Josef & The Awful Technicolor Smarty Herd Ch. 3 [By BFM101]

It took less than an hour for the Parsley to have an effect, the Fluffies were playing to burn off their excess energy before bed, most of them in a herd game of huggie-tag with Runt and Sweetheart playing their own game of Pattycakes, the only ones not involved were Smartie, Mother and Bitch who were sat down not giving a shit, Whipped who seemed hadn’t been given permission to play and Derp who was feeling a strange, uncomfortable sensation in her stomach.

Josef went up to the sitting foals. “Hey guys, I think Derp’s not feeling well does one of you want to go check on her.”

Mother and Bitch pretended not to hear him, neither of them had time for Derp’s antics, Smartie looked over for a moment but turned away again, she might have been carrying his foals but she was just a side-piece to boost the herd’s numbers, he didn’t care about her.

Josef looked down at Whipped. “Hey buddy, how about you go have a look, you’ve got babies, you should know what to do.”

Whipped looked between Josef, Derp and Bitch, trying to figure out what to do, but when he noticed that Bitch wasn’t even paying attention, he decided to do the right thing and went over to help Derp. Josef smiled, not at the display of kindness, but because this was exactly what he needed.

Whipped cautiously approached Derp, mindful of the strange noises coming from her as she winced in pain. “Am soon-mummah awwight?”

“Hab tummeh-huwties, babbehs nu feew gud.”

“Wan Fwuffy tu git nummies ow…”

Derp’s face suddenly dropped. “BIGGESH POOPIES, NU, babbehs tu soon, nu wan nyo.”

Whipped looked around, all the playing Fluffies were coming to investigate the noise but none of them were close enough to help, he’d have to step up. He ran round to Derp’s back, trying to help delivery the babies.

“Um, mummah-fwuffy, twy tu bweathe, um dis gun be hawd but…”

A sudden blast of shit, blood and amniotic fluid shot out of Derp’s behind and soaked his fluff, he tried to shake the mess out of his eyes just as the first foals was pushed out and landed in the grass, an unmoving pink blob vaguely resembling a Fluffy.

Derp got very concerned over the lack of noise. “Whewe babbeh, why nu chiwpies?”

Whipped could only look down at the stillborn foal, struggling to find the words to tell Derp that her foal was already dead, but he didn’t need to as just then she started contracting again, Whipped stayed behind her, ignoring the fluids being blasted into him, and helped deliver another two foals, both also dead on arrival.

By now most of the herd had carried round and were catching on that something wasn’t right, Derp through the pain of childbirth felt in her gut that this was wrong, her babies were coming too soon, she had at least another week or two before she should have them. The lack of chirps as more and more were pushed out in silence broke her heart over and over again.

Finally she gave one final push, her final baby was delivered, the most developed of her litter of seven, Whipped took the tiny thing in his mouth, ignoring the not pretty taste, and placed it gently on the ground, it was bright pink and completely hairless, it tried to move its head around to see but its eyes weren’t fully formed yet, it tried to breathe but it’s lungs were too tiny for its body.

It died after 8 seconds of confusion and pain.

Derp’s fluid finally drained out of her and she turned round to see her babies, part of her knew when she saw the terrified faces of her herd-mates but when she saw seven stillborn foals, most of which were too underdeveloped to even have a chance at life, she couldn’t help but burst into tears again.

“Bab… babbehs nu muuv, babbehs hab foweba sweepies. Nu wowwy, mummah gib huggies, hug… huggies make fings betta, make aww fings betta.”

Her deluded mind tried to pick up her young to hug them, to make them feel better, but they were too soft, too squishy and too slimy to get a proper grip on. Runt and Sweetheart pushed their wya forward to hug Derp, the usually joyous Fluff now a broken mess.

Josef knelt down to give her a gentle rub on her head, she looked up at him still crying.

“Was gun be bestesh mummah eva.” She said quietly.

“I know, but maybe you weren’t ready, maybe they knew their mother deserved the best babies, who knows.”

As Derp wailed over her lost children the rest of the herd shared in her grief, well most of them did, Mother and Bitch stayed seated, now focussed on Bitch’s tummy-babies as the next generation to give love and hugs to, while Smartie had gotten up to see what the commotion was, only to turn back round when he realised the foals were stillborn, less trouble for him to deal with.

Josef looked down at Whipped, covered in a cocktail of bodily fluids. “Come inside bud, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Whipped solemnly followed Josef into the house, his head dropped low, feeling guilt over not being able to save Derp’s foals.

“Cheer up, there wasn’t nothing you could’ve done, I know it hurts but these things happen.”

“Fwiend be bestesh mummah, nu desewve wose babbehs.”

“Yeah, but we can’t change that now.”

As they went deeper into the house Whipped suddenly stopped, he was standing in front of the door to the basement, he didn’t know what was behind the door but he felt something, something cold and mean. The door scared him.

“Daddeh Joesep, wha thwough doow?”

“That? Well you know what a sorry box is right?”

Whipped nodded, shivering a little at the mention of a sorry box.

“That’s a sorry room, anyone that goes in there doesn’t come out again the same way. You don’t want to go in there, trust me.”

“Can smeww udda Fwuffy.”

“That’s a bad Fluffy, you don’t ever want to meet him.”

Whipped was frozen in fear, the door was awful but he couldn’t run away, he could feel himself starting to pee until Josef noticed that he hadn’t moved.

“WHIPPED, come on man let’s go.”

Whipped snapped out of his stupor and rejoined Josef. “Fwuffy name am Whipped?”

Shit, Josef didn’t mean to let that slip. “Yes but don’t tell the others, I wasn’t going to name you all until later, you got yours early cause you’re special.”

“Whipped wike nyu name, nu teww uddas.”

Josef picked Whipped off the floor and carried him upstairs, hoping that none of the other Fluffies knew what their names meant when he found a way to tell them. Once upstairs he took a left into the bathroom and placed Whipped on top of the toilet lid so he could fill the sink with warm water.

“Wawa bad fow Fwuffies.” Whipped spoke quietly.

“Cold water is bad for Fluffies Whipped, this is warm water, it’s very soothing and it’ll help you get clean again. You trust me right?”

Whipped thought for a moment and slowly nodded, as far as he knew Josef had tough but fair since arriving. After a couple minutes Josef turned the taps off, lifted Whipped up and lifted the toilet lid.

“If you need to go scaredy pee-pees go now.”

Josef barely finished his sentence when Whipped let out a stream of piss, he’d been holding it in since the basement door and was happy to finally release. Once he was empty Josef flushed the toilet and took him over to the sink, Whipped was still scared but he bit his tongue for Josef, he was placed gently into the water – which only came up to his knees anyway – and slowly he began to feel himself relax, the water was a comfortable Fluffy temperature and having Josef there with him did help.

“Whipped feew gud daddeh, wike wawm wawa.”

“I’m glad to hear that champ, now hold still and close your eyes, I need to get right into your fur, but I’ll be a gentle as I can.”

Whipped followed orders and shut his eyes, allowing Josef to get his real plan started, most of the fluids from Derp had washed off straight away since they hadn’t been given the chance to dry in yet, after a few scrubs Whipped was clean again, but Josef left him in the sink and grabbed a packet of brown fluffy hair dye.

The isolation stage of his plan had begun.

Fluffy hair dye came about when unlicensed breeders tried to sell off their shitty stock as elite goods, since then Hasbio had taken the formula, tweaked it slightly and sold it as their own brand product. The two main points of it were that it dried quickly to account for Fluffies running around a lot, and it washed out easily so sellers wouldn’t be fooled by a dye-job, thankfully Josef wasn’t planning on washing Whipped again anytime soon.

Ever the good Fluffy, Whipped kept his eyes closed throughout the whole ordeal, even when Josef put something cold and wet onto his back and rubbed it into his fur he stayed quiet. After a few minutes he felt the water drain out the sink, Josef rubbed his fluff a few more times, then let out a confused ‘Huh?’

“Daddeh ok?”

“Whipped, you’ve never been washed before have you?”

“Hab wickie-cweans as babbeh but dat aww.”

“I think you have something on your fluff that was blocking your true colours, look.”

Josef picked Whipped up and held him in front of the mirror, Whipped looked and saw a strange brown Fluffy in front of him, confused he waved to the brown Fluffy and the brown Fluffy waved back. Whipped was happy to have a new friend until he saw something familiar in the brown Fluffies face.

It was him.

“Whipped am poopie Fwuffy?”

“I think you always were, I don’t know what it was but when I put you in the water, all this blue stuff just washed away and you were left brown. But that can’t be right, if you were always brown then your kids colour wouldn’t make sense.

Whipped thought about it for a second, was he always a poopie Fluffy? He couldn’t remember being brown before, but he’d always been bullied for as long as he could remember, and people bully poopie Fluffies all the time. It would make sense why his mate and his children hated him so much.

“Whipped no am daddeh, speciaw fwiend hab udda stawwion babbehs.” He didn’t even sound upset when he said it, like it was an inevitability.

“I’m sorry bud, I didn’t want to ruin anything for you.”

“Nu wuin, Whipped jus need fink.”

Josef took Whipped back outside and let him loose with the other Fluffies. The distress over Derp’s miscarriage was mostly over and now that Whipped had returned a different colour, there was something new to distract them.

Smartie pushed his way to the front of the crowd. “Fwuffy am poopie nyo? Smawtie new yu awways dummeh, nyo pwove it.”

Smartie turned away laughing, the other herd members talked amongst themselves about what this meant, Whipped caught eyes with Bitch who glared at him and turned away, Colt and Filly sticking their tongues out at their once-father.

The only people that came up to him were Runt and Sweetheart, Runt being the only other brown Fluffy sympathised with Whipped’s plight.

“Fwiend poopie Fwuffy nyo?”

“Fink awways was.”

Josef decided to step in before everyone started thinking too hard. “Gather round everyone, I think it’s time I give you all some names, don’t you?”

The names went down fairly well, being Feral most of them didn’t really know the insulting names Josef had given them, Bitch could tell something was up with her name but was too dumb to know what. After a long day it was a nice note to end on and made some of them feel closer to their new daddy.

With the herd all asleep, Josef took a few minutes to watch them on the security cameras he’d installed in the garden, most of them were sleeping soundly, though he could see Smarty and Nurese enfing in the play area, clearly neither of them gave a shit about his rules, he’d have to deal with that in the morning.

Suddenly he spotted movement in the back, near to the littebox, one of the Fluffies was trying to dig a hole to escape, that just wasn’t on. Josef grabbed his sorry-stick and marched outside, as soon as the door was open, Smartie and Nurse ran away, they were not subtle in the slightest but Josef ignored them, he was focussed on the escaping Fluffy. Whoever it was, they were too busy digging to hear Josef come up behind them and grab their neck.

“Gotcha little bastard.”

“EEK, bad upsies.”

Josef was shocked to see that in his hands, covered in dirt and piss, was Runt.

“Runt? What the hell are you doing?”

“Wunt sowwy, nu mean tu gib daddeh sad huwties, Wunt hab wowstesh huwties in speciaw wumps, but nu wan bweak daddeh’s wule, wan gu wook fow speciaw fwiend ousside.”

Jesus, the poor bastard was just horny, and ever the good Fluffy he’d rather risk his life out in the world than break Josef’s rules. It was almost endearing.

Josef’s face moved from confusion to concern, technically Runt hadn’t broken any rules, in fact he was one of the most well-behaved of the herd, but his escape attempt couldn’t be ignored. Josef thought quickly and came up with an ultimatum.

“Runt, I can’t let this slide, it sets a bad example to the others. But since you’ve been a good Fluffy, I’m going to let you choose what happens next, if you want to leave you can, I won’t stop you, but you can never return here, you’ll have given up everything and everyone you know on a possibility.”

Runt looked at the gate, freedom as good but also scary on your own, especially for a nervous brown Fluffy. Josef continued on with the second half of his deal.

“Or, if you want to stay here, I’ll talk to Derp and see if she’ll let you be her special friend, I’m sure she’d love to have babies again.”

Runt couldn’t hide the small smile on his face, while Derp wasn’t the prettiest by Fluffy standards, he enjoyed her constant stream of joy and was sad to see her in such distress.

Josef however wasn’t finished. “BUT, if you do stay then those will be the only babies you ever have, as soon as Derp is pregnant then I’ll make it so that you can never have babies again. This is the cost of staying here, I’ll let you have a family but I can’t have you shitting out kids for months. What’s it going to be?”

Runt thought about it, he could run away, never see his herd again and hopefully find a mate who doesn’t mind brown Fluffies. Or he could stay, have babbehs but lose his special place.

“Wunt stay, onwy wan wittew famiwy wib Dewp, dat du gud.”

Josef felt something hit his gut, it felt like disappointment, like he was hoping that Runt would choose the safer option rather than thinking with his dick. But Fluffies were hardwired to want to breed as quickly as possible, Runt just got caught thinking with his dick.

“Ok then, go to bed and we’ll talk to Derp in the morning, in the meantime; no more digging.”

“Ok daddeh, Wunt nu dig nu mowe.”

Josef put him down and went back inside, tomorrow needing some planning involved.

The next morning after breakfast, Josef and Runt took Derp off to the side, Sweetheart was worried her friend was in trouble but Whipped took her mind off it with a game of huggie-tag. Derp was still upset over losing her foals but was trying to put on a brave face regardless.

“Derp, Runt here has something he’d like to ask you?” Josef got the ball rolling.

“Um, Dewp, wood yu wike be Wunt’s speciaw fwiend?” Runt couldn’t even look her in the eyes, anyone else would’ve found the whole thing cute.

“Wunt wan Dewp be speciaw fwiend?” Derp was a little confused, Runt was nice and all for a poopies Fluffy, but he hadn’t shown to be interested in her in THAT way before.”

“Yeh, daddeh say we can hab babbehs if yu wan, fow famiwy togetha.”

Derp’s eyes lit up, the thought of being a mother again override any other thought in her mind. “Wan babbehs, wiww be Wunt’s speciaw fwiend.”

Runt was over the moon, he quickly nuzzled into Derp’s fluff and happily danced with her. Josef turned around to face the rest of the herd.

“Everyone, I have some news, I have decided for a brief moment to lift the rule on No Enfing, to allow Runt and Derp the chance to become parents together. That means that Enfing will be allowed within reason, it also means that Smartie and Nurse get out of being punished since I saw you two last night breaking the rules.

Nurse looked away sheepishly, already rubbing her belly which was surely pregnant, while Smartie just threw a shit-eating grin at Josef, he badly wanted to punish the Smartie prick for ignoring his rules but Josef was a fair man. Besides with Runt and Derp he had a whole new avenue of abuse to work with.

“In celebration I have decided to allow you all an extra meal for today to help your growing families.”

“SKETTIS?” Colt’s young voice shot out from the herd.

“I’m afraid not Colt, Smartie and Nurse still broke the rules so they are bad Fluffies and have ruined the good work of the rest of the Herd, but you’ll be getting Spaghetti flavoured kibble later today instead.”

Josef had hoped that putting the blame of Smartie and Nurse would be enough, but evidently Colt was done waiting for sketti.

“NU! Dummeh Joesep gib skettis, Cowt nu wan wait nu wonga. Dummeh Joesep awways hab dummeh weason why nu skettis, Cowt nu cawe, WAN SKETTIS NYO!”

Josef looked at the fuming face of the little orange fuck and decided to finally do something about him.

“Ok, if you want skettis that badly, I’ll go cook you some right now.”

If Josef could he would’ve ran up and kicked Colt hard enough in his smug fucking face to send him to the moon, but he didn’t, because what it had planned was so much more satisfying.

Thankfully spaghetti didn’t take long to cook up and he had some spare in the kitchen, he could tell the mood was tense with Colt waiting impatiently for his victory feast, but he ignored them as he mixed the spaghetti with the sauce and plated it all up, just before adding the final ingredient, a rather large dollop of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce, set with a range on the Scoville Heat Scale at 1,000,000, a drop of this would take down most humans.

And Josef had drenched the spaghetti in it.

He took the food out, instantly every Fluffy started moving towards him, ready to fight over who gets the prized dinner, but Josef made sure none of them got it.

“Now, now, this is for Colt, he made it very clear that he wanted spaghetti and that’s what he’s getting, nobody else can touch it.”

Josef set the plate down in front of a still smug Colt. “Dummeh hoomin wisten tu Cowt more offen, nu be suh a dummeh.”

Without even saying thank you, Colt dived headfirst into the plate of spaghetti, some of the others were crowding round him, waiting for the chance that he wasn’t paying attention. But then they noticed something, Colt was starting to look a little bit strange, as though something wasn’t right with the skettis.

Then it hit him all it once.

“OOOOWWWWWW, Skettis hab wowstesh mouth buwnie, tu hawt, TU HAWT!”

Colt ran around the garden in a frenzy, his eyes crying with pain and his tongue already blistering from the heat stuck out trying in vain to get the wind to cool it down.

Filly hid from the horrifying sight in front of her. “Mummah, bruddha am scawy, du somfing, stop him.”


“Mummah hewp bestesh babbeh, gib miwkies.”

Colt latched onto his mother’s teat but what neither of them realised was that the residual heat from his mouth would burn Bitch as well, she screamed and kicked him away before he even got a drop of milk.

“Why mummah huwt bestesh babbeh?”

“Babbeh gib mummah buwnie huwties, nu wike.”

“Mummah, Babbeh hab wowstesh mouth huwties, nu wan, NU WAN.”

Josef placed a small bowl of liquid on the grass. “Colt, over here, this will help.”

Colt ran over and dunked his head into the liquid without even looking at what it was, if he did he would’ve seen it was filled with more Mad Dog sauce.

“NNUUUUUAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” His banshee cry of pain was almost loud enough to carry across the city, Colt was now blinded from the sauce in his eyes, he let out a blast of scaredy poops which burnt his poopie-place, causing him to shit in fear again, burning him some more, and he was vomiting the skettis back up which just brought the sauce back up and set his mouth on fire all over again.

The rest of herd didn’t understand what was happening, all they saw was Colt eating skettis and then losing his mind, all of them were terrified for this unknown pain and looking for Josef to save the young foal’s life.

“Shit, Colt I’m so sorry, that was the wrong bowl, use this one instead.”

Josef put down a bowl of water on the grass and stepped back while Colt threw himself into it, much like Parsley, nobody has figured out a reason why Fluffies drown so easily, Josef had heard rumours of Fluffies drowning by merely thinking of water. Regardless it was common knowledge that even the smartest Fluffies could drown quite easily if left unattended.

So when a frantic Colt jumped into a bowl to try and stop his mouth from burning off, there was a lot of kicking and thrashing and muffled yelling. And then there was nothing, Colt stopped moving altogether, his limbs dropped and his body started bobbing in the water, face-down.

“Ba… babbeh? Why babbeh nu move.” Bitch was genuinely concerned about her son.

Josef slowly picked Colt out of the bowl and placed him onto the grass, letting everyone see his dead little eyes staring back at them.

Bitch flew into hysterics, wailing over the loss of her best baby, that ‘meanie sketti’ had ruined her life, Nurse and Derp tried to console her, Filly started hitting her brother’s corpse, not believing he was dead. Whipped struggle for a moment, while he was sure Colt wasn’t his son he still raised him and didn’t know how to fell about his death.

Josef gathered the bowls and the plates that he’d brought out and looked at the herd.

“I guess that’s what happens when you demand something you don’t deserve.”

And he left them to think on that as he went back inside.

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