Josef The Troll Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

Josef caught some small movements in the corner of his eye and looked over to see Lieutenant Dan slowly opening his eyes. The pillowed foal rocked back and forth, unable to keep himself steady and unaware of why he was so off-balanced. Josef reached into the enclosure and softly held him steady as Dan’s eyes finally opened.

Today was Day 4 of the experiment, and everything was running smoothly.

Dan’s eyes blinked as they adjusted to the light, as his vision unblurred itself he looked up at Josef and giggled.

“Hehe, daddeh?”

Josef smiled. “That’s right, I’m your daddy, I’m gonna be looking after you. Would you like that Dan?”

“Heh, Dan wub namesie, wub daddeh.”

Dan’s body shifted slightly as if he was trying to move something that wasn’t there. The infant colt tried again with the same result, confused he looked down and the horror spread across his face.

“Daddeh, whewe am weggies?” Dan asked, his eyes wide as he stared at his own limbless body.

“I’m sorry Dan, where’s what?” Josef’s voice dripped with fake but believable concern.

“Weggies, Dan need weggies tu gib daddeh huggies.”

“Oh Dan, Fluffies don’t have legs.”


“Fluffies don’t have legs, none of them do. I mean look at yourself, you don’t have any legs, and you’re just a babbeh, surely if you had legs they’d be there.”

Dan nodded but his face still showed confusion. Josef smirked at the little limbless loser, in the days since Dan’s amputation Josef had been very sly about concealing the damage. He’s sutured up the wound with a very small, dissolvable thread that was already mostly gone, he’d fashioned Dan’s growing Fluff to cover up the more obvious parts, and he’d spent every day of Dan’s chirpy-phase feeding him milk, keeping him warm and having a recorded mummah-song play for him, all to keep his mind happy and slowly forget about the strange pain that occurred just a few days prior.

As far as Dan was concerned, he’d never had legs in his life.

“Here, if you want a hug I’ll give you one.”

Josef picked Dan out of the enclosure and held him gently against his chest, he could feel Dan straining as though trying to hug him back but with no legs, he could only grunt impotently into Josef.

Josef waited until he felt Dan give up before letting him go. “See, that was nice wasn’t it?”

“Yes daddeh, fank yu fow gibben Dan huggies.” Dan’s voice was low, the huggies weren’t what he expected and his disappointment was clear, but he still didn’t know why he was so upset.

Josef put Dan back into his enclosure, he felt the little colt shake as he was put into the box and a little bit of pee dribbled out of him.

“Now now Dan, this isn’t a sorry box, this is just a place for Daddy to keep you safe until he can get you a proper home. See, your bed and milkies are all here.”

Feeling the softness of the bed against his stomach did trigger a sense memory in Dan, as did the smell of the milk, he calmed down but now he had even more questions.

“Daddeh, whewe am mummah, need mummah fow miwkies.”

“But Dan, your milk is right there, see?”

Dan looked at the plastic nipple surrounded by fake Fluffy fur, it smelt like milk, and when he took a small lick it tasted like milk, but it wasn’t a mummah.

“Dat nu am mummah.”

Josef chuckled. “Silly Dan, you don’t need a mummah, you have me. Now be good for a moment, daddy has to do a couple jobs around the house, I’ll bring you somethings to keep you occupied when I get back.”

“Ok daddeh, Dan wub yu.”

“I love you too buddy.”

Josef softly pet Dan before leaving the room, as soon as the door was closed he whipped out his phone and checked the security feed through his app. From here he could see Dan already looking down and depressed, he solemnly suckled at the teat as he kept glancing at where he thought his legs could be.

His first day with his eyes open and already Dan could tell something was off, this was gonna be easier than Josef thought.

Under the guidance of the Wolfram_Sparks Pillowfluff Care Guide, Josef made sure that Dan’s first days were filled with love and affection.

He got Dan a bigger bed with a soft, fluffy lining to keep him warm and comfortable, he’d taken Dan of the enclosure and place him in a corner of the room where he got plenty of sunshine from the window, he’d picked up a small book of fabric samples for Dan to rub his muzzle against and enjoy the different textures. Josef had even set up the TV for Dan to watch from his bed as well as from Josef’s lap when he spent some quality time with him in the evening.

Of course Josef still hadn’t bought the Fluff-TV subscription, all programming was perfectly chosen and edited by Josef to avoid any Fluffy or at the very least only involve other pillowed-Fluffies. He had about 80 hours of appropriate content which he figured gave him a couple weeks to find more since Dan wouldn’t notice any repeats if they were spaced out properly.

He even took Dan outside into the garden on hot days so he could enjoy the fresh air and feel the cool grass on his belly – once he figured out how to set up the streaming cameras of course. The Wolfram guide did suggest keeping Pillowfluffs by the window as a form of entertainment though to avoid ground floor windows for risk of other Fluffies reminding them of their missing legs, whilst Josef’s house did have an upstairs he didn’t want to take that chance so the garden with its high fence made for a nice afternoon together.

Plus with Crimson standing guard on the other side there was no chance of any random Ferals breaking in.

Josef sat and looked over at Dan, the little colt watched a pair of birds dance around the garden, singing together before landing in a tree where they’d made their nest. Dan’s eyes were so wide and innocent and full of wonder that Josef had to admit that he saw what his Uncle Herman saw in Fluffies, it was almost endearing.


“You ok there Dan?”

“Heh heh, Dan wub wingie fwiends, su pwetty. Wait fow Dan wingie fwiends, wan pway tuu.”

Dan thrust himself forward with such enthusiasm that for a brief moment, the small movement he made actually convinced him that he was running after the birds. Then the momentum stopped dead and Dan felt his whole body jolt painfully to a dead stop.

The shock, hurt and sudden reminder all got too much for Dan and he burst into tears, weeping in the dew stained lawn, wishing for things to be different.

Josef was over quickly, not so much in a flash but he made sure he didn’t dawdle.

“Dan, buddy what’s wrong?”

“Huu, Dan wan wun an pway wiv wingie-fwiends, bu nu hab weggies, nu can wun, nu can pway, am dummeh nu-weggie munstah.”

“Dan… this isn’t healthy. I’ve told you before you don’t have any legs, no Fluffy does. Why are you still hurting yourself like this?”

“Cos Dan sweepy-pictas gib Dan weggies.”

Josef quickly eyed the nearest camera and angled himself slightly to allow Dan’s audio to be picked up without him in the way.

“What do you mean?”

“Wen Dan gu sweepies, hab pictas in finkie-pwace, Dan hab weggies dewe, am wunning an pwaying wiv daddeh. An mummah am dewe, an she am pwettiesh Fwuffy eba, an Dan pway wiv bwuddas an sissies, pway huggy-tag, pway baww, pway aww bwite-time tiww bedies. Den Dan wakies an wememba Dan hab nu weggies.”

Josef took a beat to process what Dan had just told him, before he gently scooped up the little colt and held him to his chest.

“Dan, you just want legs because daddy has legs, you’re upset when daddy has to go away and you want legs to go with him. I’m sorry that I’ve been spending so much time away from you, I’ll try to make some more time for you after I come back from seeing Jonathan tomorrow. Ok sport.”

Dan was clearly still reeling from his emotional episode, but Josef’s explanation seemed logical, he DID want to spend more time with his daddy, having legs would allow him to go with Josef where ever he wanted. But hearing that Josef was going to be spending more time with him at home lifted his spirits enough to start smiling again, even as he took a fairly big yawn.

“Whoa there, someone looks a little tired, what’s say I put you down for a nap and wake you in time for dinner?”

“Dat sound… sound gud daddeh.” Dan started nodding off the second Josef said nap, the little guy tried to stay awake as Josef carried him inside, but he was out like a light the moment his body felt the familiar comforts of his bed. Josef took a moment to watch Dan snore slightly before leaving to pick up Crimson on the other side of the fence.

He found the little hellgremlin munching on fatty folds of a luminous green stallion.

“Wittew fucka fink he Smawty, twy tu gib Cwimson sowwy-hoofies. Su Cwimson wip out his fukin thwoat.”

“Sounds like you had fun then.”

“Buwp. Betta dan yu, how yu nu wan thwow dat fukin cwybabbeh at da waww ow sumfing.”

“Because believe it or not Crimson, I find him fascinating. He talked about having legs in his dreams Crimson, of running and playing ball with his siblings.”

“Su? He dummeh Fwuffy, dey fukin wub bawws.”

“That’s the thing Crimson, Dan doesn’t know what a ball is. I’ve never shown him one, there’s none in the house and he’s not seen any on TV. And yet in his dreams he’s playing with a ball in what I can only guess he thinks is the correct manner, kicking it to his siblings with his legs. It’s another point to prove that Fluffies are programmed with certain ideas already in their head.”

“Dat am su intawestin. Yu wan Cwimson take notes ow am dewe nu gun be test on dis.”

“Alright you little shit, no gamestation for you tonight.”

Josef flashed Crimson a smirk and turned to head back inside, the irate Pegasus following him close behind.

“Oh come on yu sensitibe witte fuk. Yu nu can take jokesies? Cwimson onwy bustin daddeh’s wump. Nu be meanie wike dat. Fuk sake Joesep yu wook at Cwimson wen he tawkin tu yu.”

The next few weeks went by with little issue, Dan still had his moments of emotional outbursts, particularly first thing in the morning when his happy dreams were broken by the nightmare of reality. Josef had taken to letting Dan talk about his dreams as a form of therapy but in truth he was making notes about what Dan was seeing, particularly what he saw that Josef hadn’t shown him yet.

Case in point, when Dan reached 30 days old and was giving a bowl of sketti for his first taste of big nummies, Dan already knew what sketti was and how perfect it was for Fluffies.

All in all, Dan was happy, happier than Josef thought and for a day or two he began to wonder if maybe he was wrong, if Dan had indeed worked though his legless existence and was content to live life as a pillow. Until he noticed something, it was subtle, a very small detail that Josef could’ve easily missed had he not spent every waking moment with Dan, but he began to notice that whenever Dan had an emotional episode, the tears and the heartache would last just a little bit longer each time.

Dan was miserable, Josef could distract him with love and hugs and spaghetti, but the distractions were getting less and less effective and the cruel depression of Dan’s life was crushing him more and more with each passing day.

Josef of course was thrilled with this development, though it did leave him wondering if there was anything else he could do to distract Dan that little bit more.

The answer came surprisingly, and messily, on Day 65, when Josef went to bring Dan his afternoon kibble only to hear a strained grunting noise coming from the other side of the door.

“Enf… Enf… Enf… Enf…”

Whiping out his phone to check the security feed, Josef saw Dan on the edge of his bed, slowly bucking his hips whilst his eyes was locked onto the recording of Miss Prettiest Pillow on the TV.

Dan had hit puberty.

And suddenly Josef’s head was overflowing with ideas.

Chapter 3 [END]


Man, I despise the entire Mongola family line and Crimson, but for once, I want him to win.

If only to spite the Pillowfluffers.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I guess…


Heh… Like they’d admit defeat.


It Is true that sometimes we must overcome our vast differences to defeat a significantly greater threat


Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum. Yet, here we are.


now things are getting spicy. crimson is the best


Josef: “Don’t worry, Crimson’s taking care of your mother.*”
*Don’t worry, because there’s nothing you can do about it. And the word “care” does not imply that she’s doing well.


Seems on this research its slowly coming into a fluffy’s instinct no matter how you try to brainwash them from birth it still kicks in.

Interesting. And now its reaching pubertt oh boy! :thinking:

Love how crimson just num every idiot intruding the area. It would be a good cause if not for him being a total shit monster.:unamused:


Ah Crimson. The only Fluffy I actually like. He is a little unrepentant monster, but that is why I love him. None of that fake innocent BS, just a bright red fluffy demon.


Wonder if this’ll go full ‘LT dan’ and Joseph will get him a set of fixer legs and a mail order asian fluffy bride. ~chuckle~


Right? I really despise people who pillow, and these activists seem even worse than a lazy pet owner.

I hate to see it, but I can’t wait for Dr. Mongolia to succeed.


Really interesting and you’re one of the best writers on the site, as ever.

I don’t think being told from the point of view of a self-involved Nazi loser and an edgelord murder-fluffy does it any favors, though. Knowing what goes on in the pillowfluff’s head, or the little glimpses of it we get, are far more engaging. But they’re your OCs, so I guess there’s no point in bitching.

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Fascinating, so Hasbio programmed fluffy dreams. Although in other canons I definitely remember seeing fluffies confused at how they know these things, where here you make them almost cocksure of it.

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