It Shines With Avarice (federalchemical1728)

dexter doodle

i picked my fav for @Karn 's pokemon event but i got beat to it by mere minutes by Gems before Fluffies. "WildeFaun" lol

im not even mad bc i love these little goblins hehehe
these bitches eat ROCKS

adhd burnout update

im in a burnout phase. im not gonna pretend it’s not real, im not gonna “break through” or “overcome” it. im gonna just accept it & go do something else in the meantime. my muse will return whenever it returns, trying to force it will just aggravate everything further like a strained muscle. i promised myself i’d just go with the flow this weekend.

plus, i’m definitely in Waiting Mode for my next appointment (and hopefully new meds) so there’s no point in trying to force myself. i’ll be able to feel in control of my own brain soon. i just need to wait a little longer. take this time to rest and prepare, do what i can. but if i can’t, don’t worry about it.


Aww lol, you shame and humble me with you skill.


One of my all time faves. I Make sure to keep a sableye or mimikyu on my team at all times


Hell yeah, Sableye is best!!

Also sorry ta hear about your burnout, i eagerly await your return, however!


It’s amazing FedChem. Thank you so much.

And if there are multiples, I’ll just use multiple. No worries. This is for fun and everyone should have a chance to work with their favorite Pokémon.

Sorry about the burnout and anxiety friend. I know how hard it can be.


Amazing work. Love how it reminds me of good ol’ D&D rulebooks. I love seeing talented people like yourself who have a distinct style to them.

Also yay burnout, can we be Burnout Buddies? :weary:
X-ing fingers for some good smile pills!


Stop lurking, Karn.

I get notified if someone comments.
And never.

Tasty ink work!


Awwwwww, absolutely precious!!

(ADHD burnout is a pain. Rest up as long as you need!)