Josef Finds A Fluffy Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

Josef shut the door so that Blanka couldn’t hear him and brought the recorder up to his lips, speaking in hushed tones so that the tape could still pick him up.

“Fluffy Experiment Number 1, subject’s name is Blanka, type; unicorn, age; unknown but above the breeding threshold. Lead researcher is Mr Josef Mongola, assistant is Katherine Townsend. Fluffies are known for their innate trust of humans, often to their own detriment, however this trust is easily broken when Fluffies are met by abusers. Experiment Number 1 will examine how a Fluffy reacts to abuse when the abuser treats such acts as accidents, will the Fluffy, an accident-prone species itself, accept the falsehood, or will it turn against its owner. Full details on subject Blanka can be found in the addendum films for this experiment.”

Josef stopped recording and looked up, Katherine was looking at him like he was crazy.

“You sure are taking this shit seriously.”

“I have to Kat, I’ve no idea what I’m going to find during these experiments, I need to cover all bases to make sure that whatever we uncover can be put down as official. Besides I’m clearly not going to be working after next week, might as well take the time to do this properly.”

“I couldn’t help but notice you said experiments, as in plural.”

“I’ve got a couple ideas, might do them with Blanka, might do them with other Fluffies depending on how things go.”

“Ok, well remember I pay rent on this place too, I’m not losing my half of the deposit cause you fucked the floors with Fluffy blood.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

Josef opened the door and went back through to see Blanka, he wasn’t sure where this violent desires in his head were coming from, despite some mildly sociopathic behaviour, Josef wasn’t one to hurt small animals, he’d killed a dog once but that was because it had trespassed onto his family property and his father made him shoot it.

It was the first and last time Josef ever held a gun.

But actively torturing a creature was new territory, it wasn’t like he thought he was above it or anything – he and Katherine had played a fair number of mind-games on their fellow students – but this was a whole different ballgame.

Had he bothered to think about it, Josef might have been concerned about how quickly his mind went towards inflicting pain.

Josef found Blanka sitting on the table, still nursing his broken leg. “Hey buddy, listen I am really sorry about that, I didn’t know you were so delicate.”

“Is ok, daddeh nu mean tu gib weggie huwties.”

This was going to be even easier than Josef thought. “Well I’m still sorry, how about we just sit down and watch some TV, I don’t have any Fluff-TV but we can find something suitable for you.”

“Bwanka wike Tee-Bee.”

“Glad to hear it pal, let’s keep things calm for the moment.”

Josef sat on the sofa and took Blanka to sit in his lap, he found a typicall children’s channel on the TV and let Blanka distract himself with the colours and the songs while Josef scratched his sides. After a few minutes it was like Blanka had completely forgotten that his leg was supposed to be broken.

Either Fluffies heal a lot faster than Josef realised, or Blanka was too dumb to remember the pain.

As Blanka happily bounced on Josef’s leg to the asinine singing on the screen, Josef slowly moved his hand upwards on Blanka’s body towards his front right leg, the one that wasn’t broken. He knew Fluffies broke easily so timing wasn’t an issue, the issue was timing the apology to make it sound like an accident without sounding like he was prepared for it.

Then Josef remembered he was dealing with a Fluffy who was, by design, a fucking idiot.

Still, he had to still make it LOOK like an accident, so while Blanka danced his retarded little dance, Josef slipped Blanka’s leg between his index and middle finger, and gave it a sharp twist. To Josef’s shock, the twist didn’t just break Blanka’s leg.

It tore the whole damn thing off his little body.

“AAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!” Blanka screeched as another blast of scardie-poops shot out from him, staining Josef’s lap as Blanka tried to run away from the pain, falling off Josef’s lap and onto the floor, damaging his broken left leg even more.


Josef was genuinally shocked that the leg had come off that easily and took a second to recover himself. “Blanka I’m so sorry, my hand must’ve slipped, it was an accident, I swear.”

“Bwanka need weggie bak, need tu wan an pway.” Blanka was getting a little more subdued as his fast clotting took some of the pain away from his missing limb.

Josef paused for a moment, wondering what the hell the obsession with running and playing was, was it just Blanka or was this all Fluffies? “I’m not sure I can put it back Blanka, it looks like it won’t fit back on. Let me take you through to the kitchen, we’ll get you cleaned up.

Josef reached down, hoping to catch Blanka off-guard again, he took the broken leg in his hand and when he went to pull the little green guy up, he yanked the leg and pulled it straight off, leaving Blanka with no front legs at all.

Blanka screamed again, he was out of scardie-poops but he was starting farting up a storm in fear. “NU MOWE FWONT WEGGIES! Nyo Bwanka neba gib huggies gain, Fwuffies awe fow huggies an wub, nu huwties.”

“Blanka, I’m so sorry, I’ve no idea what’s happening, this is just terrible, we need to get you somewhere safe.”

“NU! Nu, meanie daddeh nu tuch Bwanka, nu wan mowe huwties.”

Wtihe great difficulty giving his new disability, Blanka ran – and dragged – behind the arm of the sofa, trying to hide from the mean human who’d taken his arms. Not that his hiding skills mattered cause Josef could still see him but he figured he’d give Blanka some space.

As Josef got up, standing carefully so the shit-stains on his legs didn’t spill out, he noticed Katherine watching him from the doorway, smirking at his predicament.

“Having fun?” She teased at him.

“Ask again later. He got scared of me after two legs lost, turns out Fluffies aren’t as dumb as I thought.”

“Or rather, you ARE dumber than you thought. You got greedy Joe, Fluffies have short memories but you gotta give them time between sessions so they forget what you did. Here, you go clean yourself up, I’ll handle the Fluffy.”

Josef didn’t argue with her, wanting to get the shit out of his clothes as fast as he could. While Josef left for the bathroom, Katherine knelt down beside the crying Blanka, she softly stroked his fur and cooed at him.

“Hey, hey it’s ok, mummy’s here little guy.”

“Huu, mummah, wai daddeh take weggies, Bwanka nu gib huggies nu mowe, huggies make ebeyfing betta.”

“I know they do, but I’m sure daddy didn’t mean to, he’s just clumsy like that. Tell you what, how about I cook you up some nice dinner and then afterwards I’ll give you a haircut.”

“Wha haiwcut?” Blanka shivered at the scary ‘cut’ word.

“It’s a way for mummy to make your fluff all neat and tidy. You want to look pretty don’t you?”

“Yeh pwease mummah, Bwanka wan wook pwetty.”

“Great to hear, but first, dinner.”

Josef returned a little while later in a fresh set of clothes to find Katherine holding a happy Blanka in her arms while feeding him pizza toppings. She scratched his belly and giggled with him.

“I see you’ve been busy.” Josef said with just a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Oh grow up, poor little thing’s been through a lot. Meanie daddy gave Blanka worst hurties.”

Blanka curled in closer to Katherine, his fear of Josef still not gone yet, Katherine coddled him like an infant.

“There there, it’s ok baby. Daddy was just a dummy, not a meanie. I’m sure if he says he’s sorry then it’ll be ok.”

Josef looked at Katherine, confused about where she was going, but the look in her eyes told him to just go along with it. He cleared his throat and knelt down to eye-level with Blanka.

“Blanka, I’m very sorry I took your legs, it was an accident, and I promise never to do it again.”

“Is ok daddeh, Bwanka miss weggies, bu mummah make Bwanka feew betta wiv peppawoni.”

“Is that… are you feeding him my pizza?”

“Relax, it’s just the toppings, I’ve saved most of it.”

Josef was still annoyed at Blanka eating his dinner but he kept quiet, sat away from the two new found friend and ate what remained, still confused as to what Katherine was up to.

After a good meal, Blanka gave a hearty burp and cuddle his stumps around Katherine.

“Fank yu fow gud nummies mummah.”

“My pleasure hun, would you like me to give you a hair cut so you can look nice and pretty, then tomorrow we can take you out to find you a new special-friend.”

Blanka started bouncing again. “YEH! Bwanka wub nyu speciaw-fwiend, wan hab babbehs gain.”

“Ok then, I’ll be right back.”

Josef moved to follow her but Katherine motioned for him to stay seated. What the hell was she doing? Special-friends and haircuts? This wasn’t what Josef had expected from her at all, especially given her reaction to Blanka when he arrived.

Katherine returned shoftly afterwards with a pair of scissors and some newspaper, she lay the newspaper on the floor and waved Blanka over.

“Come here boy, let’s get you all nice and cleaned up for the pretty mares.”

Blanka happily pulled himself to the edge of the sofa where Katherine picked him up and placed him down on the newspaper, carefully going over his fluff with the scissors so that any loose piece were cut off.

“You see Joe, because I’m studying animal wellfare, we have to take classes on Fluffies, and the one thing they drive into you is how fragile the little guys are.”

Katherine moved the smiling Blanka so that she could reach the curve of his hips.”

“You remember what I said to you earlier, you can’t just rush into things with these guys, you need to remind them why they should trust you no matter what you do to them.

Katherine moved the scissors lower, feeling Blanka shiver as the blades grazed his special-lumps.

“That way you can get as close to them as you like, and do whatever the fuck you want to them.”

There was a snip and a squirt of blood against Katherine’s chest as she stared as Josef, her eyes steady, her smile cruel. Then a beat as the reality came crashing down on the three of them, followed by Blanka’s horrendous wail.


In a flash, Katherine put on her best look of horror and cradled Blanka to her chest. “OH Blanka, I’m so sorry, mummy’s hand must’ve slipped, I never saw your lumps, they were so small. We can still get you a special-friend tomorrow, maybe they won’t mind.”

“Bu Bwanka wan babbehs, speciaw-fwiend nu wan Bwanka if nu can gib babbehs, am stawwion nu mowe. Wan die, WAN DIE!”

Katherine pulled Blanka from her chest and looked him in the eye, the sad look still on her face. “Do you really want to die Blanka?”

Blanka nodded.

The sad look vanished from Katherine’s face instantly. “Ok then.”

Before either Blanka or Josef could react, Katherine wielded her open scissors like a blade and pierced Blanka in his chest, the little green shit gurgled and choked as blood began to fill his lungs, before Katherine closed the blades and cut through his lungs, hearts and any other organ in her way. Blanka’s eyes rolled back and her went limp on the newspaper, he was dead.

Katherine casually pulled the scissors out the unicorn’s body and wrapped him in the newspaper. She stood up, walked over to the bin and dropped him in, then she turned to face Josef, enjoying the look of shock on his face.

“We need to set some ground rules.”

“Christ Kat, what the hell was that?”

“That was waste management, your experiment was already done for, I just took a little time with finishing it for my own benefit. Now I don’t mind you practising shit in here, hell I’ll happily help you out if you need me to, but with all this blood and shit from one Fluffy, we’re not doing psychical experiments anymore, psychological only. Less mess and we can actually make something last long enough to be fun. If we do need to resort to cutting things off we prepare ahead of time, do it in the bathroom, or in one of the basins, something easy to clean up afterwards. You got it?”

Josef stared at his girlfriend, this was a new side of her and his brain wasn’t sure how to process it. Well, his big brain didn’t, his little brain on the other hand…

“Is it weird that I’m hard right now?”

Katherine’s eyes glanced downwards and smirked at what was between Josef’s legs.

“I don’t know…”

She reached down and pulled her top off, specks of Fluffy blood staining her skin.

“…why don’t you come find out.”

Josef near enough bounded across the room and enveloped Katherine, that night would be one of their most passionate as a couple.

Katherine never washed her hands of the blood until they were finished.

Josef lay in his bed, playing with Katherine’s rich burgundy hair as she cuddled into him, he was wide awake but she was getting closer towards sleep with every passing minute.

“So… what kind of psychological experiments were you thinking of?” Josef asked her after a few moments of silence.

“Hmm, dunno. Maybe something to do with special-friends, the little shit seem to bounce between loving one and only one forever and raping everything with a pulse. Seem some real fucked-up shit in the clinic. Mums and babies can be a bit weird so we can work in something with that, oh, and I’ll tell you what’s always interested me, Fluffy incest.”


“Yeah, no matter how horny the fuckers get, and trust me they get REAL horny, they’ll never fuck family members, something to do with a scent repellent. I wanna know how much it’ll take to break that.”

“You’ve givne this some thought haven’t you?”

“Am I that obvious. Told you Joe, seen these pricks do some heinous shit, I’m over the cute act.”

“Aren’t you studying animal husbandry? Surely with Fluffy libido’s you’ll have to deal with their young more than any other.”

“Well technically it’s more midwifery than anything but still, I’m able to separate my work and my home life, I can do my job without snapping a Fluffy in two. Besides the babies don’t know any better and if the mother’s a cunt I have ground to separate them so the kid has a chance to grow up healthy and happy. Small perk of the job.”

“We should’ve started killing Fluffies earlier.”

Katherine chuckled and pulled Josef closer, only for his phone to start ringing.

“Fuck, who the hell is calling at this time of night.”

Josef looked over and saw the caller I.D., and felt his breath catch in his throat.

“Shit, I need to take this.”

“Why, who is it?”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be quick.”

Before Katherine could ask anymore questions, Josef took the phone and quickly left the room. Once he was far enough away so she couldn’t overhear him, Josef hissed at the caller.

“What the fuck are you doing calling me?”

The man on the other end laughed. “Whoa there Joey, I’m just calling up to see if you’re alright, you know since you’ve been blacklisted by every doctor’s office in the country.”

“How the fuck do you know…”

“Because what is the point in spying on you if I’m not gonna go the whole hog? Your professor had some choice words to say about you, and surprisingly most of them were good, right up until the whole ‘cutting people up just cause you can’ thing.”

“I swear if you’ve told…”

“Relax, you know me better than that, this is our little secret. But since we’re now on the same wavelength, I wanted you to know that I’ll be in town over the week, you want to catch up?”

“You know I don’t, I don’t want to see you or anyone else again.”

The man chuckled. “Yeah, but you know that’s not going to stop me.”

Josef sighed, knowing the man was right. “Does it have to be this week, this isn’t a good time.”

“Damn right it’s not a good time, that’s why I’m coming in. You gotta get some stress relief Joe, fuck that pretty redhead you’re with a few more times, go out and torture a puppy, do something to help boost that fucking serotonin in your bloodstream. Just try to be happy for once, actually happy, not just pretending anymore.”

“If I do that, will you stay away?”

“We’ll see. Oh, and Joey…”

Josef paused, his thumbs millimetres away from hanging the phone up, he swore he could hear the evil grin on the other end of the line.

“…see you soon baby brother.”

Chapter 3


The writing is good but…

These are two sick and twisted people.


Josef being a little brother makes perfect sense! I can’t wait to meet the family.


Man that was a nice littel story but i think continueti wise Blanka was more fragile than any other fluffy Josef has torturt in one of your stoeys.

But still Super fun im Always happy seing a new story.


id kiss both josef and katherine

and ah the baby brother

also its fucked he was forced to kill a dog… a fluffy? yea a dog? i take a bat to his father’s knees


love it. I’m trying to muster up a way to do psychological abuse myself without it seeming forced. I can’t wait to see how you execute it.


Meh. A dog is just raw materials for engineered species now.


Why do I feel like Katherine is somehow even worse and more wicked than Josef?


i mean

who knows


I probably just dislike her more than the Nazi wannabe. She just screams 'I’m an irredeemable c*nt" to me.


you read chap 3 yet?
its great

katherine knows fluffy psyche


Josef and Katherine have a toxic co-dependency, they bring out the worst in each other but it’s too much fun for them to stop.

Katherine is probably worse at this moment in time, but she’s got a lot of growing to do between this and the main timeline so there is hope for her yet.

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