Last Hope Chapter 6 part 4 Avenge The Fallen! (FluffySadist)


As we ran and ran approaching The Garden, we could start to see the fires rising from it and it’s outer wall breached, no… It seemed like all hope was lost until we got closer than started hearing something else. The sounds of a ram coming from inside the city, that could only mean one thing, the outer wall has fallen but the inner wall is still intact meaning everyone could still be alive! going up to the outer wall their were less than a dozen changelings looking out scouting, and as we came up sneaking behind some rubble Nuit gave the signal and we attacked! Running at them with our weapons, they barely had a chance to react when we attacked with our speed and ferocity they were all dead in less than 20 seconds. Now with a clear path Nuit brought us all together discussing his plan.
“The inner wall still stands, so I bet most of the civilians and guard are held up in the castle. We need to go and find a way to get to them, and after that we bring the fight to them! Who’s with me!”
The Talon knights and me and my family raise out weapons in agreement and Nuit speaks.
“Good! Now let’s go kill us some bugs.

Entering the city proper we were on the lower levels and just looking at everything it was like looking into a nightmare. The once proud city had been reduced to Burned buildings, destroyed farms and massacred people. If you didn’t make it to the inner wall you weren’t spared, nobody was not men, not women, nor the elderly… Or even children and infants. Looking at all of that I couldn’t help but shed a few tears, how could somebody be this evil? Monica who was besides me, was also looking at the sight and was sobbing so trying to make her feel better, I gave her a hug with her giving one back. As we continued to walk we were now at the middle level of the city and I felt a little surprised by the lack changelings. I of course was looking out for an ambush, but it seemed all of them were at the inner wall. This part of the city was a lot more different than the lower level it seemed the Changelings were in a hurry so most of the buildings were still intact with only a little bit of damage on them. Than as we started getting to the point where we could see the inner wall, we could the sound of footsteps around 100 feet away, than the sound of voices.

A squad of changelings had found us and began to ran, we were all in a circle position and Jay speaks looking at Nuit.
“What are we going to do!”
Nuit raises his sword and speaks.
“Hold them off, let me think!”
As the changelings started to charging at us we were all in defensive positions ready to hold. When they first attacked things where chaotic with us holding them back slicing down changeling after changeling but they just kept coming. also as I was defending I started noticed a pattern with the changelings, it seemed like most of them had very poor training and only knew the very basics of combat rushing at us instead of getting into any sort of position. But I guess that didn’t matter much for them, with how many there were. We had almost killed 20 of them when Nuit spoke looking up.
“Follow me, I think I know a way out of this!”
After the current attack was finished we had a brief window of opportunity so following him I went over to a tipped over wagon and climbed it leading us to the top of a roof.

One of the Talon knights had kicked the wagon but that didn’t stop them, the changelings had started climbing the building and Nuit spoke.
“Get ready to jump, we need to get to that wall!”
Looking in Nuit direction I could see that jumping we could get to the inner wall but more specifically a window to get in. following him we jumped and jumped going from building to building with changelings trying to get to us and a few even able to climb up, only to be kicked down. As we started getting closer and closer to the wall I looked up and finally I could see The Garden Guard looking at us and speaking. Not at the wooden window we banged on it loudly and shouted to be let in. Changeling were coming from almost every trying to climb up or attack us. Finally as they stated getting up in overwhelming numbers the window slide opened and we all rushed in with it being closed only a few seconds later as we could hear the changelings violently banging on it but not able to get in.

Once we all regained composure, we had a body count. my family and Nuit were all there, but out of the 30 Knights that came with 7 were gone and presumed dead. After that we looked at the castle, the place was so overcrowded with people, some of them injured, others looked like they’d seen hell, it was hard to move. Getting escorted to the courtyard I could see almost 70 Garden guards ready for a counterattack, and one of leading them was a fluffy by the name of Sipp a light yellow unicorn with a green mane. As Nuit approached him they both talked, and I finally had a chance to sit down a breath. The ramming I had heard earlier had stopped as well guessing I thought maybe that our detection made all the changelings go out and search. After 20 minutes we were told it was time, with it now being dark out, Sipp went up speaking to everyone.
“Attention aww! wiff dah weinfowcements that came fwom Swab an’ some comwades comin’ fwom Motow, it’s time we finawwy take back ouw home!”
The gate opens as we all start to leaving attacking the surprised changelings, Sipp finishes as he joins us.

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have the next part done in a few day’s, and of course constructive criticism is always appreciated. May you have a good day!