Into the Abyss - 4 (by Tia)

what can i say? i dislike purple. Not much in this page besides some world building.
love u guys mwah


Baaaaaaaybies! :frowning: :sob: :scream:

Such amazing work, wow. I love the texture, the feeling of the color work.


Thats anti purple bias !

i also got muh tablet and software fear me !

…i know i am already afraid of all the options


You are always so sweet to me :pleading_face::heart:


What kind omg!!!


I’m at the point where I respect work far more than talent. So, seeing work makes me happy :slight_smile:

thanks for putting up with my whining… baaaaabies! :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Manga studio debut 4, and an ancient Wacom tablet that’s leaking dinosaur juice from its rubber coating.
I’m trying to learn this on the cheap.


How much RAM does your rig have? i find Krita seemed interesting but it must be a RAM pig. My Ryzen 7 (8/8) laptop w/8g RAM didn’t run it well, but my really old 2014(?) Xeon 1231 quad core w/32g RAM liked it quite a bit.

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16 gig.
it will do fine.
If I wil do fine is another matter altogether.
My tablet has drivers for win 98 me and xp on its drive i had to go driver hunting to get it to work .


They don’t even make my tablet anymore lmfao, and I stole my software, overall my set up was 70$ >:D
@Chikahiro do you want my cracked sai2 file? I can dm you if you want it! Krita and gimp DESTROYED my laptop lol. Check out Photopea if you want a browser based photoshop ripoff! If you’re looking for a new drawing program anyway.


Then i should have no problem then !
…other then learning the software.
Oh god layers, 32 bit, masked layers what is this ?!

doodles on rambo in MS4 i got some result not sure if i likes em.

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Yeah I think it’s Rambo and Tia time :thinking:

Nah, I’m good, thank you! I got Corel Painter for cheap via Humble Bundle, and am trying Sketchbook (recommended by @infraredturbine) on my PC and Android tablet. Learning them at the moment :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna leave that to you for now.
I’m stil getting to grips with this stuff in an, ooh what does this button do …oh that, …i see. kinda of fashion.

I managed to “ink” Rambo, coloring is still very …eh i’m looking in to masked layers.

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When ur finished “inking”/line art, move the color layer UNDER the line art layer, then you won’t color over your black lines!


…Under ?
I have no idea how to do that ^^*
I assume it’s done via masked layers

As the cliche goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I draw a pencil layer. I make another then ink. I make ANOTHER in between and do base colors there. Then another layer above that one for highlights and shadows (usually turn that layer to 20% opacity). Its pretty simple/easy, and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge :slight_smile:

Damn! Thats not good if they going down there , there is some dangerous creatures in there. :scream:

Awesome page and the details :+1:


…uh, if you say so.
All that sounds really complicated to me.

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Sorry to jump in on this convo but keep it up! I have an ancient wacom cintiq that’s trying to die on me so I feel your pain