Last Hope Chapter 1 Part 7 Breadbasket (FluffySadist)


You’re name is Soul you are a black and white tuxedo colt with a growing dark brown mane about a week ago you volunteered to go find food for you’re family. After leaving and entering the city of Green Roof you met you’re uncle Merlin who after saving him agreed to help you. You started to train and after a few days you were ready to head to the largest farm city around Breadbasket during the last day you met a SBS toughie named Willy who after being kicked out of his orphanage you let him join feeling sad and seeing his strength as something that could come in handy in case of any bandits. Once leaving after a day of walking we ran into a strange group calling themselves The Order of the Mask when meeting them they said we had to look after one of there youngest members Monica for her final trials. In the beginning Me and Merlin were skeptical until I got to know her were my worries started to subside and after an encounter with a monster where if it wasn’t for her we would probably be dead. Once the battle was over because of my injuries’ I fell unconscious after waking up and after a few minutes of talking and getting hugs from Willy and Monica I realized we were here Breadbasket.

When we first entered I was in complete amazement at the gat there were 2 large scrap metal statue’s of soldier’s both wearing armor and holding swords. The walls were covered in all colors of flowers walking into main street there were around 7 levels. The first level mostly consisted of markets there were traders from all around the Kingdom all coming to buy food some only were buying for themselves while other were buying food for entire cities other than that on level 1 there were bars, schools, guilds a bathhouse and even a theater. And in the center of the market stood a scrap statue of King Maximus raising his sword riding some weird creature. on the second level was almost all housing for Breadbaskets large population of 4000 and guest housing for traders staying for a few day’s. The third level was half housing half farmland the people here grew all types of food fruits vegetables and vine that had all types of berries and on the next 3 levels it was almost exclusively farmland with only the occasional guard outpost or alcohol brewery. Level 7 was different however as on that level there stood the governors residence and administrative buildings where supply routes were planned and guards were assigned to there station. And also the maintenance building where engineers made sure the building was stable and the sprinklers that supplied water to all the plants were still working.

While walking in the market Merlin looks at me. “Wisten Mewwin knows some of dah mewchants hewe that owe Mewwin a few fabow’s iww see about gettin’ a cawaban togethah to be sent stwaite to am famiwy. Just wisten though nu go sayin’ Mewwins name awound hewe Mewwin was at dah fwontiah fo’ a weason an’ hewe hab a wittwe fun iww be back in a few houws” Merlin says the fun part playfully as he says it he hands me a few coins and leaves in a random direction. “su hab any ideas?” I say this to Monica and Willy who were standing infront of me. Monica was completely infatuated looking all around aweing at the scale of this place. And Willy was looking up and down amazed by how high everything seemed. “we hab to check out dah theatew!” Monica says this with an extremely excited tone. “Suwe how about ‘ou wiwwy wan’ to check it out!” Willy looks at me “Wiwwy wub to!” and so we were off the theater was pretty easy to spot it was a circular structure with seats surrounding it and in the middle was a stage. As we approached the theater we could hear cheers coming from inside as we passed through the entrance we sat down on one of the lower levels.

On the stage there were multiple fluffies each one of them on a colorful ball being able to balance perfectly on it. You were completely amazed you started giving claps Willy was laughing and Monica was looking silently. after a few minutes of preforming . They all came down and got into a straight line as soon as they got there each one of the fluffies started climbing each other until they were in the shape of a triangle you couldn’t believe what you were seeing the crowd was clapping and cheering once the fluffies got down the one in the middle announced that this will be there final performance as they said that they all ran off for a second before coming back they all were wearing multicolored boxes. Each fluffy got into position and I quickly understood what this performance was about. Each time they moved they moved they changed a corner of the box and each time it was a different color and when all colors were put together it created an piece of art the first was of King Maximus the next was of the unification conference with it showing the leader’s of all 10 herds shacking hoofs and on top was Kingdom’s flag witch was a light orange banner. The next was the front entrance of Breadbasket with the cities governor in the center He was a unicorn a dark blue coat a black mane and he had on a black clothing a long black hat and a small pair of glasses from what I heard from the crowd his name was Sandro. The next showed the Kingdom’s troops after a victorious battle with a group a bandits laying down there weapons. Once that performance was finished the performance fluffies took off the boxes and bowed there heads to the crowd indicating the show was over soon me, Monica, Willy and everyone else in the crowd were clapping and after that we began leaving.

“That was amazin!'” I said looking at Monica and Willy “Wiwwy wobed su much!” I looked at Monica “how about 'ou Monica?” Monica looks at me. “Dah fiwst two pawts wewe pwetty coow buh Monica doesn’t know about wastes’ pawt seemed kinda cuwtish” I give a response. “C’mon Monica it’s not wwong to be pwoud of am nation an’ hey am not dah one wiff dah daddeh in dah weiwd mask.” Monica looks away and silently says “that’s diffewent” after we leave we head back to the market once were there we go around looking at all the interesting stuff there were wood carvings of strange animals a Piece of paper with a strange creature dressed in some black horned costume and some strange blue creature with a long mane and was on a blue hat. After a few hours of walking you had arrived in the guild quarter curious you looked around there were guild’s based on many things you had one for caravan work one for fighting another for artistry and theater and by far the biggest was for farming understandably. You thought to yourself of how interesting it would be to be apart of group’s like these than it hit you Merlin! he was probably waiting wondering what’s taking so long “we hab to go Mewwin pwobabwy am aww set!” after after saying this you Monica and Willy all leave heading for the entrance and after getting there you spot Merlin with an annoyed look on his face.

“finawwy took ‘ou wong enough c’mon we nu can keep em waitin’ any wongah!” after saying that all of you head outside and what is out there shocks you. there are two large wagons each stockpiled with large amounts of food and not just that both wagons have strange creatures tied to them ready to push the wagons. They had black spots fur covering there eyes and dark grayish fur on the rest and on top of that there were 4 caravan guards “'ou see!” Merlin said “we hab hawf of one wagon to ouwsewbes whewe goin’ on wesuppwy mission back to Gween Woof!” we look in complete amazement than all of us climb in second wagon than Merlin speaks “time to wewacks nao soon Souw ouw famiwy wiww nebah hab to wowwy about nummies again!” Merlin lays down grabbing a berry from his bag and begins eating it. Suddenly and fluffy comes out he is a earth pony with a green coat and with a dark blonde mane. And he approaches us looking at Merlin “am gon’ owe us a big fabow fo’ dis just wemembah Mewwin!” Merlin looks at the fluffy and and responds “nu wowwy nu wowwy iww find way to make it up to 'ou.” The Fluffy starts leaving as he does he says something under his breath but I couldn’t hear it and just like that the wagon’s began moving with breadbasket becoming more out of sight. As we left beginning the long walk back to Green Roof back to Home back to Mummah. Fin

Thank you for reading my story! and hope to have the next part out in a few days. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.