Last Hope Chapter 2 part 6 How To Train Your Fluffy (FluffySadist)


You’re name is Soul you are a black and white Pegasus stallion with a dark mane. You had met Driscoll after speaking for a bit he decided he would train you under one condition. that if you were going to train he would beat up Merlin you tried to protest but Driscoll seemed unfazed once he got to Merlin he explained what he told you and Merlin agreed. They got in the arena and the bell rang the fight was pretty one sided as Driscoll with all of his experience easily overpowered Merlin. As Driscoll was punching him he kept asking why he did it and Merlin responded that he was afraid and regretted leaving. This response caused Driscoll to leave the arena in tears I’m guessing no longer wanting to fight for it being to much. Monica and Willy returned after that with me speaking with Monica telling her not to tell Willy and her agreeing but she would start watching out making sure Driscoll doesn’t hurt Merlin again after that we sat with Merlin and Willy and ate thinking of how hard the next 3 weeks to training were going to be and later fell asleep.

The next day while in a deep sleep I was suddenly jolted awake by a loud voice. “Wakies Souw twainin’ stawts today we hab nu to time to wose ‘ou hab 5 minutes to get weady den aftah that wewe goin’ on a wun!” As I got up still in a haze from being woken up I noticed Driscoll staring at me I respond “what time am it ugh” Driscoll responds. “To wate Souw next time Dwiscoww expects 'ou awweady awake su c’mon we hab nu time to wose!” Not wanting to fail my first day I get ready. Monica, Willy and Merlin were in other rooms so they weren’t awake and once I was fully awake we left. Once outside I noticed the sun has only started to rise and to be honest it was quite beautiful with most of the still being asleep with only the occasional guard patrol. “Souw hewe’s am fiwst wesson. When am doin’ somethin’ demandin’ contwow am bweaff it stops ‘ou fwom buwnin’ am sewf out.” Taking Driscoll’s advice I try to steady my breaths it’s a little hard at first but I’m able to get into a groove. We continue to run until we reach the market once were there Driscoll goes and orders some food from one of the few places that open this early once he get’s his stuff he talks to me “hewe Souw cawwy dis bag it’s heaby wewe goin’ to wun back nao. If ‘ou had been pwacticin’ bweathin’ ‘ou shouwd be dewe without gettin’ tiwed.” We start running back the heavy bags make me feel so tired but I keep going controlling my breathing and I’m even able to keep up with Driscoll for most of the run. At the last part I fall behind a little as the bags are seriously making me feel exhausted once I catch up at the entrance of the training building Driscoll speaks. "Hmm not bad Souw buh make suwe next time not to swow down. West fo’ 20 minutes den meet Dwiscoww at dah twainin’ awena. Driscoll grabs the bags and heads inside while I sit taking in deep breaths thinking that it’s still early morning.

Once inside you noticed the other’s started waking up you went to go get something to eat wondering what you would be doing next. once you got to the arena Driscoll was there and once you were in position he spoke. “hit me Sowwy wiff ebewythin’ 'ou got” I respond completely flabbergasted “WHAT!” Driscoll responds “just do it Souw nu howd back!” Hearing this I did what Driscoll told me to and gave my best punch. Driscoll was easily able to dodge it and gave a sigh “Souw hewe’s am second wesson when fightin’ an opponent awways twy to pwedict how dewe goin’ to wespond an’ attack accowdingwy an’ bise bewsa. Awso am punch was otay’ buh stahp howdin’ back focus an’ gib it am aww.” We continue practicing each time trying to punch Driscoll he always dodged it but I was getting closer each time. “Put wesson one an’ two togethah an’ focus!” I was getting frustrated but took the advice and after a some time I was finally able to do it as seeing were Driscoll was going to dodge I was able to adjust the punch and hit him. As the punch hit Driscoll he fell back for a few moments I felt a little bad as I did do it pretty hard but once he looked at me he spoke “‘ou did gud job Souw can go back fo’ bit. Dwiscoww needs moment to get dah thiwd wesson weady.” I did as I was told going back and sitting down for a breather.

Aa I was sitting down Monica approached me “'ou wook pwetty beat” She says this with a humorful tone I respond. “nu mention it. Hey whewe am Wiwwy an’ Mewwin?” Monica responds “Mewwin said he was goin’ to go out and show wiwwy awound Seaside. he inbited me buh Monica feew way to tiwed to go out an’ to be honest Monica think he just weft su he doesn’t cause any mowe tension between him an’ Dwiscoww.” We sit together relaxing letting the warm sun it us through holes in the ceiling after a few moments I heard Driscoll calling for me and so I got up “see 'ou watah Monica.” Monica responds “See 'ou watah Souw.” I start heading back Monica remains resting in the sunlight. I get in the arena and Driscoll brings me a practice sword. “It’s time fo’ a weaw test Souw when dah beww wings gib Dwiscoww ebewythin’ 'ou got.”

When the bell rang I began attacking each swing Driscoll was able to dodge it this went on for some time even Driscoll started to laugh or mock me. Using both of the two other lessons Driscoll still was able dodge I started to get really frustrated than Driscoll l spoke. “Thiwd wesson when angewed use it as a weapon. Focus it nu wet it bwind ‘ou an’ in doin’ that 'ou wiww be bictowious.” Taking that advice I focused using anger I was able to swing harder and after some more dodging I was able to get in a strike breaking the practice sword and hitting Driscoll. After a few seconds of Driscoll looking at the sword he looked at me with a smirk. “Not bad.” After that the rest of the day was spent improving my endurance and building muscle. This was done by me mostly carrying or lifting heavy bags full of sand. After doing this for hours the sun started going down Driscoll said training was finished for today I started heading back completely exhausted as I was going back I ran into Merlin “wow kid 'ou wook howwibwe!” I looked at Merlin “how was dah twip wiff Wiwwy.” Merlin gives an annoyed expression “‘ou wouwdn’t bewiebe it Souw dah sea nummies pwace Mewwin used to go to cwosed down ugh. Buh it was otay’ hey me an’ Wiwwy eben went swimmin’ befowe pwomptwy bein’ towd to get out buh hey!” I give a tired breath than speak “that sounds wike quite dah adbentuwe Mewwin. Weww am goin’ to sweep goodnite.” I wave Merlin goodbye and once I lay down I fall asleep almost immediately.

For 3 weeks this was my life morning was running than we would train with Hoof and sword after that was muscle and endurance even Monica and Willy sometimes joined me in training which felt pretty nice and Merlin mostly staying out of the way. I continued and got better and stronger sometimes even disarming Driscoll before he even has a chance to dodge. Once the 3 weeks were done I was completely different I was a lot more muscular and could lift double what I could previously and run for much farther I could use a sword a lot more effectively and even is I was disarmed I could use my hooves as weapons. Driscoll came and saw me and after some observations he decided I was ready. Unification day was in 2 days and Packing up our stuff we headed out joined by Driscoll to a caravan leaving for Stablelot. “Am quite pwoud of 'ou Souw Dwiscoww knows that wiff aww I taught 'ou wiww defeat Xewxes. do ‘ou hab ebewythin’ dewe’s onwy few minutes befowe dey weabe.” I go and check Merlin Monica and Willy are already inside the wagon waiting I look checking my stuff almost everything is there expect my sword I’m unable to find it I start to panic than Driscoll call out “missin’ am swowd Souw? hey come out Dwiscoww has somethin’ fo’ 'ou.” Coming out I see Driscoll with a large box "what happened to my swowd? Driscoll Responds “oh that sowwy excuse fo’ a weapon Dwiscoww fwew it 'way.” I look at Driscoll shocked. “What why!” Driscoll responds “open dah bocks” Driscoll pints his head in the direction of the box. As I open it glimmered in my eyes inside the box was a sword not any sword but one that looked extremely well made with a wooden grip and yellowish metal cross guard. It looked extremely sharp holding it the sword felt heavy to hold but also extremely agile like with just a swing it could cut the hardest stone in half also inside the box was a scabbard. “Dwiscoww hopes 'ou wike it I got it fowm dah bwacksmiths week eawwiah. 'ou wouwdn’t bewiebe dah cost su nu wose it!” I give Driscoll a hug than I put the sword in the scabbard and put in on my person. After that I talk to Driscoll “su Souw guess dis am goodbye?” Driscoll responds. “Oh nu am comin’ wiff ‘ou Dwiscoww has some ewwands to wun at Stabwewot an’ dewe’s nu way am missin’ dis fite!” Driscoll heads to a second wagon and boards it as I go in the wagon I sit next to Willy. As Im sitting Willy looks infatuated with the sword “what am dat daddeh?” Seeing Will’s curiosity I take the sword out of it’s scabbard and show him with him looking awestruck and both Monica and Merlin now looking at it amazed as well “wow Souw instant she a beauty! Am ‘ou goin’ to name hew?” Merlin said. I thought for a bit I have no idea for names than it hits me while we were coming back from Breadbasket that long time ago Monica was curious about Merlin’s name. He mostly told the same story as he told me but he added a few more details one of them was during the part were he as explaining the moving pictures he added the sword pulled from the stone was named Excalibur. Hearing that word stuck to me it sounded so grand and heroic so than I decided that was her name Excalibur. “Otay’ Souw has it hew name am Excawibuw may she guide Souw to bictowy!” I raise the sword high being full of hope. Fin

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