Josef Finds A Fluffy Ch.5 [By BFM101]

Josef carried the box with his new red smarty foal down into a quiet alleyway, he noted there were a couple pairs of eyes staring at him from the shadows, it seemed that slowly but surely, the Fluffy invasion was reaching the city.

But Josef paid no attention to them, his attention was on the red smarty.

Josef had heard of Smarty Syndrome before, a spoiled foals turns into a bossy adult, but he’d never seen it in practise before. For the five minutes he walked with his new purchase he heard about 147 different demands with the majority of them being for either sketties or enfies. Josef had to bite his tongue to keep from throwing the little cunt against the wall and being done with him.

Eventually he found the end of the alleyway, it was secluded enough that he didn’t risk anyone finding him should they hear the smarty’s screams. And boy was he going to scream. Josef put the box on the ground and opened the top, immediately the smarty stuck his head out and looked around.

“Dummeh hoomin, dis nu nyu house, Smawty wan bestesh housie wiv skettis an enfie-mawe fow gud-feews.”

The little shit probably didn’t even know what ‘good-feels’ were, he just wanted to fuck something.

“Easy there Red, I just need to sort a couple things out, then we’ll be on our way.”

“Smawty name am Wed? Wiww du fow nyo. Jus huwwy up.”

Josef reached into his shopping bag and pulled out the immobilisation board, he’d seen a few different designs but this one seemed simple enough, you place the Fluffy on top of the middle portion, setting its legs in the divots, then the two sides close in like Medieval stocks and trap the Fluffy in a permanent state of standing.

“Do you know what this is?” Josef asked Red, wanting to see how easy this would be for him.

“Wook wike dummeh hoomin fing. Wed nu cawe, wan enfie-mawe, speciaw-wumps hab wowstesh huwties.”

This was going to be easier than he thought. “This is a Smarty strength checker, only the biggest and strongest Smarties can break it open. I figured we’d test it on you so we can show off to all the pretty mares, then you’ll have all the best enfies you could ever want.”

“Hmmph, Smawty am bestesh awweady, dummeh mawes nu need pwoof. Bu Wed du dummeh tess, show hoomin how ee-see it is.”

Josef couldn’t believe how easily Red had been manipulated, Katherine must be on to something with this psychological crap. He picked Red out of the box, placed him into the immobilisation board and locked him in place. Red immediately started flexing as much as his weak little muscles could manage, but the board wouldn’t even budge.

“HHHUURRRGGHH! Dummeh tess nu wowk, Smawty am stwongesh Fwuffy eba, wai nu bweak tess?”

Josef made a mental note to try this again with Fluffies and an audience later. “Hmm strange, you should be having no problem with this if you’re as strong as you say. Unless, you’ve been lying to me.”

“NU! Fwuffy am stwong, dummeh tess bwoken.”

“No, I think you’ve been lying to me, and liars need to get punished.”

Josef whipped out the sorry-stick and brought it down on Red’s behind. It was a cheap thing, likely to break if he used it too much, but it got the message across.

“AHH, wowstesh huwties, Fwuffy nu desewve dis.”

“You lied to me, yes you do.”

Josef smacked him again, getting the fleshy part of his hindquarters.

“PWEASE! Nu mowe sowwy-stick huwties, Fwuffy be gud.”

“Hmm, I don’t believe you.”

Josef smacked Red again, getting the tip of the stick right on the edge of Red’s testicles.

“EEEKKK!” Red screamed as he shat himself, his body quivering from the pain.

“Huu, huu, wai meanie daddeh huwt Wed, Wed am onwy wittew babbeh, nu du nuffin.”

Josef bent down and looked Red straight in the eye.

“Who the fuck said I was your daddy?”

Josef reached into the bag and pulled out his final tool, the leg cutter. This was a strange device, it looked like a nutcracker device but it had the option of a blade attachment, given how easily Fluffies broke anyway, Josef wondered why it wasn’t just one of the other.

He attached the blade first to see how easily it worked, and held one of Red’s back legs between the sharp instruments. It cut through so cleanly that Josef didn’t even notice that the job was done until Red started screaming.

“NUUUUU!!! Weggie gun, Wed need weggie tu wun an…” Josef flicked Red on the nose to shut him up.

“Enough about running and playing, my god you fuckers are just obsessed with that shit.”

Without waiting for Red to finish crying about his dismemberment, Josef sliced off his other back leg.

“NUHUUUHUUU! Meanie take Wed’s weggies, nyo neba wun gain.”

“You’ll never enf anything either now that you can’t mount a bitch. But you were never going to do that anyway, you fucking shitrat.”

While Red wailed about his missing back legs, Josef removed the blade attachment and placed one of Red’s front legs in the now blunt instrument. The slow squeeze allowed Josef to feel every bone crack and break from the pressure, Red’s scardie-poopies were now pouring out of him like a firehose.


With the leg suitable crushed into absolute worthlessness, Josef gave the tool a sharp twist and, with barely any resistance, the leg ripped right off of Red’s helpless little body. Red was still crying and shitting but after so much pain he lacked the effort to even do either right anymore.

Josef lifted the little smarties head up so that he could look Red in the eye. “I’m gonna be honest with you Red, you’re not coming home with me, I was never going to take you in anyway. But before I leave you here, I want you to choose what I cut off last, do you want me to take your last leg and leave you a pillowed and useless in this alleyway, or do you want me to cut off your no-no stick so you want be able to fuck, but you could use that leg to pull yourself around?”

“Wed nu wan wose weggie ow no-no stick.”

“You have to choose, or I’ll take both.”

“Wed nu wan be mawe, nu wose no-no stick, stiww wan gud-feews.”

The fucking idiot was choosing the possibility of sex over movement, he wasn’t getting laid either way but he wasn’t thinking about that. Josef disdain for Fluffies grew slightly that day.

“Far enough, remember though, you chose this.”

Josef took the cutting tool and pulled Red’s last remaining leg off his broken little body, with nothing holding him in anymore, Red slipped right out of immobilisation board and rolled off onto the hard concrete. Josef righted the Fluffy up and patted him on the head.

“Thank you Red, you’ve been very enlightening to me, and you’ve helped me deal with some stress I’ve had recently. Well, enjoy yourself.”

“Wait, how Wed gun find nummies wiv nu weggies?” The prospect of starving finally hit the little guy.”

Josef shrugged. “I dunno, I think I saw some fruit underneath the bin over there, why don’t you go look.”

Josef turned and left, the sound of Red’s pointless grunts of exertion as he tried to will his body into motion filled his ears as he rounded a corner and went home.

Josef returned home just as Jonathan was readying himself to leave, even with his recent stress relief Josef still tensed up at the sight of his brother.

Jonathan gave a small smile at the sight of Josef. “You have fun?”

“Somewhat, got something to calm me down.”

“Glad to hear it.”

Josef looked over at Katherine, noting that she had been crying. “What’d you tell her?”

“Enough, she knows about Martha and Rolfy, I told her why I think you’ve not told her about them. You need to let go of some of that anger Joey, it’s not good for you.”

“You don’t know what the fuck is good for me.”

“Cause you won’t let me. Fuck it, we’re not getting into this argument again, I’ll be on my way. But you should know why I came in the first place and it’s to warn you. When you get your degree, mum and dad are going to invite you to dinner, and they’re not going to take no for an answer.”


“Exactly. And head up, they’re only going to invite you, they won’t explicitly say Katherine isn’t allowed to come but you know mum and her double-speak. They want me there as well so I’ve been able to push the date to next month to help you prepare, far as they know I’m still out of the city.”

“Why haven’t you told them you’re back yet.”

“Because fuck em, my baby brother comes first. I’ll couch-surf at a few hideaways I have stashed around for a couple weeks, you don’t need to worry about me.”

“I never do.”

Jonathan laughed and clapped a hand to Josef’s shoulder, not wanting to push his luck on their relationship just yet.

“You know you can spell your name properly now right? Joseph with a PH will look much better on your doctorate.”

“I have my reasons, JONATAN.”

“Urgh, don’t call me that. I’ll give you a call once they’ve decided a date.”

“I thought I told you never to call em again.”

“And I thought I told you that wasn’t going to stop me.”

The two brothers shared a chuckle before Jonathan took his leave.

“See ya round Joey.”

And with that, Jonathan took the stairs and left the building, Josef locked the door and turned back to Katherine.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, just a heavy morning, Jonathan told me quite a bit about your parents. Josef I knew they were shits but…”

“It’s fine, don’t stress yourself out about them. What happened in the past is the past and dad will never admit to the abuse he put us through so he’ll never feel guilty about it. Let’s just clean ourselves up, we’ll grab a late breakfast, and we’ll start planning what to do with the Fluffies. I got us some new tools to try on them.”

Katherine smiled and listened as Josef showed her what he’d bought, part of her was still uneasy, that Josef’s blasé attitude to his parents was a defensive technique to hide himself from the truth.

Jonathan was right, Josef was just barely hanging on.

It was a couple days afterwards that the abuse continued, Teal spent another morning screaming when she woke up to find Tangerine missing, leaving her only Lapis and Decaf.

“WHEWE BABBEH? WHEWE BABBEH?” She called out incessantly for her missing daughter, by this point Teal’s pregnancy was at the stage where she couldn’t move so she was frantically looking around as far as she could trying to find where Tangerine had gone.

Katherine took point on this one, rushing into the room to sooth the screaming mother. “Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong Teal?”

“Babbeh gun, nu find Tang-a-winn.”


“Tang-a-winn, wittew fiwwy babbeh, bestesh owange fwuff. Dummeh mummah nu wememba.”

“I’m sorry Teal, but I can’t remember someone who doesn’t exist.”

“TANG-A-WINN AM WEAW, Teaw wememba hew own babbehs.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure this isn’t just your hysteria acting up again, you are getting close to giving birth any time now.”

Teal thought about it, she had some many memories of Tangerine and of Royal, but were those memories even real, she couldn’t tell anymore and it frightened her. She looked down at Lapis as he pushed her leg aside to feed from her teat.

“Du bestesh babbeh wememba brudda an sistah?”

“Bestesh babbeh nu cawe, onwy Wapis matta tu mummah, dummeh sibwins nu hewe.”

As Lapis stuck his head in and began greedily feeding, Decaf took the time to cautiously approach her. “Dee-kaf wememba brudda an sistah.”

This proved an unexpected boon to Katherine as Teal smacked Decaf in the face. “Dummeh poopie babbeh am wiaw, wan gib mummah bad finkie-pwace huwtie.”


“Poopie babbeh can num bestesh poopies wata, nu gib miwkies tu wyin babbeh.”

Decaf curled up in the corner and cried while Teal sang to Lapis, Katherine swore she could see Lapis getting fatter by the second from all the milk he was drinking. She left the family and returned to Josef in the kitchen, he’d taken Tangerine and was planning to do some live vivisection on her to learn about how Fluffies worked…

“How she’s doing?”

Josef’s face looked confused and concerned. “Well, about that?”

Katherine looked over his shoulder and saw a horrible sight, Tangerine had literally shit out her insides and was lying in a bloodied and broken pile of giblets in the sink.

“What the hell happened?”

“Don’t know, I gave her the tiniest bit of anesthetic so she wouldn’t move, and instantly that was her reaction. Guess Fluffy don’t to well with drugs.”

“Guess not. Well try and stuff it all back into her, I’ve got another mate for Stud coming in an hour, don’t want to stink of Fluffy guts to put her off.”

“And how do you want me to keep her guts inside her?”

“Fucking staple her if you have to, so long as they’re inside, once she’s frozen it won’t matter.”

Josef did his best to stuff Tangerine’s guts back into her body and staple her anus shut, it was a very messy process that took the best part of the hour to clean up afterwards, but thankfully the place was done up before the next breeder arrived.

By this point Katherine had had Stud impregnate 3 or 4 mares – she wasn’t counting – and every time she’d given Stud the same tale about the mares not wanting a special-friend. She could see the depression sneaking up on him but she kept building his hopes with every new encounter.

Today was new different, today was a red and green Pegasus called Holly whose owner was your typical Hugboxer type, all friendly smiles and loving scratched to her precious little girl.

Katherine couldn’t stand her.

“Thank you so much for fitting us in.” The owner, Lauren, said. “I saw Stud’s photos and I just knew I had to have Holly try him out.”

Katherine threw on her best fake smile. “Well, I’m sure they’re colours will complement each other, got a little Christmas theme going with the red, green and gold.”

“That’s what I’m going for. I’m hoping I can have the little guys weaned and raised in time for Christmas, get a decent profit out of them. Who knows, I might even come back next year.”

Katherine smirked, knowing Stud wouldn’t be alive next year.

“Well then, how about you give me Holly, and I’ll take her through to meet Stud.”

“Ok, now Holly you be a good girl to Stud, let him give you good babies like you wanted.”

“Howwy hab bestesh babbehs fow mummah, gun be SU pwetty.”

“I just know they will be, have fun.”

Katherine had to turn away before Lauren saw the disgusted look on her face, the Hugboxer bitch was basically saying ‘Happy Humping’ to her own pet.

Katherine placed Holly on the towel on her bed and let her approach Stud, the golden Alicorn was ambivalent about another mare, he knew there were foals out there, tummeh-babbehs that would never knew their daddy and he didn’t want to have anymore face that horrible life.

“Hewwo pwetty stawwion. Am Howwy, towd yu gib speciaw-huggies.”

“Stud nu jus gib huggies, Stud wan hab speciaw-fwiend an wub babbehs wiv mate. Onwy eba wan famiwy.”

“Howwy wan speciaw-fwiend tuu, hab pwetty babbehs an Howwy ask if Stud can be speciaw-fwiend.”

“YAH, Stud wub Howwy, hab famiwy nyo.”

The two Fluffy hugged for a moment before Stud’s libido took over, Katherine had to stifle a laugh when she saw the mare’s eyes grow at the weapon between his legs.

As the typical ‘enf, enf, enf’ filled the flat, Katherine improvised her usual spiel now that Holly had done half the work for her, she found Lauren in the kitchen having a coffee with Josef, Katherine recognised the look of annoyance on his face as Lauren prattled on about her ‘lovely little Fluffies’.

“… Oh and there’s Clive, he’s a little orange unicorn, very surly but he’s popular with the ladies if you know what I mean. Oh hey Katherine, how are the little lovebirds?”

“They’re fucking, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Oh I’m so glad to hear that, Holly’s been such a good Fluffy, and she’s been wanting babies for so long, I just had to give her the best ones I could find and I think Stud’s a good match for her.”

Katherine grimaced, even she knew not to give in to a Fluffies demands that easily. “Actually Lauren, about Stud, Holly’s going to ask you if you can take Stud to be her permanent special-friend, she thinks she’s in love with him.”

“Aww, how precious. Well in that case I’ll have to take him, how much would you say is a fair price?”

“That’s the thing, Stud isn’t for sale, and it’s not a question of money, it’s him. He doesn’t love Holly, he never will.”

“Well that’s ridiculous, Fluffies are meant for huggies and love, they say so themselves.”

“Yeah but think about the first half of that, huggies. Stud only wants special-hugs and good-feels, we’ve seen it with a few Stallions here, especially the good looking ones like Stud. It’s an ego thing with them, they think they’re entitled to fuck anyone they want because they’re so handsome, we’ve been able to keep Stud under control but in order to do so, we had to teach him to lie. He’ll tell a mare that he wants to be special-friends too so they’re more compliant and willing to fuck, he’s done it with about six other Fluffies this week.”

Lauren’s face looked horrified at Katherine’s admission. “That’s horrible, how could a Fluffy lie like that to its own kind?”

“Beats me Lauren, the little bastard has no empathy, if he didn’t look that good I’d have chucked him by now. But it does mean you’re gonna have to break the news to Holly about Stud, it’ll sting less coming from you. Just remind her of the pretty babies she’s gonna have and that you’ll be with her all the way.”

Right on cue, Stud’s cry of ‘GUUD FEEWS’ came from the bedroom. Katherine saw Lauren’s innocent little mind trying to come to terms with the thought of a bad Fluffy, and decided to stay in control for the moment.

“I’ll go get her for you.”

Lauren only nodded as Katherine returned to the bedroom, finding Stud and Holly wrapped up together in post-coital bliss.

Holly purred. “Hmm, dat was bestesh enfies eba. Gun hab bestesh babbehs fwom dat. Wub yu speciaw-fwiend.”

“Wub yu tuu.” Stud licked Holly’s mane.

“Hey now lovebirds, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Holly you still need to ask your mummy if Stud can come with you. Let’s take you through and see what she says.”

“Ok, bye Stud, Howwy hope see yu soon.”

“Bye speciaw-fwiend.”

It was all so wholesome and loving, Katherine hated it. She took Holly under her arms and carried her back through to Lauren who already had her coat on ready to leave.

“Mummah, Howwy wub Stud, wan him be awways speciaw-fwiend, hab bestesh an pwettiesh babbehs wiv him.”

Lauren took Holly from Katherine as Josef opened the front door. “Holly… mummy has some bad news about Stud.”

Josef shut the door behind Lauren as she took Holly back home, they could hear a faint crying as Lauren broke the ‘truth’ about Stud to Holly. Both Josef and Katherine felt their blood pumping with excitement at another Fluffy hurt by their actions, Katherine lept into Josef’s arms and planted a big kiss on him.

“Hmm, that was good, Stud ACTUALLY believed that he had a chance. Oh it’s gonna be so sweet when I rip it from him.”

“You are scary good at the lying babe, it’s some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen.”

“Ah, Fluffies and humans are the exact same, selfish little bastards. You fuck with that aspect of their brains and they’ll turn to putty.”

Josef smirked and kissed her again, knowing from his experience with Red that she was right. “So, you gonna tell Stud now, or let him stew.”

“I’ll let him stew for a bit, now we’ve got something more important to discuss, like what’s happening tomorrow.”

Tomorrow was graduation, and Josef would be receiving his doctorate, now useless thanks to Professor Deckard, he wasn’t even certain if he wanted to go.

“Come on Kat, do I have to? They’re just gonna hand me a piece of paper that I can’t do anything with.”

“You’re gonna go up on that stage tomorrow and you’re gonna take that piece of paper because no matter what, that paper is going to say ‘Dr Josef Mongola’ on it. No matter what you can and cannot do with that doesn’t matter, because that is your title and they can never take that away from you.”

Josef pulled her closer and held her tightly, she was right, he might not be able to practise medicine but he was still getting his diploma, he was still going to be Dr Josef Mongola.

And he already had some bad ideas about what to do with his new title.

Chapter 6


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