Kellys Breedery part 9 (IamVee)

You smile to Jingle and hear Fruitcake scream.

You do a quick turn to see Fruitcake in the construction part. This “trap” isn’t really a trap. Its a part of the daycare that needs an upgrade. Every fluffy that gets watched here knows not to go into the “owwies pointy pwace”. You guys wanted to upgrade it sooner but due to Fruitcake, you had to try to find barriors to save his “wittwe hoofies”
“Whats wrong fruitcake? Didn’t Hannah tell you not to go here? That its dangerous?”
He puffs his cheeks at you. Annoying little fucker.
“Smawty Fwuitcake do what am want! Am tell daddeh about ou meanies and ou meanies owchie fwoor!”
You laugh and grab his roughly by the scruff. Today is the last day you put up with his shit.
“Cmon lets get your “hoofies” bandaged”
You smirk as he screams. You wave to Jingle and take him to Kelly.
“Could you get him ready? I want to check on the rest of the store and the little filly.”
Kelly smirks.
“Sure if you call Jingles owner and offer to buy her!”
She teases again. You are thinking about it. She is a really cute filly, but you dont even know what to name her.
You chuckle and punch her arm, the one with fruitcake to make him shake a bit, and head to the break room where you set up the filly with your milkbag. When you get there you see the milkbag asleep and hear small coos and chirps. The little ones awake.
peep, chirp, chirp, peep.
She’s looking for confront, You pick her up and she intently starts cooing. You wrap her in her yellow blanket and put her in your shirt pocket.
Time to play with Fruitcake.

Sorry for the wait! I kind of forgot I was doing this lol. I hope you enjoy!


Yay! I’ve been looking forward to new chapters. Really curious about what is in store for Fruitcake and his owner. :grin:


Time to serve some…

puts on Magnum P.I. glasses


guitar solo rings out and an American Eagle flies by

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Eagle screch

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