

I was more saying that how those games works reminds me of the idea of being a fluffy breeder, than saying fluffies make me think of those games. If that makes sense.

I see breeding fluffies as a neutralbox thing. Running a fluffy mill doesn’t strike me as automatically or even presumably hugbox.

This topic seems to have a roughly six month interval for when someone asks about a fluffy breeding game.

Look up Fluffgen.

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Oh, I had no idea. I’m fairly new and actually haven’t looked into the idea of fluffy games at all.

Like I said, it was just a conversation starter. I wouldn’t actually expect it to work as a real game and wasn’t spitballing ideas. Just musing I suppose.

Oh wow I had no idea this existed.

I’ve kind of been mulling it in my mind since I last checked out the Creatures franchise, TBH. This is interesting!

Cheers, welcome.

Fluffy games are notorious for going nowhere. Fluffgen may be the most realized one out there but I haven’t seen anything of it for ages.

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Maybe it’s because people for some reason want to play as a human dealing with fluffies, rather than the fluffies themselves?

I’d much rather play as a fluffy, but I can’t think of any other reason why so many people gravitate toward breeding sims. It’s not like they’re easier, having to account for all the genetics and such. And heck, even if you do play a human, your tower-defense idea or having a target-range game where you shoot fluffies or something would provide more variety.

That said, I do remember there being a short fluffy platformer. It only had a few stages, and I read that the last level ended in a jumpscare which made me not want to beat it… But it existed.

there is a variable cornucopia of failed fluffy breeder games

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In Lioden and Wolvden, you actually play as the head lion or wolf and make internal decisions about how your pride/pack functions, who does what job/role, who breeds with who, which babies are good enough to raise or ugly enough to kill, etc. Lioden even uses a good/evil karma system where doing abusive stuff to your lionesses and cubs makes your character evil and changes your longterm game experience.

And then you have games like Creatures where the norns have AI and can learn and even teach things ad skills to each other. Like teaching their babies skills. IDK, I just always loved creature raising games and I also like fluffies.

It was all just an idea and I didn’t mean to annoy anyone or beat a dead fluffy.

Yeah sorry but I had no idea and wasn’t really saying one should be made. I was just musing about ideas.

Oh no, don’t worry, I’m not annoyed with you. It’s just a thing I find curious, since as mentioned everyone seems to hone in on that exact niche genre and there must be some reason why it happens. And as you explained – it’s not even an easy genre! AI, morality systems and various events, there’s a lot more than meets the eye to making a breeding game.

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don’t apologize people are big boys if a tread annoys them then it is up to them to not read it. i just find it odd that after so many failures people still gravitate to a breeding sim whit the only completed fluffy games have not been breeding sims

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since we are now talking about it how would you handle penalizing overly abusive breeders what mechanics besides money would you see being used to keep players from just being overly nice how would you see forcing the breeder to make hard decisions that would be seen as abusive

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Well, I can only really speak for Lioden but the system actually kind of “awards” abusive players in a way.

There’s a karma system and you play as the lead male, so you recruit and breed with the females for better stat/looking cubs. Beating on or killing your lionesses, killing your unwanted cubs instead of adopting them out or selling them, etc, lowers your karma and makes you evil when your karma gets low enough. And having that super low-karma evil status isn’t a hindrance but just kind of changes your game experience. You get different NPC encounters, random events, quests, items, etc for being evil vs. good. That way there’s equal appeal in being cruel or kind and neither makes you “miss you.”

A collosseum/battle arena to fight fluffies against each other for profit, resulting in injury and death, is also an idea for an abuser’s way to breed and utilize better-stat fluffies. Fluffies that battle could “earn” scars and cosmetic items of missing eyes, ears, etc. That happens in Lioden or Wolvden where after a battle your character can end up with a huge scar or a missing eye and it’s visible.

They also have babies that can be born with mutations, like mermaid syndrome, which will kill the baby if you can’t use an item to “freeze it.” But you get messages about how heartbroken and sad the mom is watching her baby suffer.

So I guess all that, in my mind, could be fun and interesting with fluffies. But I also understand that games like that take a lot of time, effort, and HUGE server space that costs a lot of money to maintain. I don’t think it could ever work longterm as a real game.

But I promise I will think of fluffies every time my bright and rare coloured mothers birth a low-tier baby who has to go in the garbage!

It also helps for it to be online and allow breeding/battling with other players and not just your own stock. Community-driven. It’s dead end altogether I think if it had to be single-player focus.