Last Hope Chapter 2 part 5 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (FluffySadist)


You’re name is Soul a black and white Pegasus stallion with a dark mane. You have just met Driscoll after traveling for days reaching Seaside. When first meeting him let’s just say his reaction wasn’t the warmest as he immediately grabbed Merlin and began yelling at him only stopping once Merlin mentioned you’re name. After that I went to his office and we talked Driscoll seemed to be very impressed hearing how I took down Bloody Mary I asked him about training and getting trying to get me into the arena he denied at first but after asking him about what was going on between him and Merlin it think it made him feel better and said he would but only under one condition that he will give Merlin the beating of a lifetime.

“What why dwiscoww!” Driscoll looked down for a second before looking back up “Dwiscoww needs to do dis Souw. Dwiscoww won’t kiww him buh Mewwin needs to feew fwaction of what Dwiscoww fewt.” Driscoll starts walking out heading in the direction of Merlin I try to stop him “huwtin’ Mewwin won’t make 'ou feew bettew Dwiscoww!” Driscoll looks at me looking frustrated “isn’t webengin’ am famiwy what ‘ou wan’ stahp bein’ a hypocwite!” I respond “that’s compwetewy diffewent!” Driscoll approches Soul at that point he hadn’t noticed us but when he does he is startled "Mewwin Dwiscoww wiww awwow Souw to twain hewe buh undah one condition we am goin’ to battwe nu weapons ow fancy twicks onwy hoofs. Merlins sits in seconds for a few seconds than responds. “Otay’ buh Mewwin am not that gud fightin’ wiff hoofs.” Merlin says this with a slightly defeated tone Driscoll responds “Dwiscoww nebah asked fo’ am skiww Dwiscoww expects 'ou in dah pwactice awena in a few minutes.”

I tried a protest a few more times both Driscoll and Merlin seemed indifferent once they were in the arena. Driscoll had a look of pure anger while Merlin looked anxious even a little scared. Suddenly Driscoll spoke “dis match am goin’ to wastes’ 5 minutes. When dah beww wings we begin!” There was so much tension you could cut it with a knife than the bell rang and they began. Driscoll immediately went in the the first punch catching Merlin completely by surprise he gets knocked to the ground Driscoll speaks “WHY WHY DID 'OU DO IT!” Merlin slowly gets up and responds. “Am su sowwy Dwiscoww what Mewwin did was unfowgibeabwe am su sowwy that Mewwin did that o-” Driscoll punches Merlin again this time Merlin starts to bleed from his nose and falls and has a look of exhaustion and Driscoll speaks “JUST TEWW DWISCOWW!” Merlin looks at Driscoll and responds “Mewwin was scawed. Scawed that maybe if ‘ou gotten to cwose Mewwin wouwd mess it up an’ wose 'ou. Su I wan 'way Mewwin that decision haunted Mewwin ebah since.” Driscoll now with tears now in his eyes looks like he is about to punch him again than stops looking at Merlin for a few seconds his hoof was shaking than he started running out of the arena covering his face “Dwiscoww nu can be hewe I nee’ to be awone twainin’ stawts tomowwow Souw!” Driscoll leaves to I’m guessing to his room. Merlin got up wiping his face and sitting crying I was going to give him a hug and talk to him but than Merlin raised his hoof showing that he wanted to be alone as well.

After that I was walking around familiarizing myself with this place looking around seeing if there was a place to put my stuff. Than I heard Monica and Willy they had came back they had a few bags full of stuff and once they noticed Merlin looking concerned they asked me what happened “why Owd Daddeh huwt an’ sad” Willy said I had no clue how to respond to his question for if I told Willy what happened I had no idea how he was going to react Willy started heading towards Merlin I’m guessing to give him a hug. Than Monica spoke “what happened to Mewwin Souw he wooks howwibwe!” I bring her aside and explained what had happened with Merlin and Driscoll the fight and to not tell Willy. Than Monica responds “that’s one heww of a stowy Souw. Monica nu can bewiebe he did somethin’ an’ that Dwiscoww beat him up. Monica won’t teww Wiwwy buh am goin’ to keep an eye on Dwiscoww Monica won’t wet him huwt Mewwin again!”

Once we headed back I saw that Merlin and Willy were eating already. Merlin looked a lot better the bleeding has stopped and he was chatting with Willy. We walked over and sat down we began eating as well I avoided looking at Merlin trying not to make things awkward he did the same as I ate I thought to myself what I’m going to go through to be considered ready when Driscoll was fighting Merlin he did it was skill I never seen before and he probably going to push me harder than anyone else and I have only a 3 weeks do it. So as well I tried to push that thought to the back of my head as I knew it was going to be a very long 3 weeks. Fin

Thank you for reading my story! I will probably have the next part done in a few day’s. And of course constructive criticism is always appreciated.