Last Hope Chapter 1 (FluffySadist)

It was a cold winter morning. not anything out of the ordinary. you’ve always been used to the cold since the day you first opened your eyes. you were a black and white Pegasus foal and you’ve lived your short life in a sewer with your mummah and 4 siblings and you were happy. But you didn’t know it but things were about to change.

Once you fully awakened you slowly started to suckle on your mother’s breast. you’re other siblings seemed to still be sleeping but you didn’t mind though since you were always liked to wake before them to get first dibs. you looked up looking at your Mummah who was a unicorn with a dark pink coat and dark blue mane and with one of her legs being withered. who only started waking up because of you’re suckling seeing her you spoke “Wuv Mummah” she looked at you giving quiet purrs and saying “Mummah wub babbeh” and than she gives a hug and starts singing the Mummah song. after around a minute of suckling you stopped feeling content with what you ate your brother and sisters started to wake as well and started heading towards her ready to drink their breakfast.

Some time later all seemed to be well you were watching as the snow fell and honed in on what was happening above hearing all the footsteps and talking and occasionally being startled the honks of something loud. while looking your herd something approach you looking back a little frightened you quickly calmed as it was just your Sissy and best friend coming to talk to you she war a earth ponie with a baby blue coat “hewwo Bwuddah” she said “hewwo Sissy” you replied back “what am ou doin” she said “oh nothin’ weawwy” I said “do 'ou ebah wondah what goes on up theiw” she replied. To be honest I ask myself that question every single day Ive always been curious on what goes on up their in the Top land as my Mummah calls it. And it’s not like I could go up their Mummah gets very upset if any of us try to explore you never understood why but guessed it was for a good reason. “do ou think theiw am othah fwuffies out theiw to” Sissy said. You wondered that to their had to be a least a few out their you thought to yourself “Sissy do ou think daddeh am out theiw” She gave a slightly sad expression as you knew this topic was hard. None of you ever knew you’re Daddeh Mummah always rarely talked about him as it always ended up with her crying and needing huggies. All you knew that he is lost somewhere in Top land still looking for Mummah after a few seconds of quiet awkwardness your Sissy decided to head back to the main nest “bye Bwuddah” she said with a hint of sadness “bye Sissy” I replied giving a slow sigh looking back up wondering what was out their?

As the day slowly started turning into night to walked back to the nest their were several pipes coming in and out of the place that provided a warm relief and their was some moss on the walls not much as your Mummah uses it for nummies to make miwkies but still an ok amount. the nest was peaceful as all of your siblings were already asleep with only you’re Mummah still awake looking at you with a look of something is about to go wrong “Mummah why do ou wook sad did Babbeh do somethin’ wwong? " You started getting worried you had no idea what she was going to say you didn’t do anything and you thought of that could make her look like this and finally she opened her mouth to speak. “nu babbeh ou nu did nothin wwong fwuffy just wanted to tawk to ou about somethin.” she spoke with shaky voice sounding like she was about to burst in tears and to be honest you were about to do because whatever she was about to say it was not going to be good “Mummah won’t hab enough nummies fo’ Babbeh’s am wowstes’ Mummah” She started bawling and soon you started to “its otay’ mummah babbeh’s stiww wub 'ou.” you said as you to were crying uncontrollably you started giving your Mummah a hug and thinking about it she was right you never noticed but soon after a week or two their won’t be enough. And without a second thought you said some words that were about to change you’re life “Babbeh wiww go Mummah Babbeh can go out to top wand an find some nummies.” Realizing what you just said you gasp for a second a little bit afraid waiting for you’re Mummahs reaction” nu babbeh how couwd ou say that pwease its to dangewous ou stay mummah wiww go out an’ find nummies!"

Hearing that you decided to speak up " Mummah Babbeh am big nao an youw weggie doesn’t wowk if 'ou go out theiw 'ou couwd get wost wike daddeh wet Babbeh go out Babbeh can find nummies fo whowe famiwy an maybe find daddeh to" Mummah continues bawling as she begins to realize what her foal is saying could work. " weawwy babbeh ou am su bwabe fu doin dis fo mummah an famiwy otay otay ou mummah wiww wet ou go an sabe famiwy " you had to wait a second just to process what you have just did. You just agreed to go out to top land in search for something you had no idea where to find Safe to stay you either be the bravest or dumbest Fluffy in history. Yoy and your Mummha cuddle together as you slowly fall asleep exited to be going were you always dreamed to go and to save your family and a little scared for what might be out their.

The next day was pretty quiet in the beginning as Mummah started preparing a small pouch sled for you to hold taht will hold some food and later have some to bring back to your family. You never ate that many solid foods before their was once a few days ago you were able to swallow some of the moss but it was nothing compared to Mummahs Miwkies. And soon it was all ready your siblings were all awake and were in tears learning of what you were about to do. especially your baby blue Sissy who kept giving to hugs telling to how much she was going to miss you. and soon it was time you came to the place your mother told you multiple times to stay away from but now she sits saying nothing breathing heavily trying not to cry. “Im goin’ to miss ou su much bwuddah pwease nu be out fo that wong” your bright blue sister said hugging you for the last time before you leave. your other siblings are in tears. and than your Mummah talks “Babbeh fank ou su much fo what ou am doin’ mummah wanted to teww ou when ou get to top wand head wook fo buiwdin wiff gween woof it wont be faw an once ou get inside find mummah’s bwuddah Mewwin, Mewwin wiww hewp 'ou sabe famiwy.” and with final hug and goodbye you are off you start going up climbing the crumbling stones looking back once taking a deep breath and moving foward you keep climbing and climbing you cant see your family anymore but eventually through an opening you make it out to Top land feeling cold and feeling your eyes hurt from looking at the sun for the first time you look around going down and empty ally you think to yourself where possibly is this building and why didn’t your mother ever tell you about Merlin? and how will he help and than you see it a building all boarded up it looks abandoned but so does every other building but this one is different because this building unlike all the others has a green roof.

(Back at the sewer) as Mummah looks up at the light below she says quietly to herself “goodbye babbeh 'ou am ouw wastes hope” Fin

Thank you for reading my first story I hope to have chapter 2 made in a few days. Ive been a lurker on this community for awhile and I felt like adding something myself

constructive Feedback is appreciated.


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